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Notre Dame Fire: Gladio-C's Maiden DEW Op?

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posted on May, 18 2019 @ 09:14 AM

Bonjour, directed high energy weapons use in false flags via proxy.

Targeting place of worship sends the message not even churches are a safe haven from radical terror.. religion-vs-religion terror. People feel.. persecuted and so will trust & support actions underway to protect their abrahamic faith.

Official investigation ongoing, at the moment suspect elevator computer wiring around the base of the spire, rather than spell out foul play/arson.

Nevertheless, fire started during Holy Week and concurrent with news that Trump-Putin collusion aka Russiagate was unsubstantiated thus dismissed.

Plus, fire was found to have started in the spire, and UFO (drone?) was/were spotted above.

Rest assured, the Crown of Thorns relic was rescued and nobody perished, just Paris' - and the world's faithful's - emotional backbone?

A la 'Je'suis Charlie' NATO protocol; where next..

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