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X-Men 3, Punisher 2 and other up coming Marvel Movies.

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posted on Mar, 2 2005 @ 02:26 PM
Avi Arad Chief Creative Officer for Marvel Entertainment Group recently had a webcast Conference. On the webcast he has much to say about upcoming films from Marvel Studios.

X-MEN 3: (Paraphrasing) "Going to the future...we are feverishly working on X-MEN! The cast is IN. We will shortly announce the director. This week was active, because everyone was in this week for Oscar. Our choices are very interesting. X-Men is a drama, and we want to get it right for X3. An announcement will come very soon!"

I'm a fan of the first 2 movies I hope the third one doesn't wreck anything.
More Nightcrawler, More Colossus and a good script will make me happy.

PUNISHER 2: A script is finished. They did bad in the box-office, because of KILL BILL 2, said Arad

Funny I thought Punisher did bad because it was slammed by movie critics for being too violent. The first movie did quite good actually if you look at how small the budget was.

SUB MARINER: "It's STAR WARS, under water. It's our version of the TERMINATOR."

The Sub Mariner is a arrogant (yet likable) hero. A under water like this is hard to sell I think. I'd like to see him laugh at the military as their bullets bounce off of him. Seriously the guy has a huge ego, its quite funny.

LUKE CAGE: They wanted Jamie Foxx for the project, before his Oscar win. Now he's not sure if they could get him, but said they might find "the next Jamie Foxx".

Jamie Foxx ?!? Are you kidding me? You may as well cast Steve Urkle as Luke Cage. Come on Cage is huge! He is not a little guy. This is a role that needs to be played by a new comer to Hollywood. I can't think of any existing actors that would suit the role.

DAREDEVIL 2: "Daredevil's going to take a rest."

Good, the already told the best Daredevil story and screwed it up. Let him sleep in for good.

HULK 2: "Active development."

The only thing I liked about the first Hulk movie was watching Hulk smash stuff. I like Ang Lee but he should not of been the director for the Hulk. Maybe Hulk should take a rest too.

FANTASTIC FOUR: The "feel good movie of the Summer." There's supposed to be a presentation and premiere of new footage at the Showest Convention.

I am actually looking forward to seeing this movie. I didn't think Fantastic Four could make a watchable movie. After watching the trailer I've changed my mind.

I'd love to hear your comment on what Avi Arad had to say too. I'm sure my opinions must conflict with some peoples.

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posted on Mar, 5 2005 @ 09:26 PM
DUDE!!!!! man when i was a kid i always wished they would have just one super-hero movie and now it seems like there coming out left and right!

X-men3 It's going to be about the Phoniex, I would bet anything! looking forward especially if they have more of nightcrawler and colosus, And i really want to see Pyro in action!!!!!

Punisher2 the movie was okay ,with me it was a little better than the first X-men, but now that they have the origin out of the way ,I really want to see where they take it! Hopefully make the bad guys just a little bit tougher , but leave Frank Castle as he was in the first, Probably one of my favorite incarnations of this character.

The Sub-mariner well hollywood has a chance at making something really creative and new here, i hope they play their cards right, But who is pompus enough and suave enough to play him?

Luke Cage played by a jamie fox wanna be? No thank you! While Cage has got to have a mouth on him the size of texas, he's gotta have the coolness of VIN DIESEL!!!!!!!! He's got the mouth and the brawn to match that would be my pick, if not Roger R. Cross he was on that show FIrst Wave and a ton of sci-fi movies, but i'd rather have Vin Diesel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as for the hulk2 i totally agree with you dude, Ang Lee got over his head and messed up the oppurtunity he had with the Hulk, I want less drama and more SMASHING. Give the hulk a couple decent villians to fight(which they didnt' have in the first film) and show people that Hes Green and Totally Mean!!!!
That he's a force of good , totally percieved as a menace to society , add some touching moments with kids and butterflys and so0me Hecka cool scenes with him tearing up some No good Gamma-powered Fiends

I think the fantistic Four will Prolly be good, I tend not to get to hopeful with movies nowadays, but from i've heard and seen so far it looks like its' going to be good.

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