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Theresa May wins backing for delay from the EU

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posted on Apr, 11 2019 @ 06:09 AM
Just heard T.M. giving one of her many speeches ending with "I am going

to deliver Brexit"

What she is failing to go on saying is "I am going to deliver the Brexit that

the EU requires."

Job done .... I'm off to collect my 20 pieces of silver.

posted on Apr, 11 2019 @ 01:30 PM

originally posted by: Freeborn
a reply to: ForteanOrg

Yet again you arrogantly suppose that you know better than people who actually live here in the UK.

Ah, no, I don't arrogantly suppose anything of the kind. I merely point out what MY opinion is, and that does not make me arrogant. Also, I am part of this theatre in more than one way: I work in the UK, I have studied in the UK, as a fortean I love eccentrics and there is no other country that respects them like the Brits do. I love the ales, I love the culture. Believe me, I am very much on the side of the British, especially the half that has the good sense to want to remain.

My love for the UK is exactly why I want them IN, not OUT. And, as a Continental, I believe I am also involved: it are our best interests that are at stake too. There is NOTHING to be gained for the UK, nor the EU. There are only loosers if the UK leaves the EU.

A 72% turnout is quite high for the UK.


We can try to factor in the intentions of those who didn't vote in any election/ballot but it's hugely irrelevant

Well, not if the stanza that is thrown at us is that it is "the will of the People". It is the will of half of the people that voted. 37 percent of the People - at best.

he fact remains they didn't vote.

Certainly, alas.

And to allege that there was a ballot of those who didn't vote - how do we know they didn't vote - is really quite ridiculous. Please supply details and facts.

Oh, come on, you can Google, can't you?

Anyway, here you go: here , here and this may interest you too.

As for Northern Ireland; it's the EU that is putting principle before peace.

I beg your pardon? How is that? The Good Friday agreement was drafted when the UK was already a member of the EU, and it is quite clear it assumes, actually REQUIRES, free movement of people and goods. The EU is mentioned in the document, and EU law is central to the statute enacted to give it effect in the UK, the Northern Ireland Act 1998.
Peace, as brittle as it is, was only possible because the EU existed and free movement of people and goods and open borders were a fact. It was not the EU that has decided to change all that, it was the UK, sorry.

And as for the lies; both sides were absolutely full of #e.
Accusing one side without accusing the other is at best selective and at worst deliberately disingenuous.

Alas, in politics, the line between what is acceptable and what is not is often crossed. I do regret that. Full of #e - well, those that lied that the NHS would benefit from a Brexit, yes. Those that lied that the economy would flourish - yes, full of it. All the benefits you have from being part of the EU weren't mentioned, but they outweigh the losses by far. The UK did just fine in the EU - look back to the dark 1960s and remember how you did without us. Remember why you wanted to join, were rejected - multipe times! - and then finally got in - and immediately your country did better. Alas, the voice of the morbid right wing underbelly was just slightly louder than that of reason. A pity.

Brexit hasn't shown anyone in a good light, seems some people are intent on continuing to spew the bile and empty rhetoric that plagues us.

Well, it is clear that this is something that will be debated for a while, possibly until October..

edit on 11-4-2019 by ForteanOrg because: he dangered where he should have staked

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