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-@TH3WH17ERABB17- -Q- Questions. White House Insider's postings -PART- -Q-

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posted on Apr, 15 2019 @ 11:23 PM
a reply to: carewemust

I would say no. Those in the US only know about our media.

no reason to think the French are any better. If info comes out and questions remain, then???

I wondered why the fire was so hot, but remembered it is very old wood.

And their is the Israeli church that burned same day. No choice but to have questions considering the lifetime of lies.

posted on Apr, 15 2019 @ 11:26 PM
a reply to: Bill1960

That's a good gig, I hope they provided you a golf cart for patrol and a mask for asbestos.

posted on Apr, 15 2019 @ 11:27 PM
a reply to: Sabrechucker

Try this...
The Mysterious Gelatin Art Group: The B-Thing

posted on Apr, 15 2019 @ 11:37 PM
a reply to: Sabrechucker

LOLOLOL , golf cart, the guys next door at the assembly plant had those. No mask for the asbestos that wrapped the pipes that were there when Moses was wearing short pants either.

posted on Apr, 15 2019 @ 11:47 PM
a reply to: Bill1960

That gave me a good chuckle. I demoed the old Buffalo fed reserve that became the new, New era cap HQ in downtown Buffalo. Mesothelioma here I come.

posted on Apr, 15 2019 @ 11:56 PM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Just started watching but, I know Gelatin is related to explosives. we're they not doing work out side the WTC as well.

I wish Q would comment POWERFULLY on this..seems to be the starting point.

Thanks for the vids

posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 12:24 AM
a reply to: Slichter

Thereby creating a new symbol for them to use?

posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 12:28 AM
a reply to: Sabrechucker

The Gelatin thing became entirely suppressed long ago.

They were Israeli. If they're not full fledged Mossad agents these days, they're Sayanim.

posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 12:32 AM
a reply to: Sabrechucker

That is still a really sensitive topic. I think Mueller report has to come out first and based on what is revealed will probably dictate Q/Trump administration next steps. Might be why Q has been so quiet until possibly this Thursday/Friday may lead to some serious fireworks.

Who was officially appointed FBI director one week prior to 9/11?

posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 12:53 AM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

I hope the Mueller report is released with Mueller/Rosenstein/Barr at the podium Thursday. Together, they can silence whiners on several points, before the liberal media can get their negative spin machines going.

posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 12:56 AM
Hey Guys??
Has this most recent rolling-wave Hillary Clinton FBI Vault files been discussed here yet?

I have to be in the right mindset to spend days reading this terribly boring documents. Hers aren't proving to be as boring, however. Especially this?!

Beginning on pg. 53, you see MidYear Exam and you think it's the old case but it's marked April 2017.

Doesn't that mean they've received the hard drive from the NY FBI office after Trump won and was inaugurated in January of 2017, when the case was officially "over"? Am I looking at this wrong because it's late and I'm kinda like huh?

4/11/2017 - "Mishandling of Classified"

It gets better on the following page.

"The drive went Fedex this morning" with a tracking number provided in the email.

The next page we have another email chain:

Nice speaking with you last night. Consistent with our discussion, I am writing to introduce two special agents with the FBI (redacted) and (redacted) and (redacted) will follow up regarding the issue we discussed and arrange the logistics for the transfer. They are both copied here and their desk number are (redacted) and (redacted).

The reply:

Good morning, Arlo,
(redacted) and I would like to travel to NY tomorrow and retrieve the media at your office at 9am. Would this work for you?

Over a month later, 3.7.17

Hi Arlo,
We have the drive ready to ship back to you this week. Could you send me the address you would like us to use?

The next page in the FBI files, now p. 57, shows an Inventory description of a red Western Digital passport hard drive with s/n redacted. The name listed isn't redacted: Arlo Devlin-Brown, and the firm listed is Covington & Burling, an international law firm.

I don't know what to make of it. Just find it interesting a hard drive was shipped from a law firm to the NY FBI office in the months following Trump winning the presidency regarding Hillary Clinton "mishandling of classified", when we thought Comey had cleared her weeks prior to the vote.

posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 01:09 AM
Toying around with some Gematria coincedences...

The Nazi's would never have touched this. Even the Paris destruction video game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, never touched Notre Dame...

French President: "Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron"

His party won the election on June 18, 2017 which is 666 days or 95 weeks and 1 day later to - Apr 15, 2019.

