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Had a 3-way for Dinner...and a 4-way for Breakfast!! Oh Man!

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posted on May, 30 2019 @ 08:33 AM
In my continuing pursuit of creative things to do with ground beef...

The sign said "Chili" so I got in line. When I got to the counter the cute girl at the register asked..."Would you like a 3-way?"

I blushed a little, and said..."Uhhhhh, I beg your pardon???"

She said..."I said, would you like a 3-way? That's what everybody usually asks for, so...would you like a 3-way?"

I shook my head a little, thinking I might have just stepped into the Twilight Zone! I figured I better step back and look to see if I mistakenly had gotten in a line at Victoria's Secret instead of at the chili joint. Nope, I was in the right line, and there it was, right on the menu "3-Way". Hell, they even had a "4-Way" too! WTH???

My flight to Baltimore had been diverted, so I was only at the airport for a few hours. I figured I didn't have enough time for a 4-way, so maybe I was better off sticking with just a 3-way like she suggested. "What the heck, I guess I'll have a 3-way, please...but do I get to choose with who else?", I asked.

"ha-ha', she said. ...for about the 10 billionth time I've heard that!" (I was thinking...Man, she must be...tired!)

You know, Cincinnati is a weird place! Not only do they serve chili on top of spaghetti, but you can also get a 3-way right at the airport! Cool!

Well, it turns out Cincinnati has this 'thing' called "Cincinnati Chili", and it's not like what you'd expect chili to be. In fact, when you first see it, it looks just, well, wrong. It's a chili with things like cinnamon, sugar, and cloves and stuff in it...and they serve it over spaghetti, and then put cheddar cheese on it, and even onions if you want. And if you want a 4-way it comes with oyster crackers. What kind of heresy is that??? Sweet chili...over spaghetti...with cheddar cheese **gasp**...and onions...and oyster crackers.

Well, lemme' tell ya', this stuff ROCKS!! It's awesome! It was so good I went back for a 2nd "3-way".

That trip was several years ago. I did eventually make it to Baltimore, but I never forgot about my 3-way in Cincinnati.

Now, the gracious members of ATS provided me with a lot of good ideas for ground beef (all of which I intend to make). However, yesterday I was thinking about what to make for dinner and "Cincinnati 3-way" popped into my head. Yep, had to look it up and replicate it for dinner last night. Absolutely delicious!

And now, even the wife is into 3-ways!!

Ever had a good 3-way?

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 08:38 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

It's awesome! It was so good I went back for a 2nd "3-way".

Imagine someone on a plane overhearing you saying that!

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 08:53 AM
A somewhat misleading Title.

I am very disappointed.

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 08:53 AM
a reply to: JAGStorm

HA!! Well, I did get a chuckle out of the old gal sitting next to me at the gate when I said...

"I think I'll call up my wife and tell her I just had an awesome 3-way at the airport in Cincinnati."

Then I proceeded to do just that (which garnered another laugh out of the gal), and, to my wife, I added...

"and guess what, hon, I didn't even need to get a room. Just did it right in the middle of the airport for all to see!"

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 08:56 AM
a reply to: grey580

Disappointed?? What, that you didn't get to read about some lurid sexual encounter involving "Food and Cooking" (the name of this forum), OR...the fact that you didn't know there really was a dish named exactly as I've posted in the title?

Look it up, you'll see.

The number before the "way" of the chili determines which ingredients are included in each chili order.[4] Customers order a:

Two-way: spaghetti topped with chili[4] (also called "chili spaghetti")
Three-way: spaghetti, chili, and cheese[4]
Four-way onion: spaghetti, chili, onions, and cheese[4]
Four-way bean: spaghetti, chili, beans, and cheese[4]
Five-way: spaghetti, chili, beans, onions, and cheese[4]

Cincinnati Chili Link

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posted on May, 30 2019 @ 09:13 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

I'll go with both.

However thank you for raising my chili awareness.

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 09:17 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

I think in some parts of this country it is against the law to
put cinnamon in chili.

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 09:19 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

I like Cincinnati.

I don't like Cincinnati chili.

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 09:19 AM
I went to college in Lexington, Ky so I know all about the wonders of Cincinnati chili. And the 3 way as well.

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 09:19 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

You're speaking of 'Skyline' chili....a Cincinnati favorite...and well worth the embarrassment in ordering.

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 10:10 AM
I'm jaded because I work at a restaurant, but..

