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What is the strangest thing to ever happen to you or that you've witnessed?

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posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 10:03 PM
Iv been taking ormus.. And several things have happen that have freaked me out. The first one was .. A feeling of entense electricity surrounding my hands like a glove. Felt needle points. Very scary. Had an ekg and blood pressure monitored and was a OK. And the other was a pulse of light traveling threw my entire bodywhich was crazy. That's it.

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 10:23 PM
a reply to: Knox9460

Which do you use, monatomic orme from Canada, which I think are the only alchemists making the real thing in high potency @ 250K ppm. Apprenticed or trained under Hudson.

It's funny, so much wonderful research about it - but have a real hard time laying ones hands on it.

It is amazing. I can attest to it's wondrous effects.

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 11:06 PM
Around 1997 I was traveling with my band, driving north on I55 in Mississippi. It was between 2-3AM at the time. Over to our right, it looked like 3 helicopters flying in a reverse triangle formation(chime in if this is a normal formation, because what happened shortly after is really weird). So, to back up, we recorded every performance with the analog cameras of the time. This was recorded, it wasn’t my camera and I haven’t seen any of these guys in decades, nor do I care to. Anyways, what looked like 3 helicopters flying in a reverse triangle stated to descend. It was clearly one piece. I’m not an expert in aviation, but that was way too good of a grouping to be individual aircraft. It landed in the grass by the side of the highway and we stopped to look. The entire thing was recorded. Now, getting access to the tape is hard, since decades have passed and these guys aren’t my friends and haven’t been for that time. I’d like to hear if helicopters fly in a backwards triangle formation, and land to the point of accuracy that it looks clearly one piece. I just don’t know.

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 11:24 PM
This isn't the strangest thing that happened to me but somewhat amusing. A long time ago back when I was a college student and lived on campus in a dorm building with 2 thousand students within a short walk from another similar building is when this happened.

Anyway it was a dark and windy night. You could occasionally hear the wind whistling through the dorm window screens. I decided to go walk down to the other dorm and apparently play a video or arcade machine in the lobby. As I approached the lobby, I noticed sometimes the lobby door would blow open a foot or two. When a big gust blew, maybe 3 feet or so. Anyway it took me a minute to walk over. I was thinking it would be cool if the door blew open all the way. Never happened. Then as I got to the door, it blew completely open. I walked in. A guy in the lobby looked scared to death upon seeing this. It was like he saw a ghost. His eyes looked big and scared. He ducked, stumbled, and ran away from me as fast as possible. I was wondering what he saw. I was wondering if he saw a ghost or something that scared him.

Anyway the door closed by itself after I walked in. It was completely manual so that was cool that Ididnt even have to touch the door. I played a pinball game for about 30 minutes. I thought it was very odd that no one ever came into the lobby. Only 9 or 10pm and no one walked in. The wind never blew the door all the way open the whole time either. Strange I thought. I finished my game. As I walked towards the door, it swung open for me. Spooky. It closed after I walked through. I thought that was spooky. I picked up my pace quickly walking back to my dorm. No one was out which was strange enough considering 5 thousand students lived there. As I got to my lobby doors, they swung open for me. Now I was a bit spooked.

Anyway I don't know what happened and I really wondered what the one guy who freaked out saw that I didn't see. A ghost? Just me? This was not the strangest thing but seems most amusing to me in hind site. I don't remember ever seeing anyone look as scared as the guy in the lobby was when I walked in without touching the door. I was wondering if he saw some terrible specter type of ghost open the door or something. That would be spooky. If it was a ghost, I didn't like the fact whatever seemed to follow me.

Now when I notice the wind blowing around me, I start to wonder if it's really just the wind or some invisible specters.
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posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 11:27 PM
a reply to: orionthehunter

Have you ever had any other experiences with possible or apparent Psychokinesis? Just curious. Ever thought of something moving like that, then having it happen, or was it just the one time?

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 11:44 PM
a reply to: AnkhMorpork
Actually yes. I had a dust devil form around me back in my college days. I was in the eye of it and it was moving and growing as I walked across campus to my dorm. I'm glad no one saw it or filmed it but that was in the 80's. Probably would be called a freak or something if people saw that. Never happened again though. It was cool though. Except the part where we both stopped outside my dorm and I got a face full of dust as I decided to walk through the wall of dust circling around me. It dissipated after that. I was thinking it would be cool if one of those dust devils formed around me. One time it did.