6 x 6 x 6 = 216
Arc de Triomphe = 216 (one of the most famous monuments in Paris was vandalized by Yellow vest movement).

The cathedral was built on a former Temple of Jupiter.

French millionaire Francois-Henri Pinault has pledged 100 million Euros to help rebuild Notre Dame. He's married to Salma Hayek. She played Esmerelda in the 1997 film 'The Hunchback', New Zealand fantasy television film based on Victor Hugo's iconic 1831 novel The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Gematria base ciphers::
"Six hundred sixty six" = 95
Notre Dame = 95
deep state = 95
Disaster = 95
The National Museum = 95 / 32 weeks 2 days ago [322]
(historic museum in Brazil burned on Sept 2, 2018)
Jesuit Order's (Society of Jesus) formed in France on Sept 27, leaving 95 days left in the year.

Macron's party, renamed to "La République en marche"
La République en marche = 105
Masonry = 105
Bible = 105
Zionism = 105
nine eleven = 105
New Zealand = 105
Messenger = 105
mockingbird = 105
'flying water tankers' = 105
April 15 is the 105th day of the year
Assassination of Lincoln; Sinking of Titanic, Boston Marathon bombing (6th anniversary).
260 days left in the year. 260 chapters in New Testament Bible.

4/15/2019 = 4+15+20+19 = 58
Emmanuel Macron = 58
Frédéric = 58
Freemasonry = 58
Rosicrucian = 58
Secret Society = 58
Rose Cross = 58
Biblical = 58
Pope Francis = 58
Facebook = 58
Tetragrammaton = 58
Jerusalem = 58
Solomons Temple = 58
Herods Temple = 58
Third Temple = 58

According to France24 news, the cathedral closed at 6:45pm local time and the fire broke out 5 or 6 minutes after. 56
Fire Ritual = 56
All Seeing Eye = 56
Paris France = 56

Rosicrucian = 167
Notre-Dame Cathedral = 167
Notre-Dame de Paris = 167
167 = 39th Prime.

Masonry = 39
Secrecy = 39
Inès Madani = 39 (attempted Notre Dame bomber 2016)
al-Aqsa = 39 (Mosque that burned on 4/15/2019)

4/15/2019 = 4+15+(2+0+1+9) = 31
Spire = 31

4/15/2019 = 4+1+5+2+0+1+9 = 22
Arson = 22
MAGA = 22

While the Cathedral was burning DJT (58th Presidential election) was in Burnsville, MN.
Ville is French for City.

Notre Dame basketball coach John MacLeod, 81 died April 14, 2019.
Date 14/4
Jesuit Order = 144
Ritual = 81

Sydney Monfries, 22, dies after falling from the bell tower at Fordham University (Jesuit school) on April 14, 2019.
Sydney Monfries = has a 191/187 overlap.
Society of Jesus = 191/187

posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 01:18 AM
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

Comey really wanted to follow the advice of his top attorney (James Baker) and his team of FBI investigators, but Loretta Lynch told him to let Hillary off the hook...bring no charges. Comey wanted to do the right thing so badly, he re-opened Hillary's criminal investigation in October 2016..and Loretta Lynch promptly shut him down again.

posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 01:40 AM
I just had a look at a map of Paris.

The Church and the Fire station are very close.

2 hours? Fat chance!

The Fire Dept is part of the military, specifically, the Army.

Well well well.

I am going to suggest that the Govt can not keep this quiet.

This is clearly stupid. No one is this inept.

This was deliberate.


posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 02:37 AM
a reply to: EndtheMadnessNow

Macron also won with 66.06% to 33.94% against Le Pen.

The cathedral was built on a former Temple of Jupiter. 

And don't forget: the French frequently refer to metropolitan France as the Hexagon.

Messiah In The Hexagon

They even built their own new "Pentagon" in the shape of l'Hexagone!

Hexagon In The Hexagon - France's New Military HQ
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posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 03:16 AM

It is believed that before the period of Christianity in France, a Gallo-Romantemple dedicated to Jupiter stood on the site of Notre-Dame. Evidence for this is the Pillar of the Boatmen, discovered in 1711. 

Regarding that crumbling cathedral scene from I Pet Goat II - (Anti?)Christ is passing it as a boatman.

