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Bayer Intentionally Gave Thousands Kids HIV?

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posted on May, 19 2019 @ 08:14 PM

originally posted by: TheConstruKctionofLight
a reply to: rickymouse

Bayer was a respected company, one that actually supplied needed medicines, their aspirin was cheap

Bayer over prescribing of aspirin -

Dr. Karen M. Starko, author of one of the earliest papers connecting aspirin use with Reye’s syndrome, has published an article suggesting that overdoses of the relatively new “wonder drug” could have been deadly.

What raised Dr. Starko’s suspicions is that high doses of aspirin, amounts considered unsafe today, were commonly used to treat the illness, and the symptoms of aspirin overdose may have been difficult to distinguish from those of the flu, especially among those who died soon after they became ill.

Some doubts were raised even at the time. At least one contemporary pathologist working for the Public Health Service thought that the amount of lung damage seen during autopsies in early deaths was too little to attribute to viral pneumonia, and that the large amounts of bloody, watery liquid in the lungs must have had some other cause.

You mean the wonder drug of the sixties, prescribed to everyone by DOCTORS, was not the panacea of medicine? We figured that back in the sixties, yet doctors just told everyone to take a couple of aspirins every four hours for anything that ailed you. We sometimes bought bayer aspirin, because it was not as hard on the stomach, but almost every drug store carried cheaper varieties. Back then the aspirins were one hundred miligrams, you took two, but I was over six feet tall, so I took three. I was surprised to find that they standardized aspirin now in the USA at 325 milligrams, the bottle says take two. That is way too much to take, three hundred milligrams from three aspirins was too much for normal sized people. The reason Reys is such a problem is because they tripled the amount in each pill without telling anyone. At two hundred miligrams in two tablets then, it is not nearly as bad as taking six hundred fifty miligrams in two now. Whomever standardized that at 325 mg set us up to have problems, I feel that was an intentional move because they can't make as much money off of aspirin as they can off of other meds. So they scared people with a condition they created so people would opt for a more expensive med.....that is a marketing ploy.

I take one 325 mg aspirin when I need an aspirin, tylenol does nothing for me, and I took aleve for about a week and a half one time for back pain...holy hell, my kidneys were sore as hell and I opted for a better solution, one one hundred percent of daily requirement of worked better than the aleve did in my case. Boosting Lysyl oxidase is the enzyme that helped I think. It doesn't help all kinds of pain, just some. I taught my brother some stuff, then he learned that it worked better than most of the pain meds he used, and told me about how it works a while back.

Tylenol and Iboprophen have worse side effects than two hundred mg of aspirin does I think. I have never took a lot of aspirin, I never trusted that it was safe because it can cause bleeding of the guts, but I do take it occasionally if I need it. For blood clot risk....I would rather take bromelain, taurine, or just eat more onions with my food choices. All three can lessen the platelets from sticking together and when that happens, sometimes it causes pain in muscles. If I can treat my epilepsy with foods and supplements, I can figure out how to get rid of headaches and pain.

posted on May, 19 2019 @ 09:51 PM
a reply to: Artesia

Far be it for me to doubt what you all are saying, But does'nt it seem strange that we said to be in a society whose preference is a NWO cum Dystopia type of future ? Look how the Western World slowly found reasons (Shareholders & Banks) to close Homeland Production Factories, Industries etc, and are Now appearing to give a reason for a Large Pharmacist Company to go , er......Skint ?? etc.

Even Farmers are slowly going broke and the Climate Change groups are saying food - Beef etc. - are a bit dodgy and should be either cut back or pushed up to a price that limits sales.. While Political groups of the Western World are shunting out stack after stack of reasons for such to no be required.

posted on May, 20 2019 @ 07:40 AM
There are many companies still in existence since the Nazis (National Socialists) took over America in 1913 with their globalist Federal Reserve Bank, which controls/manipulates all markets vs what we used to have, free markets. A fed member named Prescott Bush helped fund Hitler & Nazi Germany's rise to power. In 1933 FDR suspended our constituion through emergency war powers, known as the NDAA today. We've been in continuous war since 1933. If the wars ever end our constitution will be restored & all the unconstitutional deep state alphabet agencies, which presume an individual's guilt will be eliminated. Eisenhower warned us about the Military Industrial Complex & JFK was assassinated for trying to expose the Deep State. Every economic downturn & war since 1913 was caused by the Federal Reserve bank, which is not federal & has no reserves. According to the U.S. constituion congress is supposed to regulate/maintain the weights & measures of money (Gold/Silver). Congress has not upheld this constitutional obligation since 1913. Now instead of maintaining value over time, money decreases in value over time, while most wages remain the same. Before we went completely off the Gold Standard in 1971 it only took one head of a household's income to raise a family, now it takes two, or one with government welfare. The U.S. dollar has lost 90% of its value since 1971, increasing the ongoing wealth gap between the rich & poor.
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posted on May, 20 2019 @ 04:35 PM
Yes its true. They acquired Cutter labs in the mid 70's and despite knowing about the contamination, they continued to sell stocks of the blood products in Asia etc.

Plus you don't just hand out 600 million to US victims for giggles.

Why is anybody surprised? We are talking about a company that played a part in the Holocaust and is represented by Jones Day which represents the worst of the worse (Former White house Counsel Don McGahn is a partner)

posted on May, 20 2019 @ 06:33 PM
With stories like these, i dont get how people cant even have 1 thought about Vaccines being bad...

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