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notre dame d paris updated and hilarious" trip advisor " style reviews

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posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 01:25 AM
hi - spamming the real trip adviosor with hilarious new notre dam reviews - will probally get an account ban

but in light of the hilarious "reviews " some people post - like " ben nevis was too steep "

so - post yours here

my first attempts :

" not as big as i imagined "

" a bit too hot inside "

f you want to take offence - go < cencored >

posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 02:16 AM
Notre Dame tour................the hottest trip in Paris !!!! 😎


posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 02:17 AM
Notre Dame Cathedral .......................... Guaranteed ticket to Hell 😁

posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 02:40 AM
I visited today!

The place stank!

Dirty like you wouldn't believe.

Has not been swept in hundreds of years. Dust particles the size of small boulders.

The much vaunted tours of the spire and roof were a scam. The areas can't be visited because they don't exist.

All of the holy water fonts were also filled with mud.

I am glad I visited just so I could give you the heads up.


posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 03:36 AM
Smaller than it looks in the pictures

posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 04:03 AM
Not even a patch on the twin towers...

What? Too soon?

posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 04:11 AM
a reply to: ignorant_ape

posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 04:20 AM
Too much holy water and incense. The skylights are nice, though.

posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 04:27 AM
I was disgusted bye all the dhimmis hanging around the front door.

posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 09:21 AM
I visited Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral, due to my intrest in BDSM that utilises building supplies. I heard the cathedral held a revered bondage nail. That was once used in a sacred and fatal bondage ceremony between a father and son. The father Dom. sacrificing the son Sub. for all our sin.

Upon visting the cathedral I found the nail was lost in a great blaze, and as the word spread, the son found out and got very CROSS. The Paris leg of our historical bondage tour was ruined.
edit on 17-4-2019 by aliensanonymous because: Crossed out.

posted on Apr, 17 2019 @ 05:20 PM
Come and visita the new and improved Notre Dame interfaith facility...

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