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Stop trying to find deeper meanings for mass shootings

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posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 04:36 PM

originally posted by: olaru12

originally posted by: burdman30ott6

originally posted by: olaru12

originally posted by: network dude

originally posted by: olaru12
a reply to: scolai

That’s it. It’s no different than the convenience store clerk who got shot last week over the $200 in their register, but I guess that’s one’s just not important enough to make news.

What makes it different is when one of the mass murders writes a manifesto explaining his motivation and ideology.

Have you read it?

as you have tried already to suggest this is all Trump's fault, I'll ask you again, if most Trump supporters have guns, why don't most of his supporters go on killing sprees? We all hear him talk. Yet, some of us just don't seem to be all in on the killing thing. Are we just not all that committed?

Don't put words in my mouth...quote the post where I ever blamed trump. You lied!!

However I do believe the current ideology of hate is culpable.

Does trump and his racist tweets share any of the blame. Did you read Patrick Crusius manifesto? It echos trumps ideology. Could it be that's why he got all fired up and killed those 20 people and wonded 26?

Uhm... do you not realize that your posts are online for people to see and check you when you make patently false claims on things like this?

Be that as it may...I phrased it as a question, that I feel still needs to be answered.

posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 05:26 PM
a reply to: olaru12

if anything its that half the country hates the other half of the country right now and through the media people are constantly bombarded with "hate this group because they said x" "NO hate this group be cause they said Y "

all the studies dont correlate mental illness to gun violence mentally ill are responsible for between 1-5% of gun crimes

other blame video games but again the studies refute that , look at south korea they have a butt load of gamers are they out all stab/shoot/bomb happy? no they aren't

something has changed in the last 20 years that is making this happen all the time and figuring that out would help at least put a dent in this kind of thing

some blame guns solely but again there are a buttload of guns in this country and always have been the technology hasnt changed much in the last 50 years but all of a sudden they are more common now , look at the 1920s you could mail order machine guns and it still was not happening in our country in that time period outside of mob attacks. (st valentines day shooting got 7,and they were mobsters not random civilians)

something has changed some blame family situations others blame psychological drugs ,others democrats while the democrats blame republicans etc what new thing in the last 20 years could be helping trigger this?

my half arsed attempt at a guess would be polarization but i dont have any evidence at this time to back any of that up other then what i see daily browsing the interwebs, blame the republicans they say hate speeach hate speach, blame the democrats others decry like a constant never ending buzz ,hate people because they are different from you or dont think like you ,think like the consensus otherwise your a racisit homophobic biggot etc in a near endless cycle for the last 20 or so years .

i mean look at any of the shooting threads for the last few weeks , the first questions asked are

1. what race were they? oh we gotta blame whitey!!! or oh they were black/brown what ever hey blame them!!!

2. what was the shooters ideology! must have been a crazy socialist dem or antifa member! oh wait no it was a white nra trump supporter impeach reeeeeeee!

shouldn't we ask our selves why people on all sides of the isle are at increasing frequency just deciding screw it im gonan go kill a bunch of randoms for poops and giggles today?

i personally dont care the who or political affiliation i wanna know WHY why now why is it happening much more frequently then it was even 10 let alone 20 years ago , before 2007 the largest killing was done by the texas bell tower sniper ,and before that in the 50s that guy blew up a school and shot a bunch of kids . now it seems every one just wants to "set a new high score" or in the case of the NZ guy actually live stream it for the laughs and 20 minutes of internet fame.

baring the few politically/religiously based attacks most seem to be done by people who feel hopeless and angry about their lives and the world who think hey no one notices me no one listens but hey if i go blast a bunch of unarmed people then they sure will,then those bullies will pay,then they cant ignore it!

so ask your self ats what is causing this new mentality that seems to have emerged in the last 20 years vs a time when every day Americans had access to frigging machine-guns and it was not a common thing because something has obiously changed and until we figure out what were just gonna be dragging our feet using the same old same old debunked arguments that dont get us any where and just end up pissing people off on each side of the isle

posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 06:09 PM
a reply to: RalagaNarHallas

Over 40 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend. No coverage. It was so bad they had to shutdown the ER because it was at capacity. You would think Obama would comment on it being his hometown but he did not. No democrats have mentioned it to my knowledge. It's not hate crimes either. It's black on black violence.

posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 06:30 PM
a reply to: Stupidsecrets

yep a lot of people get shot in America mostly suicide then gang violence then mass shootings and i think domestic situations where its jilted lovers and some in self defense. crimes lower then the 80s but the mass shootings seem to be on an uptick that is what im interested in what the cause is

posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 07:46 PM

originally posted by: RalagaNarHallas
a reply to: Stupidsecrets

crimes lower then the 80s but the mass shootings seem to be on an uptick that is what im interested in what the cause is

It’s the media and how they report on it mostly.