Just because I was thinking about it before it happened doesn't mean I caused it. I had a dream one time and the all intelligent AI running our universe simulation reality communicated in my dream that my thoughts were being monitored and things could happen just because the AI finds it entertaining to watch my reaction. Could be ghosts too.
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posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 11:44 PM
I wonder if anyone has ever experienced one of those "time dilations", where suddenly, as if in a bubble, the modern frame of reality is replaced with a scene from another era at the same location. I think I once saw some on ATS describe that taking place in a downtown cityscape and suddenly seeing a pre-car horse and buggy scene for a few moments, like a time bubble in the quantum reality or some such thing.

It's a good thing that normal reality holds together for the most part, but I've seen signs that there is an acausal connecting principal capable of back action in time, as if by anticipation.

There's a theory by a guy named Tipler called the Omegapoint hypothesis whereby everything is drawn like a strange attractor as a future state of infinite information, what Terence McKenna described as the Eschaton at the end of time which can impinge on the past.

Further, for those who believe in reincarnation, are we not in the previous life now during which a future life is in the process of being selected.

If this is true, I'd like to be the captain of the future starship which will take humanity, probably via escort, to the next habitable world.. "Engage!"

Speaking of which i had a very strange dream 2 nights ago, in which I had another someone else's face, a pretty girl with nice teeth but with braces. On waking up and remembering it, I was given to wonder if I might have been trying on a future self, even though I'm a guy and a very heterosexual one at that, in this life.

I'm putting some of these ideas out there, along with the notion of synchronicity and powerful archetypes in the hope of perhaps generating the conditions for a present moment strangeness experienced by you, the reader, literally within the next day or two..

Just kidding around, sort of..

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 11:48 PM
a reply to: orionthehunter

Interesting. Do you think maybe these thing stopped happening after those college days because you didn't want anyone to think you were some sort of freak?

Try going for a walk tomorrow out and about, and be open to something happening like that.

Have you ever heard a voice, like a whisper? Just curious if there are any other dimensions to your experiences of strangeness.

thanks for sharing.

posted on Jun, 24 2019 @ 11:56 PM
a reply to: VariableConstant

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posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 12:02 AM
I was staying with my wife and toddler son at a lakeside cabin resort in Wisconsin. It was part of a work related trip and I had some co workers staying at the resort also. They had 6 or so cabins total, we were in #4 and my coworkers in the large cabin house, #6. There were two bedrooms in ours and neither bed was very large, so I took one room for the first night and my wife and son crashed out in the other. Overall the place just felt weird, but not enough to think too much of it.

That night I had a really weird dream about a ghost or evil presence under the cabin. It was so real and detailed, and then my wife woke me up with our toddler in her arms around 2am snapping me out of my dream. Apparently she had woken up and had seen a black shadow figure in the room staring at her and my son. She snatched our son up and ran into my room, and was understandably freaked out and so we all ended up sleeping in my room on a full size bed for the night.

The next day we took a room in the larger cabin house with my coworkers, as the vibes in our first cabin were totally off.

Totally different and unrelated, a couple of years ago in Washington state I was walking my dog and saw three totally silent aircraft with solid lights fly about 1,000 feet above my neighborhood in unison. No noise and they seemed to be tethered like they were gliding, heading east toward the cascades. It was too dark to make out many details, other than black and triangular and completely silent. The weird part was there were three of them flying in a straight line. I tried to take video but it was like something was jamming my phone, it wouldn’t work. Nobody else was around and I was in total awe and it kind of took a min to register what I saw.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 12:08 AM
Actually, I've also experienced electromagnetic disturbances around me on occasion with a huge thunderstorm with lots of lightning in Greenville SC. I think I shifted to a parallel Earth by accident. Might not have been the first time and that thought scares me. I'm hoping I didn't shift because I died in the other Earth. The storm caused the interstate to flood and close. People died on a washed out road. The storm stayed centered over Greenville for too long. I was having static electricity issues at the time as well. I would build up huge charges in the summer time. I asked a girl at one club if anyone else was having electrical issues and she said only you. I thought she didn't believe me and didn't ground myself. She touched me and got a huge shock. Said she would call me electro after that. I suspect my shorts were rubbing the chairs the wrong way every time I sat down and stood up and maybe I had too much iron in my blood. Problem went away after changing clothes and giving blood.

