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So. Cal. Quake Under Millitary Base

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posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 12:28 AM
Now I may be a bit off, so don't bite my head off. But It is under the base. Not the weather array base, but the part that is just North and to the East. There is a bombing(?)/artillery range. But when comparing the USGS earthquake map to google satellite map, the earthquake looks like it happened right over what looks like a big dis-colored circular area. If you look around the area, there are a couple of entrances to underground facilities. These may just be bunkers for artillery/bombing training observations, or something more. Who knows. I'm not saying that the earthquakes are in anyway related, but I find it very interesting that it was located where it was, not necessarily historically, but with respect to the base and the ground artifacts.

I have pictures to include to illustrate what I'm talking about, but my past efforts haven't worked out to well. So I'll try to put them in a separate post in case it fails. Here is a link to the USGS and one for the China Lake Base that you can look at yourself in case I can't get the pics posted.

Pay attention to the circle between the out-cropping and the mountain ridge that angles/points West the circle I'm talking about is in between, and that is approx. the epicenter of the largest quake. ...Did they ever do any large underground testing there? Just wondering.

USGS map

China Lake Base area map

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 12:35 AM
if that's not in and of itself a smoking gun,

pardon pun!

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 12:39 AM
Honey pot

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 12:46 AM
add the random date it occurred on, too

how patriotic, mother Earth!

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 01:08 AM
I can't post pics. Very frustrating. I just get the skinny dialog box, but no active region. Just a green small x on right side. Can't type in it. Tried drag & drop. That killed the reply window, but opened a new ATS image window. Stuck from there. Any hints would be helpful.

As for for thread...

Interesting about the quake....

Did they do something at the base to de-stabilize the area?....did someone else?

I originally look here to see if there was any frac'ng going on. Instead found the base.

I'm beating the conspiracy drums a few times to see what pops up

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 04:26 AM
As of now I have nothing to add but wanted to make sure I'm subscribed to the thread in case I come across any fun tid bits.

I really enjoy these kind of stories (some would say coincidences) because there are so many possibilities and the imagination can go wild! And until it's shown there are no connections between the base and the planet having a muscle spasm, I'm going to come up with some pretty crazy ideas!

Off to attempt to hunt down some mischaracterized, out of context info that I can loosely weave together to form a hypothesis! I better hurry, Zaphod will be up soon and he'll gently guide me back to reality!

BTW... Much sarcasm in my post. Just know that I really meant it when I said I enjoy these types of stories. Thank you for posting! S+F

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 06:28 AM
1. Related? To a test causing a fracture in the shale layer?

2. What about damage causing release of toxic materials or other 'Very Bad Things'?

(OK, OK, I'm binging Stranger Things. So sew me.)

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 07:34 AM
A more likely cause than mother nature is the undersea entrance for submarines under CA to Nevada. (Lear) A nuclear missile on a sub in that area blew up. We will see an order for a new sub soon.

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 07:41 AM
a reply to: fastfred

The epicenter of the earthquake was 16 miles beneath the surface.

Will have to do a search but I do not believe we have gone that far down, even with drilling.

Deepest drill depth was 7.5 miles

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posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 07:45 AM
Pretty sure the scientists are saying it was on a fault line, not man made etc. it’s a weird series of earthquakes I will give you that, aftershocks that are larger than the original quake are rare and to me it’s the first time I have ever seen it the NEXT day.
I take that back, Japan had it happen..
I would not want to be in socal right now.
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posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 07:53 AM
a reply to: Bicent

Maybe it is just another earthquake.

Was there a first earthquake millions of years ago and all are now just after shocks?

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 09:38 AM
a reply to: fastfred

Interesting. I have heard that they do aircraft testing out there. I guess that would leave room to do other types of testing. Good find.


posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 11:43 AM
a reply to: fastfred
Since this is speculation...

Rumors of a subterranean base under China Lake with tunnels that lead out to sea for Submarines.

If this was an attack or accident then they just destroyed The Navy’s fleet of nuclear subs access to the ocean.

Attack? Fukushima revenge? Earthquake Wars? Doubt it.

The shape of the aftershock swarm looks like the tunnels are collapsing.

Deep Underground Military Bases

“We've been building underground bases since before [WWI] that were pretty impressive. But that's when we were really learning. It really didn't become a real pressing matter to have deep, underground military bases until the nuclear age, and until the age of having not only nuclear weapons but delivery systems that were sort of like bunker busters, that could deliver nuclear weapons deep under the rock strata before detonating. So they had to keep up with the weapons systems that were being developed. As the weapon systems were being developed to take out deep, underground military bases, the deeper they went, and the more sophisticated they became.

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posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 11:46 AM
a reply to: Observationalist

Rumors are all they are. There are major issues with that rumor. The kind of thing that would make it almost impossible to actually do. It would hardly affect their access to the Pacific though considering that they're based all along the West Coast and Hawaii.

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 11:48 AM
a reply to: Kocag

China Lake is a fairly major weapons testing facility for the Navy. The underground facilities are weapons bunkers for the systems being tested.

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 01:37 PM
Activity is increasing and the area is growing. i have screen shots of USGS but can't post them. Instigating the slide slip fault? I think perhaps what's happening at the base might be disrupted... %22%2C%22listFormat%22%3A%22default%22%2C%22mapposition%22%3A%5B%5B34.89944783005726%2C-120.58593749999999%5D%2C%5B36.96306042436515%2C-115.8892822265 6249%5D%5D%2C%22overlays%22%3A%5B%22plates%22%5D%2C%22restrictListToMap%22%3A%5B%22restrictListToMap%22%5D%2C%22search%22%3Anull%2C%22sort%22%3A%22new est%22%2C%22timezone%22%3A%22utc%22%2C%22viewModes%22%3A%5B%22list%22%2C%22map%22%5D%2C%22event%22%3Anull%7D

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 01:38 PM
a reply to: BlissSeeker

The base has been declared non-mission capable with evacuations out to 100 miles for civilians on base.

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 01:47 PM
One of the things that caught my attention was the nature of the quake. It was a more rolling one without the sharp jolt. At least that is what people were reporting. This made me think this was it was unusual. I experienced the one in the bay area in '89. It started with a jolt, then rolling.

Like I said earlier, I just thought it was interesting that a military base was right there. And it looks like it has entrances to a DUMB (has rumors of DUMB and tunnels etc). Then if you want to spice things up a bit, you can add in things like good-guys vs bad-guys destroying the DUMBs and tunnel systems etc.

Or, getting back to the more rational crowd, it's just mother nature doing her thing. Geological activity on the rise world-wide. If one looks, this is true for the entire solar system. Activity is up as seen on other planetary bodies as well. Some external Force is being exerted....planet-X? second sun? or?

Something definitely puts us and our solar system through periodic cycles of chaos. The evidence is everywhere if you look. Tilted orbits, retro-grade orbits, tilted plane of solar system, asteroid belt, dead planet Mars (big scar), etc.

Of course, a few of these things have other theories...

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 02:02 PM
a reply to: Zaphod58

Saw evacuations but not 100 miles -

posted on Jul, 6 2019 @ 02:12 PM
a reply to: BlissSeeker

They announced it this morning. If you stay in the evacuation area, they'll cover all costs, in some cases including the transportation costs. If you go outside the stated zone, they'll cover the cost of where you stay.

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