Same thing happens with suicides... I remember a few years back it was noticed that every time the media reported on someone jumping off the Westgate bridge here in Melbourne, that all of a sudden there’d be a huge rise in the amount of people how would start jumping off the bridge.

I guess the way the media report these things sometimes just plants the idea into people’s heads so that they consider it an option.

posted on Aug, 5 2019 @ 08:05 PM
a reply to: Subaeruginosa

that and encourages copy cats and in some cases could be the final push some shooters need before deciding " screw it they are gonna do it " but i dont think they have done studies on that aspect yet

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 08:03 AM
Probably nothing but this video talks about a kid with the same name, sister has the same name, only the age is off a little, but this guy died in 2014. Probably nothing.

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 08:22 AM
a reply to: scolai

I partially agree with you, but its more than just being an AHole. To me, its clear we need to go back to locking more people up in mental hospitals, rather than medicating the truly insane and releasing them to live among the rest of us.

Anti-depressants and freedom, IMO, are fine for people who have been through too much, or find themselves unable to find happiness and productivity without them.

But if you're likely to harm yourself or others without prescription mind-altering drugs, you shouldn't be out and about in society. Doctors and pharma companies simply do not have the knowledge or ability to properly balance someone who is "that far gone", and certainly don't have the means to ensure they don't stop taking their meds - possibly swinging them even further off-kilter than they originally were.

Obviously, they can't all be stopped - my contention is that we're masking the crazies from us and from themselves with unreliable meds, and the mask doesn't come off until they're shooting into crowds.

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 09:19 AM
a reply to: dogstar23

You can't fight fire with fire.

Who's to say the kind people aren't the unnatural ones?

There's no god, remember.

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 09:44 AM

originally posted by: network dude
Something made those Aholes decide to pick up a gun and kill people. I know quite a few Aholes, and none of the ones I know have killed anyone yet, and I don't see them as the type.

I'd say at the very least, a discussion about violent video games would be a start. If they have no cause in this, there is nothing to worry about. We continue to scream "IT"S THE GUNZ!!!!" every time this happens, but never seem to wonder why someone picked up the damn gun in the first place.

I wish we could stop this from happening again. I just don't know how. And ignoring the discussion just doesn't seem to be having a positive effect.

That something that makes people go over the edge may lie in physical abnormalities in our brains and/or varying cognitive processes, or testosterone levels with those deemed 'stupid and evil'.

Reyna points out that not all criminal reasoning is equal, and therefore, public policies around the legal system can be impacted by these findings through a greater understanding of human brain behavior to have a more just system, while helping better protect the public.

“After I picked up the handgun,” he explained, “I brought it back to my room and felt a new sense of power. Who’s the alpha male now, bitches?”

Mass Shooter = Low-Dominant Loser?

Young male violence is most likely to be initiated by young men who don’t command respect from others. They’ll often feel like slighted outcasts, deprived of what they want or feel they deserve. British clinical psychologist Paul Gilbert has developed something he calls the Social Attention Holding Theory. According to Gilbert, we compete with each other to have other people pay attention to us; when other people take notice, we build status. The increased status that comes from having others attend to us leads to all kinds of positive emotions. But persistently being ignored by others produces much darker emotions – especially envy and anger. It’s no mystery why the media will often describe mass shooters and terrorists as misfits or loners. In many cases, they are.

Nicolas Henin was a Frenchman who was held hostage by ISIS for ten months. Here’s how he described his young, murderous, Jihadi captors:

They present themselves to the public as superheroes, but away from the camera are a bit pathetic in many ways: street kids drunk on ideology and power. In France we have a saying – stupid and evil. I found them more stupid than evil. That is not to understate the murderous potential of stupidity.

Apparently, a lack of attention from others results in a lack of status, resulting in a lack of access to women. Combined with a young man’s testosterone, it creates a toxic, combustible mix.

There may not be much we can do to change the structure of the young male mind that evolved over the course of millions of years. However, ignoring or denying its existence doesn’t do us any favors.

posted on Aug, 6 2019 @ 10:10 AM
Jealousy a very ugly thing.

It seem to be all about making a point or a statement against some form of authority or order, where they are the victim, and must go out in some form of blazing glory to get it across. Even though the end results always the one will be listening.

Women an children were never an authority.

It like they dont what people think, when on reality, they really do.

Also seeing as how joking about a student being social awkward, and using him for entertainment like a fool...well you might as well be asking for it then.

Like they say, it takes a village to raise a villain, that will raise the village.
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