Nothing strange going on anymore though.

Of course every time you visit certain clubs,you might feel like you are visiting parallel Earth clubs especially with weird people and people not remembering you from one week to another even when they say they haven't seen you in two years one week, then say the same thing a week later. One girl got reverse surgery. Another girl I knew acted strange when I asked about her changing her hair color suddenly. She said it had been brunette for years.
Made me wonder what if the creek I drove over washed out the road in a parallel Earth and I died but shifted to a parallel Earth? I hate thinking about leaving behind loved ones even in a parallel Earth. They would never see me again when I barely noticed any changes.
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posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 01:37 AM
Interesting topic.

One of my first memories ever is seeing the hat man. Woke up in the morning and it was just standing in the middle of the room and slowly faded away. Didn't feel much fear or anything, was just a little confused on what I saw. Was a surprise to find out like 20 years later that it's a known phenomenon.

Most of my life, my dreams have been a little intense. As a child I often woke up in the middle of the night and talked weird things without remembering about it later. Have had couple of coincidences with dreams and events. When a ferry with 852 people drowned close by in one night, then that night I saw that I was in a shipwreck. Only my dream wasn't dramatic at all, the ship went down and the water was warm and we were having a laugh. Same once when a bus collided a train close by, then that night I saw that I was a train conductor who derailed a train, but also no drama, the train somehow rode smooth off rails and no crash.

When I was about 10 then I heard some weird like stone grinding rumble from the basement, then heard footsteps and saw the locked door handle move. This was quite frightnening and thought that there are bulgrars. The weird thing is that the dog started to bark, but ran to the other front door to bark, not the basement door thats handle moved. When I got out of my fear frozen state, then I ran out and saw my neighbour working in his yard and told him that there are bulgrars at my place. He came with me, we looked through all the place from the inside and outside and couldn't find any broken locks nor any trace of a break-in. After that I just avoided staying at home alone for couple of years.

One other weird experience was when I was 12, going on a trip with school. We stayed overnight in some old nun monestry where I got undressed and got to bed normal, but suddenly woke up dressed and couple of floors down. Didn't really react much on it, looked for my room and went back to sleep. Next day asked my schoolmates if they saw me after I went to sleep and told them that I think I was sleepwalking or something yesterday. They told that yeah, that they saw me, I talked and seemed normal and the only thing a little wierd was me mumbling by myself after I left.
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posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 02:18 AM
a reply to: TheRedneck

