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Ghost figure named AZKALLE

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posted on May, 28 2019 @ 04:48 PM
So, i was bored the other day and ended up roaming around here. I stumbled upon a story about sleep paralysis. The stories i read and the striking similarities to void like blackness type figures resembled my own stories. Ill tell them here but warn that a crazy label will ensue. Im use to it.
Here we go. I cant remember exactly how old i was but i think i was around ten or so. Maybe eleven. One day i was walking down a dirt road that was right in front of my house. It wasnt quite dusk yet, more magic hour. I was walking along the road, no idea where i was going, but something seemed off. Like someone was watching me, though the sensation was more something than someone due to the strangeness. I looked over to my left directly into a thicket of trees and bushes, right where the tree line starts that begins the miles of "the woods."
Still walking but just looking. Well, my eyes picked up something odd. This unusually dark spot probably ten feet or so behind the tree line was there. A hazy dark spot. As i walked along with an eye on it i noticed it was tracking with me. So i stoped and it stopped. I moved and it moved. I started a little game to see if it would follow, walking up and down, stopping and going. It matched me everytime. I yelled out "WHAT?" But nothing. So i started to walk again, this time paying extra close attention. Strangly this figure was very perplexing and jolted alot of curiosity. If you looked directly in the center it was pitch black, a black so dark that i had never seen before. But if you tried to look for the edges of a silhouette it became fuzzy thus making the void like center dissapear. It was an amazing optical illusion to behold. After a couple back and fourth takes you could slowly see it was a human shape.
I knew it was something but what i didnt know. I kept trying to verbally draw it out but to avail. I dropped down on the side of the road and just sit there watching. At this point it started to move on its own no longer tracking me.
So heres the crazy label part. Eventually it spoke. Its voice is hard to explain as it doesnt really sound like an audible sound. It whispers in a distant kind of way. It said "you can see me?" And like a child i responded in a duh kind of way. "Ahh, YEAH! Why wont you come out?" He went on to tell me that most people cant see him. I remember asking him how old he was because of an accent like way he spoke. Now he spoke perfect English but you could tell his voice modulations had a hint of someone from somewhere else. Sounded real old and oddly sophisticated. He said that he had always been here, before man i might add. He kept telling me how special i was for being able to see him. He truly seemed surprised. He said he had only communicated with a few people in all his time. We said our goodbyes and i think i went in to eat supper.
For the next few days i would go out there and talk to him. Just random conversations about my favorite things to due and such but i could never get him to step out of the tree line. Eventually he said he wasnt alloweed to. That the only way we could "walk together" was if i did a ritual of sorts. I was to draw out a design on the dirt road with a stick and say some words. Whats weird is that in order to draw it out you would have to explain it. But here it was like he gave me a mental imagine in my head. I was absolutly intrigued by this form of communication. So i did it, said me little chant like thing and boom, there he was. Sorta. I looked back over to the tree line and i couldnt see him. I said "where are you." Nothing. A few seconds later i heard "here." but this here was no longer a whisper it was like he was not only right by my ear but also within me. Its really odd trying to place the direction of a sound when its coming from everywhere. And that was it, from that point on he was with me, never alone and someone to always talk to.
He would tell me about life in general, tell me what to look for in humans, how to predict them and such.
As time went on he would instruct me to go out into the woods and learn how to see. Its this weird sensory way to feel the woods, something about them being alive and being able to see the beauty.
Well, one day he said he had a gift for me out in the woods. He would either tell me verbally or through some extra sensory way by which when i looked in a particular direction i would get a feeling it was the right direction. Eventually i came to a tree and stopped. "Where is it?" "On the other side of the tree" he said. And damn if there wasnt a gift, a silver dagger sticking out of the tree. I have puzzeled over this dagger for years as it had no rust whatsoever. It was really old but brand looking new. Anyways he would teach me things, like fighting tactics and stuff, ambush techniques. The older i got the less we talked.
Eventually it would be rare that i heard him, one of those "ah ha, there you are" kind of things.
After awhile i would juggle if any of it was real or just a childs imagination but other times i would get spooked out. Like one day i was waiting for a friend to get off work and was killing some time in a nearby store called hastings. Just looking at random funny stuff. Eventually i came to the book section and found some old survival books and old military training manuals. As i flipped through some of the military manuels i would have flashbacks to AZKALLE. The very stuff he was teaching me was exactly what was in those pages. Times like that made me really think.
As to why he was telling me these things i remember the conversations. "Why are you teaching me this?" "One day you will be called upon." "For what?" "WAR"
Twenty some odd years later while playing with a Quiji board it said something similair. That i would be called upon to take nine. Still dont know what that means.
Lots of convos with him so if you wanna know just ask.

posted on May, 28 2019 @ 05:00 PM
a reply to: Jimface369

Cool story. Did this experience not make you study magick more and the different energies that exist around us but are unseen and largely intangible.
Elementals, familiar spirits etc, I had a dream about the void and the black woman I met, I posted about it, the dream was amazing...
Ps 3,6,9 numbers have been synchronistically drawing me to them for like a year now.
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posted on May, 28 2019 @ 05:12 PM
a reply to: ManyMasks

No i didnt study magic, seeing as how i didnt need to. Ive had so many experinces i could fill a book. But partly i think kids can pick up on things that adults cant. Like certain infrasound frequencies can only be picked up within age groups. Then again i dont know where one could learn magic, though ive known two self proclaimed witches and both of them were scared of me. One said i attract them because i could sense them and they find that communication gap to be interesting. Oh yeah, forgot to say but AZKALLE gave me the gift of, i think they call it alice in wonderland syndrome. Its also called todds syndrome. Wicked stuff. Scary ass hell though when your a kid. And agree about the 3,6,9.

posted on May, 28 2019 @ 05:33 PM
a reply to: Jimface369

Do you still have the dagger? More importantly— Do you have a pic of the dagger?

posted on May, 28 2019 @ 05:43 PM
a reply to: KKLOCO

No. I traded it when i was in highschool i think. A friend had a genuine hilter youth knife. Though he did say that someone might have stole it from him cause it went missing. The thing is is that these strange experiences were so normal and trivial it wasnt until much later that i realised how important they were. If i knew how crazy people thought me to be i would have horded stuff.

posted on May, 28 2019 @ 08:43 PM
Can you describe the dagger in more detail?

BTW...AZKALLE comes up HERE:

Surprisingly, enough,...this game also invoves a silver dagger:

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posted on May, 30 2019 @ 04:32 PM
a reply to: IAMTAT

One solid piece of metal. No full tang hidden in the handle, one piece. The texture wasnt exactly smooth though, pot metal like. I do remember it was stabbed so hard into the tree that it took me awhile to get it out.

Though i sense your comment was more taunting than anything, but thats cool.

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