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Trump gives AG Barr authority to declassify documents related to 2016 campaign surveillance

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posted on May, 26 2019 @ 12:25 PM

originally posted by: BrennanHuff22

Didn't the NYT just publish an article letting it be known that we had/have a male operative in Putins inner circle?

Did Trump write the article?

One thing I find an interesting possibility as regards the NYT article--for those who have been following along--is some kind of end-around run or neutralization concerning Oleg Deripaska. Steele was apparently trying to help him and probably working for him. Plus: Deripaska and McCabe and Mueller...some strange bedfellows for those who have educated themselves beyond what CNN tells them about the intricacies of this mess as a whole.

A question for silly folk: Can't you see that the the "dossier" was most likely a Russian disruption operation?

posted on May, 26 2019 @ 03:10 PM

originally posted by: Sillyolme
a reply to: carewemust

We know, he knows, and Russia knows what went down.

Cool you seem to have information I am not aware of, can you link to the unredatcted FISA warrents?

Or is this suposition? Your past suppositions have not come to fruition, will this be more of the same?

you seem concerned about revealing things that shouldn't be revealed, do you feel that way about the Meuller report, you know, the report that was not to be revealed because of laws the Democrats passed.

or is the more bias? and "shine"?

"Just funnin amirite?"

posted on May, 26 2019 @ 04:49 PM
Trump giving AG Barr the power to declassify campaign spying will UnCover the Clinton created Russia Dossier... then has the ability to UnCover the Obama led 'Hammer where weaponized Intel Agencies, loyal to the Progressive Obama deep-state actors are uncovered

But Trumps declassification ploy will not 'Discoover' the real Origins of these Fake Russian Dossiers nor the 'Operation Hammer' which spans 4 Intel Agencies and collects onerous amounts of data on All individuals... much like the enormous amounts of personal data amassed by the Nazi Death Camp machine during that era of the precursor stage Deep State flourishing

there's a round table discussion (locally) about the closed-circles of UnConstitutional Spyings that arose during the POTUS #44 years and continuing into the POTUS #45 candidacy & Administration & the 'weaponizing' of IRS/CIA/FBI/NSA/DOJ/DHS/DNI/ & the remarkable reinvigoration of a Nazi-like Party here in the USA.
the Fake Dossier and the Hammer are just 2 of the closed Loops designed to be UNmasked… to allow the Very-Deep State Actors to remain Sustainable and in charge to some level.

our view is that the 4th Reich is the Primary (but nebulous) "Deep-State",
you may remember the Anthrax Powder mailings just a week after 911...
and the analysed powders associated with strains developed @ Fort Detrick Md...but officially closed in 1969 even as the Twin Towers were being built....SEE:

play the words around a little, Ft DieTrick (sounds like Dee-Trick)…
then there's operation PaperClip (Dark Side) which has never been fully investigated,
probably because Antarctica Nazi bases & UFOs were early distractions,
now we have the Anti-Trump Syndrome leading us into Fake Dossier/Hammer Operation plots of weaponizing govt' Agencies into well staffed Factions of Deep-State followers-->
the Truth is Out There as Fox Mulder postered on his office wall...

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