Interesting experience. I've had something of the sort many years ago, when I was involved in a bad accident, caused mainly by my childish stupidity.
After a blank period, I became sort of conscious, being stuck on the wall with my arms stretched sideways, and bolts of electricity were flowing in through my open palms. Meaning I was still having some sort of human shape, and my first thought was that this was some kind of punishment for what I did, and I saw my family standing at the far end of a bed which was below me.
I realised I was in a hospital, everything was white, grey or silvery shining, only one oxygen tube which was blue, so blue it was hurting my eyes, and I tried to avoid seeing it but it was against the opposite wall a bit to the left and I couldn't avoid seeing it so I shouted to everybody in the room to get me down, and I looked down to the bed and there was the other me, sleeping in it with some wires coming out from under the sheet covering my body.
I didn't have time to be scared or even interested in that other "me", because I felt something was wrong with my shout. It wasn't a shout, it was like a silent bubble growing from my forehead, or like me me stretching somehow towards them, and I noticed I had no mouth and I didn't feel the need to breathe in, so I wanted to get off that wall and that was enough for it to happen.
Next, I was floating somewhere at ceiling level, looking down at everybody and it felt like I was laughing with relief (don't know whether I was really laughing, I just felt like I was) seeing how easy it was to peel myself from that nasty wall. The electric bolts weren't there anymore, or they didn't bother me that much at that moment, I was just very happy I wasn't a poster on that wall anymore.
I could see the walls if I wanted, but just as well they would become transparent like glass if I wanted to look through, and I could see all the way along the hallway outside, and into the other rooms so I decided to explore and now I was feeling like a cloud and I floated outside, and "flew" along the corridor looking at the patients, doctors, nurses and visitors, all the way to the two elevators at the end of the hallway, where it expanded sideways. I looked through the windows and I saw the green tops of the trees outside.
I floated through the wall/window towards them, and I saw a park with patients, visitors, kids, some doctors and nurses, I looked around and I saw the huge building which was the hospital.
Then I blanked again, and had a very clear feel of being pulled with tremendous force into what I could describe as a black hole, and I woke up all sweating and looking dsperate for my lost ring. I have never had a ring, I don't wear rings, because I have always fiddled with electronics. I was so desperate, I threw the bed sheets on the floor, pulled off the sensors for the "ping" machine which was on a shelf beside my bed, and I jumped on the floor so I can look for that stupid ring and I felt a sudden pull and acute pain in my willy (there was a long flexible tube stuck in it), and my legs went wobbly, I felt very sick and dizzy and went blank again.
The interesting bit I found out much later, while talking to my mom about that experience, is that a nurse asked the doctor to let her stay with me after her shift, to pray for me. The doctor told her that nobody in my family is religious (including me), so her request wouldn't be of any help anyway, and not very appropriate.
But she insisted, telling him that she had a boy who looked very much like me. He died from leukemia a while ago, and she wanted to do this for me believing it would help his soul somehow as well. The doctor agreed finally, telling her to be very discrete about it, and to do her best not to be seen by any member of my family.
Later at night he cracked the door open and saw her at my feet, mumbling something while spinning slowly a golden ring in her hand.
No gods, demons, dead relatives, blinding lights, angels or anything of the sort.
I do not know whether that woman pulled me back, or why I was so desperate to find the ring, to keep myself in this suit, or to set myself free, to keep it or destroy it.
When I left the hospital, I looked around and everything was as I saw it in my weird "flying session", and I've never been there before.
I am still not a religious person, but I was left with this vivid memory even after more than 35 years, and the unshakeable feeling that we are like eggs, embryos, and death is just breaking the shell and evolving into something else. Maybe what we think, learn and do in this "childhood" time is relevant to what we will become, for I clearly remember being "me", having the same line of thought and my personal memories.
Even now many years after I am none the wiser, but it felt good.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 08:08 AM
a reply to: JPtruther

It's like yoga, ultimately very good for you.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 11:52 AM
For me lately it's been the synchronicity thing...for the past year or so, I find that when I think of glancing at the clock, for whatever reason, at least three times a day the time will be the hour and eleven minutes...e.g. 2:11, 10:11, etc.
Also often look at my phone and within a second I will receive a text or call.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 01:18 PM
Hello all....
I was on vacation and I was sitting playing with my phone suddenly I felt an intense pain like something bite me or like burning
I check there was nothing there spiders etc.....
Then I saw triangle mark on my right angle!!!

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 01:37 PM

originally posted by: NightFlight
a reply to: AnkhMorpork

a torrent of sparks went every where under and above the 120KV power line as a ghostly looking greyish arm pulled up off of the power line and into a very low hanging cloud.

Whoa dude. What? IMO I don't classify ghosts, UFOs, or even Sasquatch as weird experiences because I genuinely believe they are all legitimate entities, objects, and undiscovered species many people simply want to deny.

However, when it comes to a "ghostly looking grayish arm" pulling away from a power line into a cloud I would 100% classify this as beyond weird.

That's a legit scene from a horror movie.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 04:04 PM
On the navajo reservation over 10 years ago, my family spent a summer in a premanufactured house down in manyfarms. It belonged to my step fathers family, who only used it for large special occasions. It was 2-3 miles from the highway, and our closest neighbors were about a quarter mile away. They were also extended relatives, but they always kept to themselves.

We had four large dogs tied up on each of the four sides of the house and they would bark excitedly at anything and everything within sight of the house. That was because it was always so lonely out there, nothing but red hills and sage brush for miles. I spent alot of my time playing guitar and staring at the mountains on the arizona/new mexico border.

Anyways, it was common for my step father to be gone mon-fri every week to continue to work down in snowflake, but we didnt mind because my step father is a serious and difficult man to get along with.

