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Hell is a Parable for the Womb and Reincarnation

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posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 05:53 PM
a reply to: Deetermined

There are no desires for me. The only words in that book that have any truth are the words of Yehoshua. Call me a hethen call me a satanist if you want.

I have found my own link to the Father or Jesus or whoever you want to call The One within myself. He builds me as I am willing to give up my sins. UncleMikey was just another interesting thing for me to read. It didn't stink of complete lies and hate that I see spewed from all the proper children of God as they see themselves and actually made me get my family bible out to start rereading to see if I could see more truths.

I didn't accept it as gospel either. You don't need to worry about my soul. Whoever my Father is I've given myself to him completely. If my thoughts start turning to "evil" and my own wants again during this journey I'm smart enough to know the wrong father is the one that looks after me.

I'll know sooner than anyone else when my desires return to my own ego.

Don't concern yourself with other people's souls. You are told to not judge but to beware. Fix your own ego and your own pride then start telling me I'm wrong. If you believe that book so much start following it.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 06:28 PM
a reply to: Analbumcover

Get a grip. I didn't judge UncleMikey's soul. I judged his doctrine, but you're ego won't allow you to see that. You must not have understood that bible verse I posted for you above.

I'm not sure why you're trying to separate the name of Yehoshua from Jesus, since they are one and the same, but each to his own.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 07:19 PM
a reply to: Deetermined

You believe when Jesus spoke of His Church he meant the Roman Catholic Church? If you believe for one second that his will was that then I'm sorry we won't agree on anything. All that verse does is give power to people who never deserve it. Greedy little humans that are born of liars.

Anyway I'm not going to help ruin one of UncleMikeys threads if I haven't already. We going in circles at this point. I don't want to change your mind and you won't change mine.

No point arguing over it.

posted on Jun, 25 2019 @ 07:39 PM
a reply to: Analbumcover

You believe when Jesus spoke of His Church he meant the Roman Catholic Church?

Where'd you get that idea? God's church is made up of people, not denominations. Did you already forget that I'm a Baptist? I'm guessing you belong to the Hebrew Roots movement.

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posted on Jun, 26 2019 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: Analbumcover

I've read all the words of Yehoshua that I've been allowed to see. We know for a fact the book has been changed. Yes yes your god influenced it all.

As I expected you skirted my question so I will repeat the question. Please show me in the literature of the 1611 KJV Christian bible where reincarnation is compatible. That is all I ask. I did not ask you to champion Uncle Mikey and his picture show. I am not preaching and did not preach. Mike has every right to believe whatsoever he wants to believe but in an open forum I have the same right to challenge what he or you propose. So once again I will ask you and anyone else to show me in the manuscripts of both Hebrew and Greek bibles [KJV] where reincarnation is accepted.

The reason I noted this particular post of uncle mikey was that he presented his secular mumbo jumbo centered around the Nazarene faith of Jesus as is in the Christian 1611 KJV bible. That is absolute deception and in all reality makes him a liar. Now if anyone wants to believe the theology of re incarnated spirits of dead souls and present their belief within this theology and on fair principles, then I do accept their right on those merits of fair debate. When you come on a open forum then you need to expect debate on opinions and not be offended by free speech. I ask you once again to show me your sources of reincarnation.

posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 01:51 PM
a reply to: UncleMikey

Glad, you finally made it here mikey! I've been lurking your website and forum threads for almost 2 years. I have so many things I'd like to ask you

After observing the letter "X" portrayed in the media, fractal symbolism, microcosms, macrocosms, and reading your articles, I'm definitely starting to believe theres something to reincarnation in the bible.

However I'm a bit a confused by your exact views. You seem to be stating that people reincarnate after going to the lake of fire/womb, which actually makes sense. Then, you also seem to be saying that people reincarnate immediately after death like whats taught in buddhism/hinduism/pagan and seems like deception. Which one is it?

