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Thought Experiment - Your Thoughts??

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posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 06:25 PM
When looking into area 51, it felt like I attracted some attention. Some of this did include a real time analysis of what I was thinking. When trying to engage with other cultures some give and take is expected. For me I am totally feed up with all the irrationality going on in the world. The justifications used for war is one example.

I do understand how some people will be terrified by such capabilities, especially if they have been up to no good and do not want to face the consequences of their actions. Yes there is a risk of Borg assimilation if humans continue to be stupid and cannot be trusted. There is also a chance of opening up intergalactic travel and exploration if we can hold it together. I will say there is a better chance in reaching infinity than there is in killing diversity. As for how our self determination goes, use it or lose it.

posted on Aug, 8 2019 @ 02:32 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

Do you know what is terrifying the new retina scanned or Ha! eye tracking phone tech.
So you basically are fully immersed in the
technology you are using also being
watched while watching while watching...

*shudders* creepy.
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posted on Aug, 8 2019 @ 05:08 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

I was just reading this thread again and it's quite amusing.
Something weird is happening to me, i don't exactly know what's happening...

one line of thought i picked up over in the Q threads and haven't shared yet, has to do with snow-white.

someone pointed out that the literal translation of the english titel into german would be schnee weiss, but in german it's called schnee-wittchen.

Trying to translate "wittchen" into english i stumbled across Hans-Ulrich Wittchen on Wikipedia, which lead me to Biofeedback, combine this with 4g as an carrier wave sending Signals to our brains and add some mobile phones as sort of sensors to get a feedback, could we already be living in a fully immersed reality?

The vibrationally subliminal aspects of our experience could easily be manipulated without us being aware. Thoughts, emotions, infrasound and light. All these aspects can influence the line of ones thought and actions
pretty close to mind control.

But fully absorbed doesn't seem so.
There are to many radicals still it doesn't feel like a computer generated experience.

Or does it

Maybe it's just not enough data transfer and we need 5g?

Or maybe they will never manage because infinity compressed in one point in space and time is hard to simulate...

Unless you know how to build.

Sincerely No Clue

posted on Aug, 9 2019 @ 12:07 AM
a reply to: NoClue

You do provide a good example of the challenges with any thought based system of communication in the associations an individual makes. Without a shared culture to help establish common understandings and shared associations, miscommunication is rampart. How ideas bounce around in ones head is dependent on ones culture. How Q has made a strong wedge between those that love him and those that fear him is one example of this.

posted on Aug, 9 2019 @ 04:54 PM
a reply to: mamabeth

exactly what i was thinking.

posted on Aug, 9 2019 @ 06:23 PM
Great Op, and let me leave you a couple of instances of food for thought 💭

I’ve been on a journey of , let’s say, personally testing out a hunch I’ve had that targeted ads aren’t the only form of “targeting” going on, in fact, I’ve been on the look out to see it mentioned here(or somewhere) but finally brought it up myself
In the Q thread (I see Q thread mentioned up there so I’m hoping not to drift, as this subject isn’t necessarily Q- it was just a place I find these types of discussions welcome)

Here’s a link to my post about what happened with that particular instance, in regard to the human domain solutions/news story about a shooting threat in Anniston Walmart. My post is on this page of the thread

Now, I am of the mind I was shown the news story (that never went viral or made MSM headlines across the board) was thrown up on my newsfeed because of my search patterns from the day before.

So, that’s crazy and invasive and, even could be debatably manipulative, a news story promoter to spark some kind of fearful emotions in me, perhaps? But I digress, moving on to this mornings event...

This is what I shared with the attached link to the news story that pops up first on my “newsfeed”
It is under the “suggested for you” in the same ways in which an advert would be.... you know the ones that’ll show you mattresses after you and your husband discuss how you badly need a new one?

Nothing new there- but I’m quoting what I “shared” with my “news story” and you’ll see why this is deeply thought provoking....

“Suggested for you” because it literally knows the inside of my head. I sat on the step this morning and drank my ☕️ coffee, because I was looking at Plants and reading about how to save a dying one. I sat down on the step and looked behind me, remembering the morning about 3 years ago when I was out there sitting on the step smoking 🚬, and turned around to go back inside and saw a 🐍 snake had been in the door crease the entire time inches from my head. I never sat on the step to smoke again, and I quit smoking almost 2 years ago! But this morning I sat there, remembering that snake, my smoking, all of it.... and then I put my phone down for a while and pick it back up..... and here is the first thing “Suggested for me” So what’s going on? IS it reading my mind? Or is my mind projecting things into it that it’s responding to? We all know by now how the ads work, but as you can see this is a NEWS STORY. That’s different by nature. It’s a whole different beast. An ad is clearly designed to entice you to purchase something. But what is news designed to do? Ideally, to inform, educate, investigate, and report facts. News isn’t that anymore. News has zero intention of being that. I will stop here, because I believe I have made an intriguing point to ponder. What’s “suggested for you” today? 😁

Now, if you’re following me so far, you’ll understand that what I’m describing about my encounter with a snake was purely a past memory I was vividly recalling this morning, as I was sitting in an old smoking spot that is completely out of the ordinary for me to sit in these days.

I’m connecting it to the fact that a “news story” pops up for me a couple of hours later as the first suggestion, not after seeing something happen to me through my camera, or listening in through a mic.

I feel like my thoughts were projected into my phone, somehow.

And I also feel that the agenda behind using news stories as targeted ads, is the concept of inciting particular emotions, at particular times and for particular people.

Can anyone understand my line of thinking here?
Or mere “coincidence”?

I wish I could somehow “prove” my thoughts/snake memories happening before any of this tech stuff this morning, but alas, I guess that’s the unknown variable in this equation. (At least for the reader. I am confident in my thoughts of the memory having been real)

I have many instances of synchronicity events and have my entire life. Is it the universe, or is it the very fabric of the universe being manipulated?

How can we know? Did the snake thing happen because of the power of my own mind/my degree of connection to the unseen world, or was it malevolent intent of triggering fear?

I use this example because it’s benign as far as political implications go. It’s a snake. But I do follow politics and Q, etc , and have things like this happen often.

As I said, I’ve been paying attention to it for over a year now. My conclusions thus far are inconclusive, other than something otherworldly seems to be involved.... even if it’s the unconscious/subconscious parts of my mind that reside in a different plane of existence.

Thanks for listening; and apologies as I am a wordy, long post writing rambler at times.

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posted on Aug, 14 2019 @ 03:03 AM
a reply to: SouthernGift

Could we see real-time, content creation based on personal metadata?

Honestly No Clue

posted on Aug, 14 2019 @ 11:53 AM
That’s an apt description of what I feel like I’ve been seeing for the last couple of years, especially being ramped up as of late.

Am I seeing it that way because I am losing my mind, or because I am taking back possession of it?

There’s the $$$ question.

Looking at it from my particular point of view, helps to curtail the emotional impact it could have on me if I were less aware or more distracted, so I’m leaning towards the latter, with great optimism, and hoping to guide others to finding the key to unlocking their mind, as well, through sharing my personal experiences.

a reply to: NoClue

posted on Aug, 14 2019 @ 01:23 PM
a reply to: SouthernGift

The psychologist in me shure has a definitive answer to that ∆$$ question

Never tell him that you're suspecting reality is very similar but much more energy efficient

Sincerely No Clue
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