One tuesday morning, a day after my stepfather had left for the week, my mother asked us if we had heard anything the night prior.

My two siblings and i slept in the same small room against the backwall of the house, but none of us had heard anything. My mother told us something had been outside making noise, but we really didnt believe her because the dogs wouldve woken us up, as we had adog tied up right outside our window.

The next night i woke up around 2 am, and it was eerily quiet outside, not even the usual chirping of crickets. Im not sure why i woke up, perhaps it was because i had been subconciously disturbed by my mothers story, or maybe it was the overwhelming silence that seemed to absorb every noise.

Then, breaking the silence, i heard a deep and loud sound. HOOOOOOT. HOOOOOT. HOOOOOT. As a child i was taught that owls were a bad omen, and sometimes, even evil. But that wasnt why i was afraid. What creeped me out the most, was that it was a mans voice.

And the dogs quietly slept.

I slowly crawled over to the window, trying to keep a low profile just beneath the sill, and peaked through a hole in the blinds. Sure enough, Buddy, my brothers dog, was a sleep in his house.

Again, HOOOOT. HOOOOT. HOOOOOT. i could tell the sound was coming directly from behind Buddy's doghouse, which was backed up to the sagebrush, which was also as far as the backyard lamp illuminated. It was pitchblack night beyond that.

And still all the dogs continued to sleep.


Then suddenly, almost all at once, the dogs erupted in ferocious barking and gnarling.

I quickly left the window, and crawled across the hall to my mothers room, and in a whisper, called for her. She responded, and i could tell by the sound of her reply, she was already alert and wide awake.

It came back two more nights, without changing anything it did, roughly around the same time. When my stepfather returned at the end of the week, it stopped coming around, and never returned after that.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 05:40 PM
Brilliant post and you are obviously well studied. Carl Jung’s wisdom is something to behold, especially The Red Book...that one is for the ages. I I feel if a person is really on the Way to enlightenment then synchronicity would be a very normal part of life. Native Americans would call it the red road. I follow this Way personally and have first hand experience that there’s infinite ways to find death but one way to find Life. This whole modern day “Love” business leads to apathy. Life is above love. I really appreciate your post, thank you for bringing real knowledge to the table.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 06:07 PM
I need to preface this post in saying that I am not a Christian. To me, all belief is religion, but faith is something entirely different. I have faith in the humanity of Jesus which allows my mind to be free from dogma. Now on to my story of the supernatural, or maybe I should say super-material.

At the age of 33 I was at a point in life where I had bitten off more than I could chew. I was an unmarried single father going through a custody situation that was overwhelming. I had also felt suffocated in life by a stutter that had developed in me from the age of 5. The stutter alone put up so many psychological walls within me that I felt hopeless in finding a place where I could be a great father. There were a plethora of other issues I felt plagued by as well, but that’s too much to go in to.

One night I hit rock bottom mentally, because I needed to change who i had become as a person. My daughter needed me. So the night I hit rock bottom i had been convinced by several people to pick up a book called Jesus Calling. Prior to picking up this book, the thought of Jesus was a fragment of my imagination. I could care less about that # really. So the night I’m feeling hopeless I picked up this book and said to myself, “I will give it one shot”. The book is a corny 365 day devotional written as if Jesus was speaking in the first person. However, the words are written from the authors heart. That night I’m deep into the book, I wanted to read the whole thing that night. I had cornered myself in life and had no other answers. Halfway through and the hand of God comes down and strikes me to the floor. My stutter was cured in that moment. I can’t explain it, I can only say that in what had been revealed to me was my most internal deepest fear. In seeing this fear I became aware that my stutter had been completely self imposed. I saw that all sickness was a fragment of the imagination and that death was a choice. My fears had snowed me under, but the escape was revealed to my senses. The next day and proceeding two weeks flipped my world into oblivion. The true supernatural part of my story hadn’t even happened yet, but the moment I just described changed the trajectory of my life. I lost all friends and many family members in the proceeding four and half years that was driven by a single moment. Again I will state, the Bible is not Holy and all religion to me is dead. The only real thing to me is this entity named Jesus that highlighted my own hell. Jesus was just human in a world full of people. The second part of this story is the doozy. If one person wishes To hear it I will tell it and continue further. God bless to you all

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