Also, I theorize that it could just be the nephilim and fallen Angel's reincarnation until judgement day, hoping from body to body so they dont have to go to hell. That's another thing, why did they beg jesus to put them into pigs if hell wasnt a torture chamber?

It's good that you showed up. I'm becoming a degenerate sociopath because the pagans and Christian's have caused deep confusion in my mind and fear of hell to the point where I've become extremely traumatized and cant move on in life. I just feel very angry all the time and I want to hurt people. My mind is going over the deep end and jesus doesnt produce a warm feeling in heart anymore. The darkness of insanity is consuming me . Perhaps, you can help me.

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posted on Jun, 28 2019 @ 06:13 PM
a reply to: Dragonjj109

Make another account to promote yourself again?
How many account you have now?

You desire peace yet bash Jesus perhaps you should be getting yourself closer to him, that’s what will bring you peace.
Unless you are as mentally disturbed as you sound then a good head doctor and medicine will help you see that for yourself

How could a false prophet do anything but lead you astray?
If you are truly following his insane ramblings, well that could well be the cause of your mental state.

But for now I think you are unclemikey
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posted on Jun, 29 2019 @ 06:24 AM
a reply to: 5StarOracle

No, I'm not uncle Mike. Modern Medicine cannot help me. I am not normal creature.

Your assumption that I'm a "disciple" of uncle Mike is very cringy and childish, even more so that reading his articles have led to my mental instability. Its extremely cringy coming across people like this over the internet, you'll come up with the most bs retort just because it seems like a convient answer and you're too lazy to actually attempt to understand a situation. You also assume to an autistic degree, based on my wording that I'm a enthusiastic follower of Mike based on my text like were in some Hollywood movie and that you can read me like a script. I'm getting angry just typing this.

No, I was getting angry before I found his page. Great, now because I used "found' you're going to assume I found him like a follower found jesus. Except you wont because I mentioned it, so now you'll respond condescending in a way that conveniently dodges the main point while keeping you in leverage .

I shouldn't digress like that. Mike's articles put many things into sense for me that were causing me confusion. I knew that the Vatican was lying about hell in some way, and while the Christian's disagreed they still fundamentally believed in eternal hell. Then I knew reincarnation was but I realized that there was something to reincarnation, even if it wasnt like the Buddhist. His article shed insight which gave me a fludge slice of peace. I was not angry reading his post.

Mike is not the only one. For nearly a decade, all I would encounter were fundamental and traditional Christian's that disagreed with eachother but claimed to have the holy spirit and then when I would explain to them that the people they argued with were on the same side they would become angry.

I am not Christian but this is not me attacking christianity. I am not a ager either. Its complicated. There are certain Christians out there who seem to have a different perspective on things', not in the new agey sense but a different way that encompasses more about reality and existence, I know deep down there is something beyond so I can shut down my mind like before.

I know my text is very choppy, but have had brain injuries and psycho trauma that have lowered my IQ more, also supplements I take make me slower. If I had found my peace in God earlier I would not have chased the destructive lifestyle, but the only way I could cancel out the anger and confusion was through women and fighting.

I have no ambition in life anymore, I know this world is evil and doomed. All treasures will fade. I tried to be atheist, but that failed. I dont want friends or money, I just want God and his love but he will not show himself to me. But the darkness accepts and it calls me with a smile and I smile back. If I accept that darkness I can receive the power to satisfy my anger and it will be the silver lining to my suffering.

You will not help me you will just angry and judgemental. You will not get angry or judgemental because I said that you would so you wont. You post something generic that will not help but make me angry. You will not post something generic, you will post something well thought but not from the heart which will not help. You will not be of use, regardless of your response.

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posted on Jun, 29 2019 @ 07:36 AM
I’ve finally caught up some on this thread and just wanted to respond and say that I believe you have laid out a nice presentation and I very much appreciate the last couple of posts explaining your personal path to discovery.

For me personally, that is always the most fascinating part- hearing what the little details were/are that led one to the conclusions they have made.

