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Human Genome Weapons

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posted on Apr, 10 2019 @ 09:55 AM
Granted this is not exactly breaking news or current information in itself, however it is directly tied to the recent activity as can be observed in relatively new released info and News.

Let me quote;
"Rapid advances in genetics will soon transform biological weapons into
potent tools of ethnic cleansing and terrorism, according to doctors."

Take a moment to reflect on the past decade of illegal aliens coming into America and other Countries, where these illegal aliens have diseases long eradicated in modern societies.

These old diseases being brought back and have caused wide spread global pandemics. Any search can reveal these issues.

Why don't bring this up, well it's a solid historical reference for one, and two is proves there is a legitimate concern for these outbreaks, by virologists and other doctors.

Another quote;
"The British Medical Association said that weapons that could distinguish
between ethnic groups by exploiting tiny genetic or cellular differences
between them could be a reality within a decade. Just as breakthroughs in
atomic physics earlier this century led rapidly to the nuclear bomb, genetic
science was providing researchers with new means of aiming and delivering
biological weapons, the association said. "

Since that article was published, things have advanced rapidly in the genetics field.

These are not theories, these are serious threats not being discussed as they should be. What happens when masses of infectious contagious illegal aliens, travel unregulated and with out consideration of the biological effect it has.

Intentionally or not, the threat of contagion is real.

Another quote;
This report considers whether new biological weapons, made possible by the
mapping of the human genome, could be incorporated into the arsenals of
states and terrorist organizations. How might the revolution in
biotechnology be used to attack the genetic constitution of a national or
ethnic group, or enhance the virulence of organizations hostile to human

Biological warfare

We have an intentional infection of unknown individuals, those who are not willing to emplace a safety net system to prevent further spread of these diseases are enabling it to spread. Often via illegal aliens who are bringing who knows what.

Current search results

posted on Apr, 10 2019 @ 10:23 AM
The first thing is to rid the countries of people who have immunity naturally of diseases. Those people with good immunity overreact to vaccines and it causes them great harm or death. They cannot help others during a pandemic if they are disabled or dead. People with this immunity helped a lot of people during the pandemics of the past.

Force vaccination on these people to stop their ability to help others and when they refuse, make society blackball them so they will not help when TSHTF.

Then steer people's immune systems to only fight certain strains of disease, leaving their immune system vulnerable to other diseases because it is looking the wrong way. Even innate immunity can't help someone if it is always being triggered to look in one direction.

With all the modifying of microbes being done to make medicines and chemistry used in society, eventually these genetically modified microbes will get out and cause some major issues. A simple explosion in one of these facilities can blow these microbes all over, they can destroy the environment if the genetic engeneering cancels out a specific trait, allowing them to eat even live tissues of plants and animals.

Target evenly all genetic groups of people, that way there is no international laws broken for targeting one race for population reduction. Bringing in certain people who harbor microbes that most people have little resistance to can quickly lower the population and it cannot be labeled as genocide even though it is if it was planned.. The Spanish people have genetics that gives them the ability to live symbiotically with certain microbes that hurt others, but it is not just the Spanish that have this, other cultures also possess some special abilities to live symbiotically with certain species of microbes. These natural abilities to fight certain diseases are common where ancestors had the diseases in their area, only those with the ability to respond correctly survived, it is a genetic trait..

posted on Nov, 8 2022 @ 06:03 AM
Am almost always impressed, with how well these age.

Threads and discussions way ahead of their time, I should have been more of a betting man. Could of made a buck.


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