The Pillar of the Boatmen (French Pilier des nautes) is a monumental Roman column erected in Lutetia (modern Paris) in honour of Jupiter by the guild of boatmen in the 1st century AD. It is the oldest monument in Paris 

The main dedication is to Jupiter in the form of Iovis Optimus Maximus ("Jove Best and Greatest"). The names of the emperor and the supreme deity appear in the dative case as the recipients of the dedication. The remaining theonyms are nominative legends that accompany individual depictions of the gods. These are (in the order they appear below) Jove, Tarvos Trigaranos (the Bull with three Cranes), Volcanus (Vulcan), Esus, Cernunnos, Castor, Smertrios, and Fortuna.

The pillar provides the only undisputed instance of the divine name Cernunnos

CERNunnos, boatman, Hades, Hadron collider... CERN unveils Science Gateway project
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posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 03:27 AM
Blizzard anounces Diablo 4 - new graphics engine renders scenes indistinguishable from reality:

Blizzard Wisely Avoided Any Diablo April Fool's Jokes This Year

Too early?
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posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 03:58 AM

originally posted by: MindBodySpiritComplex

They even built their own new "Pentagon" in the shape of l'Hexagone!

Hexagon In The Hexagon - France's New Military HQ

this is nuts! Had no idea of such a thing.

posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 04:03 AM
Good morning ATS.

With regard to Notre Dame burning down - in a strange coincidence, Jerusalem's Al-Asqa Mosque also burns at the same time as Notre Dame burns.

Jerusalem's Al-Aqsa Mosque Fire Burns at the Same Time As Flames Engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Footage showing smoke and fire emerging from the roof of a structure known as the Marwani Prayer Room, or Solomon's Stables, could be seen on social media. The Palestine News Agency, the official outlet of the Palestinian National Authority, cited a guard as saying Monday that "the fire broke out in the guard's room outside the roof of the Marwani Prayer Room, and the fire brigade of the Islamic Waqf handled the matter successfully."

The Al-Aqsa Mosque

Al-Aqsa Mosque "the Farthest Mosque"), located in the Old City of Jerusalem, is the third holiest site in Islam. The mosque was built on top of the Temple Mount, known as Haram esh-Sharif in Islam. Muslims believe that Muhammad was transported from the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to al-Aqsa during the Night Journey. Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad led prayers towards this site until the 17th month after his migration from Mecca to Medina, when Allāh directed him to turn towards the Kaaba in Mecca.

What's the odds of two historically and religiously important buildings going up in flames at the same time?

I'm wayyyy behind in these threads guys. But when i heard yesterday that Notre Dame is burning my intuition told me that something is afoot. Absolute extra EXTRA special super care is taken with regard to renovating/repairing these types of buildings. Nothing is too cautious. NOTHING.

And what a coincidence that 'renovations' were already underway and treasures were already safe. It's as if someone wanted to burn the building but save the treasures - but how would one do that without making the fire look planned and deliberate? Staging/arranging a renovation project that's how. Priceless treasures moved under the pretence of renovations.

I don't know if there's a connection with the mosque burning at the same time, i don't really know if there's anything symbolic. Is there any history on these buildings that might connect them somehow? I just think it's a weird coinkydinky that two such building go up in flames at the same time.

Apologies for the brief scatty post guys, I'm in a bit of a rush but needed to your draw attention to this 'coincidence'.

posted on Apr, 16 2019 @ 04:24 AM

Notre Dame cathedral in Paris burning down in front of our eyes as Venus and Lilith meet at the 23˚ mark of Pisces in aspect to Pluto at 23˚ and right after Eris in Aries is conjoined by the Sun, also at 23˚.

The Astrology of the Burning of Our Lady. April 15th 2019

The article goes on a lot about divine feminity which is kinda interesting in light of an article about the Equinox-Supermoon-Purim I recently linked to:

Purim Supermoon Symbolizing Pre-Messiah Feminism

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman, director of the Ohr Chadash Torah Institute, sees the upcoming Purim supermoon as symbolizing a pre-Messianic tikkun (fixing) of the feminine.

“The moon always represents the feminine, “Rabbi  Trugman told Breaking Israel News, noting that Purim emphasizes the feminine. “Every Purim occurs on a full moon and Esther is the heroine of the story. 

All of history is understood as a series of attempts to rectify the sin of eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil; a redemptive process which will, in effect, rectify the role of women in the world, re-balance the relationship between women and men, and, ultimately, return the moon to her former glory alongside her partner, the sun

Purim Supermoon: Ushering in Redemption

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