When you mention trans humanism being the mark it tied all together.

My personal journey in its most simplified form began with a simple question that no one I knew in real life could answer, “what happened to Enoch? Why did God, take him up?” And so that’s when I had to jump from the Bible and real life discussions to seeking out info on the internet.

You can probably imagine the journey as it might have been quite similar to yours considering what you’ve shared about your curiosity about DNA/blood and the manipulation of it by entities described in the Bible and other ancient texts.

It’s all truly fascinating if you can get past the fear.
The fear and realization that all we can really hope to have control of in this existence is ourselves and our own consciousness, is sobering, and even the idea of being in control of ourselves seems fleeting at times, when you think about all the mechanisms put forth to hijack that from us.

I will admit that even though I was not raised in church or any religious setting or doctrine, being from the Deep South, even one with a non believing family and upbringing will sense a pervasive influence of religious doctrine in everything surrounding them, and so it was my destiny to seek it out, even at a young age...

So I feel that because I have been the one to choose to seek, it’s always been a fine balance of feeling compelled to seek for my own intimate reasons and need for understanding, as well as my need for understanding how a belief could undoubtedly guide civilization for such an utterly long time yet still seem like the most mysterious thing.... when computers/internet have only been around in MY lifetime, and well they are quite the opposite really... at least to me. You know, that may be a bad example- but what I’m saying is that I never could take it at face value- the whole idea that this “Christianity” “God” “Jesus saved us”
Thing was EASY- because it is not.... at least not for a deep, complex thinker like me.

I’ll leave you with one more interesting short story.

My first recollection of the name Jesus... was in the 2nd grade. As little girls we liked to have “crushes” on little boys and write “our name” and then draw a heart ❤️ as in “loved” and then the boy of the week.... perhaps Greg or James or Luke.... and this was common practice. My best friend at the time was doodling “I heart Jesus” and even had the fish symbol.... and as I mentioned being someone who didn’t participate in church activities or bible reading or nightly prayer, etc, I thought nothing of it to ask in recess who the new boy was. Jesus. You know, he must be from the class across the hall, since I had seen no one show up to our own classroom. Did she have a boyfriend who was older than us? Why had I not seen this “Jesus” anywhere around?

My 2nd grade friend did not know how to explain God... and it wouldn’t be as an 8 year old that I got my answer... but as I watched those around me for the continuation of my journey into adolescence, I noticed the common denominator always being that I was the one who had never heard the church hymns that were sang on the playground... I was the one who watched anxiously during the Christmas plays as a story unfolded that I had never heard, and I looked upon the hands of my peers as they wrote “WWJD” and I felt as if I were the only one on the earth who had no idea what Jesus would do, or why, or what relevance it had to my childhood that I didn’t even understand would end at some point.

As Facebook allows us to keep up with some of those original acquaintances we made in life; I find this to be the most ironic.

Lots of those girls I used to look on with wonder at how they knew all these things I didn’t know, never make mention of any of it anymore.... yet here I am, still seeking, still learning, and still vividly remembering. For some of us, I think there’s just a striking intuition to understand and the world will just always be a underlying motivator to seek the answers to the questions we sometimes can’t even articulate.

Thank you for not only continuing to seek, but for not giving up until you had an understanding that allowed you to articulate for others.

I will have to go back through when I have more time and really study your images and look up some of the verses myself and do some further study, but you have most definitely opened up a new door that I had already been given glimpses into under past curiosities, but never ventured in to because of fear of letting another belief influence and cloud my own (reincarnation being an eastern religion is what I mean by that) but as I’ve grown, my ability to understand discernment has as well, and it is one of the things I continually pray for, so that my mind might be guarded from deception.