It's just stupid marketing slogans to make it sound special. If the sign simply said Cinncinati Chili, small or large with an add spaghetti, add onion, add cheese option for 50 cents a piece it'd be nothing special. You possibly wouldn't have bought it and if so, it wouldn't have garnered such an enthusiastic response from you. A "7-layer" burrito just has 7 ingredients, no layers, they're all mixed together.

Hell, you went into creative writing and typical sexual jokes that only undersexed or pervy people make that only other undersexed or pervy people find funny. They're the stalest, easiest jokes to make and have been popular forever because sex. It's the same reason women in skimpy clothes will always sell anything, female musicians will always be popular even if modest because they're admired and thought of in an affectionate, sexual, or day dream way to most men who are permanently transfixed by the thought of getting ass.

Which I'll admit, in my teens and 20's I was the same way. Then I got some from a few very attractive women as well as experiencing the sometimes absurd # you have to put up with, accept, turn a blind eye to for the sake of getting it. You have to because.. she's hot and you know you can. It becomes a quest for the ultimate ego booster that overflows into every aspect of your life. How many other guys can get her? They must not be made of the same stuff you are and the struggle is par for the alpha course of being the guy who gets it. It makes you better than most men too; they cant get it but you're deemed attractive enough, persuasive enough. It's your personality, you're a winner and they're losers in the game.

The girl at the restuarant was likely not amused, having heard those jokes yesterday, tomorrow, and until she quits for another job. She probably plans to as almost all restaurant employees do. It's not harassment or anything, it's just lame broken record humor that gives her a worse opinion of men but that's okay too as most of them do until they get hooked by or onto one. There's no creativity involved, nothing interesting.

The idea of getting a threesome via an airport restaurant isn't even funny, just tacky but most people especially employees are politically correct and fake at face value because it's the standard. For employees, they have to or could lose their job. A few complaints and see ya, any girl can run a cash register and take orders. It's always a girl too.. I wonder why? Because they sell and fools will come back to that restaurant even if the food is overpriced or average just to get some face time with one that'll talk politely and be outgoing with them. They can't get that, usually even from their wives.

You called your "old gal" to crack jokes because it's a subconcious technique we learn to garner a little unspoken jealousy. Once they're married they don't really care about sex as much as a man and if they've had a kid(s), even less. They react like the girl at the cash register does unless you aren't taking care of things. I'm not making fun or trying to "roast" you, I enjoy your posts. I needed an excuse to write much like a joke about threesomes made at a chili restaurant years ago.
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posted on May, 30 2019 @ 10:53 AM
a reply to: r0xor


Up tight much?

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 11:04 AM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk
Sounds really good man. I would have a 3 way tonight but I still have leftovers. Maybe tomorrow or Saturday though.
Thank for telling us about this as I have never been to Baltimore.

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 12:00 PM
a reply to: Flyingclaydisk

I'm born and raised in Cincy. lol. your title didn't trick me one little bit.
3 way is spaghetti, chili and cheese
4 way add onions
5 way add beans
oyster crackers should always come with any skyline food !

hey, if you're in town you need to do graeters ice cream too....

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 01:00 PM
a reply to: r0xor

Oh look kiddies... a prude!!!

The woman behind the counter asked him if he wanted a three-way.

She instigated... she could have just offered chili but probably thought she would get a funny reaction out of it.

I thought the OP a funny joke... especially calling the wife with someone listening.

To further offend your sensibilities, my wife and I enjoy a three-way a couple times a year.

I will pass on a four-way... that's just a little too much for my appetite.

And I have never heard of the chili.

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posted on May, 30 2019 @ 01:30 PM
Love it....

I actually prefer Gold Star over Skyline.

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 02:01 PM
a reply to: r0xor

typical sexual jokes that only undersexed or pervy people make that only other undersexed or pervy people find funny.

Wow, I thought it was funny, and now I'm trying to decide if i'm pervy or undersexed...

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 02:52 PM
My sister in law is from Cinncinnatti and got assigned chili duty for a family get together, there were some rumblings and its not even close to my favorite chili. But it was good and even better leftover
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posted on May, 30 2019 @ 05:04 PM
Cincinnati style chili is the best!
We have Skyline Chili (based in Cincinnati) in Indianapolis.
I have it at least once every two weeks.
Loved it since the very first bite 25 years ago.
Gold Star Chili is very good also.

posted on May, 30 2019 @ 05:46 PM
a reply to: GroundZero

I didn't know enough (then) to look for the brand at the airport concession, but it sure was good.

And, for airport food, that's saying something!

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