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Emotions, tetrahedrons, and the flow of Life

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posted on Jul, 24 2019 @ 01:22 PM
This model is rather mechanical, imagine a fixed but elastic tetrahedron (prism) getting pushed and pulled and the tensions on the edges are the emotions.

Let's assume we have a harmonic and stable prism, representative for the dens aspects of reality, trough which the ever changing and infinitely dancing helix, representative for the vibrational aspect of reality, passes.
This interaction fractures(like light fractured by a prism) a certain aspect of infinity and projects it on to other combinations of helix/prisms, which serve as projection space in order to observe ourself!

If the prism is stable like the dense physical reality. And we have a helix flowing through,
this flow will induce tensions on the edges of the prism!
These tensions are what we perceive as emotions!
Once I read that in some Eastern practice all emotions and sensory inputs are seen as unpleasant, or was it pleasant...

If the prism is in perfect harmony on a perfectly harmonic helix the emotions flow smoothly always exerting the same tension on all of the edges of the prism.

What happens if one or more sides of the prism are unharmonious or incomplete (still in duality).
The tension is much stronger, or can only be absorbed by one line instead of three.
The emotions are clearly unpleasant or at least very dualistic and always extreme. Even if the helix is harmonic.

If there is an event that let's the intensity of the helix rise to the point your prism would break a safety valve activates in the form of laughter or crying

Crying and laughing are instinctive reactions that influences the non physical vibrations trough the physical body.
Notice how both are connected with the vibrations our body is able to produce consciously. Breath, heartbeat, sound, there are more but they have other tasks.

For now we focus on getting a harmonic mind!

Let's say your confronted with death, most people in the western society have tremendous traumas when it comes to death!
It seems a very polar aspect of life and there is seemingly no way out.
But let's first get balance.
The duality we are dealing with is
Birth and Death.
Birth is mostly an event people cheer on and I agree it is beautiful, on the other hand we have death mostly feared to unhealthy extents.
We can see the polar spectrum in this example very well.
First accept the polarities to be part of the same.
One without the other is meaningless.
Only if we embrace death we can embrace life fully.
After all it's just a transition, just like birth. What's born here, dies elsewhere, and so on and so forth.

Like light and shadow, no shadow means no object to cast it, no death means no life to get there.

Now we have a center, life. But even then it still looks black and white!

How do we transcend mortality?
What is between birth and death?

That's right LIFE!

How can life become part of a triangle?

It's what you leave once you're gone that will make you immortal, your kids, your ideas, your story, your paintings, your music.
guiding your attention towards creating something that remains. It will be part of you materialised, for eternity, or until forgotten.

once we see that the time between birth and death is the chance to become immortal, we can start and wonder who we are and how we want to express it and how we can materialize it so it becomes a sharable reality.
preferably a beneficiary one, but this would imply a harmonic prism, so we better get started

if you haven't read this thread, and are interested how the tetrahedron and the helix are essential parts of reality read it.

It's rather intense so take some time and focus.

Sincerely No Clue

posted on Jul, 26 2019 @ 05:16 PM
Lol!!! I got your link off the other thread ...... I did read this thread shortly

after you posted....... and to be honest it was too deep for me, went right

over my head.

As you have had no other replies I think that must go for many others too,

maybe you should have posted it in another forum like philosophy or something?

posted on Jul, 26 2019 @ 05:18 PM
a reply to: eletheia

Maybe I should have

No Clue


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