Thank you uncle Mickey, nice thread. And thank you to those who’ve participated in the discussion. All intriguingly interesting and valuable.

a reply to: UncleMikey

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posted on Jun, 29 2019 @ 07:40 AM
a reply to: Dragonjj109

I have no ambition in life anymore, I know this world is evil and doomed. All treasures will fade. I tried to be atheist, but that failed. I dont want friends or money, I just want God and his love but he will not show himself to me. But the darkness accepts and it calls me with a smile and I smile back. If I accept that darkness I can receive the power to satisfy my anger and it will be the silver lining to my suffering.

First of all, UncleMikey can't help you, only the Holy Spirit can. Regardless of what you think of other Christians "fighting" about doctrine, your sanity and relationship with God can only be found by you seeking a personal relationship with Him through prayer. If reading the Bible for yourself causes too much anxiety, just ask the Holy Spirit to lead you out of your anxiety to bring you peace and to help you understand in due time. Accepting the darkness may bring you temporary peace, but it's obviously not working long term and may be doing more damage. Don't seek your answers here, seek them from God himself. Just be sure to approach him with a humble and repentant heart. God's not going to listen to your prayers if you're just using him to bring you peace and healing while you continue to embrace the darkness. You've got to give it ALL up/over to Him and surrender completely to Him and His will. Go ahead and tell Him that you know only He can fix what's wrong in your life and that you're not capable of doing it yourself (or with the help of others). Like I said, it will take COMPLETE SURRENDER to God. The only question left is, are you willing?!

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posted on Jun, 29 2019 @ 08:25 AM
a reply to: Dragonjj109

From what you have said I feel that I have been in a similar place.... Although I did participate in a Christian belief system for many years in my later life I let go of that belief system and started exploring other ways of seeing the world and life.

Because of me letting go of my belief system I also let go of my saviour and as a result of that I had to adopt a new view that would allow me to be delivered from my imperfections and the agitation and hopelessness that comes with them.

I will say this that I have come to the belief that my salvation lies within me just as it says in Colossians 1 verse 27 " Christ in you the hope of glory ". Christ..... the anointing of understanding that you are complete in and of yourself. The Bible also says that in Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek nor gentile neither male nor female..... In other words your true character is all-encompassing of all of those things... it is the best from every human manifestation. But in this current life because we are either male or female and we are a male certain race or Creed or religion it causes our own minds to be blocked out from that realization. The anointing of understanding causes you to realize that there is a perfect woman inside of you just as there is a perfect man and it's when we're in a state of imbalance not allowing that complimentary part of ourselves to exist.

Let me give you an example of an area in my own life that I feel is in imbalance... as a man when I look at a woman I instantly evaluate them based on how much sex appeal they have to me.... I know that a lot of people accept that that's just the way it is for men because of our hormones and because of evolutionary patterns that have been established.

But the reality is if we had a more feminine mind or allowed our feminine mind to exist more prominently within us... we would be able to view from a different perspective and it would subdue that side of us and create balance.

I believe that the Christ anointing gives us understanding to see the complimentary sides within us that we might take hold of them and create balance within ourselves and in the process enter into peace and joy.

When are perfection exists within us and we believe that... then it does bring peace because we know we can truly never be separated from it that's why it's called Christ in us the hope of glory.

I hope this helps bring you out of your dark place believe me I have been in them before myself.... By the way if it helps don't think of yourself as becoming like a pussy boy just think of it as you need to let dick girl show a little more.... At least I find that helps me.
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posted on Jun, 29 2019 @ 02:00 PM
a reply to: Dragonjj109

I think you are lying...
After spending 2 years on his forums and threads you suddenly appear here to offer him praise yet at the same time introduce yourself to him as though it is the first time introducing yourself to him... With your long term fascination and following you would have spoken with him there...You also portrayed many other like tendencies in your phrasing and thought patterns it’s a tell...
Anyway if you have had serious head trauma be you unclemikey or not your anger and clouded thinking is most likely due to this... And that is beyond your control you may receive some medical relief for it although marginal...
Aside from that you talk about various Christian ideologies, why not just dwell upon Christ’s own words from the bible?
Any alteration or perversion of his teaching are not of him and as a contradiction can only cause confusion. Form your own relationship and understanding nobody else can give it to you... All that anybody else can do is nudge you closer to him or further away...
I’ll leave you to your confusion and anger or to finding your own peace and I know that it’s your path alone and you are right about just one thing... I and nobody else here can truly help you find God’s peace...

