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Lazar, Greer and Wilson Memo

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posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 08:33 PM
Some of my feedback on this. Bear with me, I read here a LOT but hardly post/comment:

1: For me personally, my opinion has always been and still is that Bob Lazar is a completely honest and good man.

I think that the sequence of events for him are also very interesting. After all of the years since his first public claim in the late 80's/early 90's, which had a decent size buzz (but no internet then remember), the story faded and he went quiet for many years. I honestly believe he would have remained so until he was pushed to talk about it again in recent years (which he ultimately complied with as it would be on his terms and his exact words). Now that he has done the documentary movie via Jeremy Corbell (which I also really like because at the very least he gets people talking about these topics more and that is what the world needs), I have a theory that now Lazar may feel that he has to keep talking, at least in a limited way for his safety from "who knows" when this most recent media buzz on him winds down again. I mean the feds did raid his business in an intimidating manner regardless of why the claim they were there. I believe that I read somewhere that the raid was confirmed so it does get a person wondering if that was used as a "hint" to behave.

The reason that I have theorized this: He has always said that he hates attention and I believe that yet he has been doing even more press lately. I'm wondering if he feels any "pressure" to do that (for the reason mentioned I have above). Perhaps it was just an agreement for additional press as part of the documentary terms. Who know.

This is all just my theory but I really believe this guy. Hey, although he hates the attention and people contacting him constantly, If I ever had the chance, I'd shake the guys hand, tell him I've been following his story since the late 80's and thank him for the courage to come forward and give every person in the world a little insight into stuff that is normally kept from us.

2: As the original poster mentioned, all things related to space, the announcement about Mars methane gas being detected, public government confirmation on budgets related to research of unexplained sighting etc,have all come up a lot more consistent lately it seems.

Maybe it is all as simple as many people have opinionated for years: that disclosure of life/technology from another world existing has to be done slowly for less shock value to the masses and not to disrupt peoples sanity, religion, general order and the most important..............

deterrence for the military's of the world. I love that word. Basically it means that we cannot afford to unintentionally allow another government to back engineer technologies that may ultimately help them become invincible. With the public knowing all, the information/technology would leak and be used in a sinister manner by extremists and nasty countries almost immediately. May sound far fetched but imagine reverse engineering a technology that can be used as a force field on fighter jets? The first country that gets that figured out rules the world. Maybe the idea is keep every person and every government is confusion for safety.

Thanks for reading my rant lol but I felt like sharing how I feel for once. I'm here constantly reading all of your posts but never write much.
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posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 07:02 PM
a reply to: JerseyGuy

I tend to agree with your view, although I am not sure the goal for suppressing this technology is to create a dystopian world power where a country or group of people oppresses another. Human ambition would lead us to try to take the upper hand against the most powerful "enemies" (aliens) rather than neglected fellow humans. I truly believe human desire will always be becoming "master of the universe". Earth and human kind is just a stepping stone.

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