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Two 18 wheelers collide, explosion

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posted on Jun, 3 2019 @ 08:52 PM
It started in Imperial, Texas. It was on I-96 and College Blvd. There was a concert at the Money IQ Arena, across from Camelot University of Doctors.

Just south-west of that location was the Virginia River, named after the state that founded Prince William County, Texas.

A chemical truck was transporting firminite, a male enhancement substance. The other chemical truck was transporting a type of insecticide.
When the trucks collided, one caught on fire and the flames spread quickly to the other. Shortly after, the trucks exploded releasing both chemicals and causing them to mix.

A steady wind picked up the combined chemicals as the gas floated south-west toward the Virginia River. As the gas came in contact with the river, a bizarre chain reaction was set in motion.

For about a mile in either direction, the river developed a green illumination and the steady wind pushed the airborne concoction into the greatly wooded Camelot Gardens.

The raging fire and fumes had I-96 and College Blvd. shut down in every direction and it seemed to be intensifying.

First responders reported almost instant nausea as they approached the scene. Moments later, 911 calls started pouring in. forcing many of them to roll over into other city and county dispatch centers.

Callers reported the fire and glowing fumes and as they tried to describe the scene, they became ill to the point where they could no longer communicate with the 911 dispatchers.

Second by second, the disaster was spiraling further out of control.

Emergency Management Centers in Prince William County and neighboring Harris County received the 911 roll over reports and instantly began monitoring the crisis.

Within moments, they realized how dire the situation was and Homeland Security was notified.

Homeland Security activated the Emergency Alert System to every cell phone, television channel and radio station in Prince William County and every neighboring county.

The emergency alert advised all residents of Prince William County to seek shelter immediately and remain sheltered in place until further notice. They were advised to close all windows and doors and turn off all air flowing devices with an external connection.
A second alert 15 minutes later advised residents to duct tape their windows and exterior doors or seal them as quickly as possible with any available household items.

Wild panic was spreading throughout the entire county and the national media quickly picked up the event on their news channels and major television network channels. The world media began following the updates minutes later.

A third update came 20 minutes after the second advising all residents to lock their doors and windows and arm themselves.

A fourth update came 3 minutes after the third advising residents not to open their doors or windows for any reason or for any person or animal. It also advised residents in every neighboring county to shelter in place and seal their windows and exterior doors.

By this time, not even 60 minutes after the collision, mass hysteria was spreading fast across the entire Houston metro area and the rest of Texas was becoming increasing nervous.

Within those 60 minutes, just like on 9-11, every single television and radio station was covering the event and the entire world was following in much the same way.

Outside, in Camelot Gardens, there were an alarming number of people ignoring the national alerts to stay indoors. They were highly agitated and very aggressive.

Many would open their front doors to investigate, quickly succumbing to the infectious environment and unwittingly contaminating their family.
Many others heeded the warnings, locked, loaded and ready to open fire. And so they would.
Within 3 hours after the collision, the massive wooded community of Camelot Gardens was completely offline an whatever caused the blackout was continuing to spread.

The zombie apocalypse was well under way and within 2 weeks, it would affect every corner of the populated world.

posted on Jun, 4 2019 @ 11:18 AM
a reply to: Genfinity

That sounds like a hard zombie horde.
What's that they're saying?
Doesn't sound like "brains, brains".

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posted on Jun, 4 2019 @ 02:32 PM
Who knew that a male enhancement chemical, a pesticide, heat from fire, some cool H2O and a steady wind would be all it would take to create a zombie apocalypse?

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