Here’s a hint for you on hell and damnation though, not one single person past a given age and intelligence is capable of escaping on their own...
And to be separated from God for eternity would be eternal torment in which one would only be capable of knowing the darkness and rage like you express knowing yet multiplied upon itself and would only ever continue to do so getting worse and worse...
However there is no need to even contemplate on the existence of hell its torments or if you are going there or not...
For although no individual except the innocent in Gods eyes such as young children and people with severe mental problems can escape it on their own, the rest of us have no need to worry either... For Jesus didn’t come to save those who didn’t need it he came for all us lost sheep who could never find their own way... His salvation is for everyone and although unworthy his sacrifice was complete victory for all who take refuge in him...
It’s that easy trust in him alone and hell is impossible for you...
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posted on Jun, 29 2019 @ 05:04 PM
a reply to: Dragonjj109

But the darkness accepts and it calls me with a smile and I smile back. If I accept that darkness I can receive the power to satisfy my anger and it will be the silver lining to my suffering.

Only darkness exists in past memories and future dreams. You can only find the light in the NOW (in reality). So be constantly watchful of where your mind exists. Correct it by constantly asking where it is now. Stay in the NOW and breath in nature at every opportunity. Start to be alive again instead of the sleep walking zombie you once were (as was I).

If you still are interested in Christianity but want a more definitive path, look up past christian greats like Meister Eckhart.

BTW your comment was very concise.

posted on Jun, 29 2019 @ 05:19 PM

originally posted by: Raggedyman
If you had some knowledge of one subject then maybe but to get both subjects so wrong when you try and mix them together
Judaism did not believe in an afterlife, Christianity does not accept the rapture as a reality, it’s an assumption, very vague at that.
Jesus is God and will call those who choose a relationship with Him into eternal rest and peace
Reincarnation in Hinduism is same person carrying the same sins into the next life, Jesus ended that thought and process utterly and completely

Sin free in Jesus, already a new creation, that is nothing related to reincarnation
The first death in Christianity is to die to self and live a Christian, you and your gnostic imaginings

As for your knowledge of reincarnation via Hinduism and Buddhism, it’s a joke.

While I'm also not on board with OP, few issues to address...

Judaism does believe in an afterlife (and hell). Check out Olam ha-ba.

If some christians don't accept the rapture, they're silly, since it's merely the greek word translated as "caught up" in...1 Thessalonians, I believe. Harpazo - it references the living in Christ being caught up and translated at the horn announcing the return of Christ. The only debate is as to details - pre- or post-tribulation (confirmed obviously as the latter given information in Rev. 20, I believe).

As to current knowledge of reincarnation - cutting religion out of it - I've very interested in the research of Ian Stevenson and others who have documented a very good number of very interesting cases that cannot be disregarded en masse given the involved details. The data is there, the interpretation is subject to interpretation or debate.

Be well.

posted on Jul, 1 2019 @ 07:04 AM
a reply to: HarryJoy
Sorry, Can't do that. As profound as your post is, I know where it leads to when taken to its highest levels: Enlightennent/Nirvana. Millions upon millions of books have been written about this subject, teaching countless perspectives and personal truths; ways to understand ones self and the world arounds.

But it all just leads to Enlightenment/Nirvana/Dissolution of self/Brahma and activation of the electric kundalini serpent.

This is Satan/Saturn/Lucifer; the thunder god, indisputanly. However, my greatest struggle is deciding whether this is a good or bad thing.

I've thought about this so much, in depth. Even if christianity is a a complete sham. What you're advocating simply isnt viable either.


Same thing applies to your response. I know about, what you're advocating can bring me great peace and power, and so can the end all of enlightenment/nirvana but it's probably not worth it.

posted on Jul, 1 2019 @ 02:25 PM
a reply to: Dragonjj109

"can bring me great peace and power"

No, not both, its either one or the other. Garden of Eden "Eve" represents our physical nature (female = physical nature; male = spiritual nature), The snake that affects our physical nature is our ego. If our ego seeks power it can never attain peace. Some of the chakra's can be opened (aka way of magician - black "occult" or white magician) which can give certain powers but that doesn't result in salvation. All chakra's have to be opened for salvation and that can only occur if one is completely non-egotistical (Matthew 7:21–23 "only those who do the will of the Father will enter the kingdom of heaven").

It really doesn't matter if you believe in them or not. They will eventually start to open by their own accord, letting light enter your vessel, when you serve the will of the Father.

Serving the will of the Father does not give "YOU" any powers.
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posted on Jan, 24 2020 @ 10:48 AM
a reply to: UncleMikey

I didn't want to get into this topic in the other thread because it would derail it to some extent. But since this thread is on topic, i'll throw my response here.

Womb is also the matrix. We are already in the womb (the hex-agon, hex placed on humanity), hell is right here right now. I am familiar with the concept of reincarnation, it was taught to me by roage the man who taught me natural divine law as the way out of the womb/hell. (Yahshua taught it as the ten commandments. The way, the truth and the life)

Yes the elites and many religions are actually worshiping the Yoni which is the female uterus. Jonathan Kleck also uncovered something similar hiding within the roman catholic church. (while i may disagree on some of the things he says, he is still correct on others. )
The OK Symbol is actually a symbol for the yoni.

Aside from that, everything is inside the atom. (ATUM-ATUM-RA, the complete one, the one that returns to the watery chaos at the end of the creative cycle). The electron is the elect lady, seducing the male neutrons.

Electron = EL= Elect-tri- city. (tri= triple -Angles (A triangle) It can also mean city of angels. (city of angles, - triangle)

Death isnt real, you have glimpses of this through Deja Vu's. What the womb does is that it recycles the souls over and over, like a battery lifeforce. This is basically the ourosboros, (what you may call moloch in the womb.)

Another way to look at the image above is the one below.

But its not just one being doing all the problems, it takes two. Lilith and EVE. Lilith the seductress, and Eve the sweet demure nun, both will eat you alive. Lilith the midnight rider and Eve who brings the Dawn. The moon is the omen.

Lucifer and the womb are the same. Lucifer was given dominion over the earth. This is something many christians would reject, but if you read the book of Jobs, even Lucifer is on a short leash, and Corinthians also mentions the god (small g) of this world that has blinded people. We are stuck in a loop, a time loop so to speak. And that loop is ruled by ego.

There is a video i came across on awhile back. Though many may take this as fiction, there may be some truths being told in this video. (However I dont believe for a second that the devil is here to "help us".). But I will agree that the devil is a scapegoat to be blamed when in reality the real one to blame for our personal hells is the one in the mirror. So in a way blaming the devil for all the evils in the world is simply shifting blame and responsibility from our own actions. (this i agree to be true)

Thanks for the information. It confirmed something I somewhat already knew but i kept it in the back of my mind till now.

posted on Jan, 24 2020 @ 12:07 PM
"Hell" means 'to conceal or hide'. Hell is the state of God hidden from humankind. Revelation, or "apocalypse" which means 'to reveal', is the uncovering of reality. We only see inside the womb at the moment. According to the full extent of my intuition, The type of soul you have been developing will be what you are dealt when you emerge out of the matrix (womb).

posted on Jan, 24 2020 @ 04:03 PM
a reply to: UncleMikey
If the womb is hell what is a miscarrages or abortions?

posted on Jan, 24 2020 @ 04:15 PM
Would putting a vagina on a pedestal, calling it Pussoliath count as idol or divine worship?

Apparently all men should ether love it or fear it soul sucking power?

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