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Breaking Through the Dissonance of Disquieting Modern Horrors..

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posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 01:14 PM

This is the first thread I've worked on in quite some time - I'd perhaps lost my way somewhat, though, much as with the paradox of the thread title, in a strange way I'd perhaps been on the road to a deeper sense of security in my apprehension of the world around us. Two, nay three fundamental issues had placed my worldview - once so secure, trustworthy & dependable - now on rocky ground, teetering over the brink of a chasm, causing severe ACROPHOBIA (n. /ˌakrəˈfəʊbɪə/ = extreme or irrational fear of heights..)

The two issues of greatest concern had been the Mandela Effect Chronicles & the Flat Earth Movement. The third, which caused me to flounder less significantly, was the Simulation Theory - which, as you will know (if you are a card-carrying conspiracy theorist), came into wider prominence a couple of years prior to the ascendant populism of the other two.

You could say that the Simulation Theory, and specifically the work of Dr James S. Gates (professor of physics at the University of Maryland) sowed the seed years in advance of the flowering of the Mandela Effect Chronicles & the Flat Earth Movement. The Simulation Theory grew naturally for many years, especially following the Matrix series, and the growth of the nascent internet connectivity that gave us YouTube & social media, the tools for sharing information widely (even if much of that information is crudely errant in many regards). The fact is, that through the sharing of a vast wealth of pseudo-scientific material, armchair conspiracy theorists like myself became aware of the more scientific studies, experiments & data, theories & peer reviewed articles of one sort or another, all of this being the fertiliser which triggered the growth of a mutant strain of rhodedendron in our back garden/yard.. Once we had played in the shade of these beloved plants through our childhood years, ducking away from the summer heat, the growth of the shrub being woody & sturdy enough to clamber upon, perfect child-sized 'dens' of nature - they are a wonderful analogy for the sturdy & beautiful, innocent folklore of belief in the solidity, beauty & dependability of nature, a perfect fit for our purposes, with not a trace of cynicism or sinister tidings.. Now, the mutant strain of the Simulation Theory had pulled back the curtain, so it seemed, showing up our innocent & childlike belief in the surety of nature's 'naturalness', making us doubt the fabric of reality, making us doubt the 'goodness' of the physical universe.

With that sudden ripping away of the comfort & trust we had in our world, we became vulnerable to the dark occult assault upon our minds - which the dark god had prepared for us, many a year ago, and was around halfway through at the time the Simulation Theory went 'mainstream' in the conspiracy world. We saw evermore reasons not to trust - not only the dark illuminati which dance in the shadows & grey areas of our political & financial establishments, but even in the soil of the Earth & the clouds in the sky.. We saw that all around us people were spinning fabrications of terror, war & deceit, false flags & high strangeness, media manipulation & graphic satanism on our screens, with the Walking Dead ensuring that within a span of ten years, we all would become totally desensitised to the prospect of visceral destruction of all parts of the living human form, from head to toe, and the halfway horror of every part in between. From never having seen a human skull crushed in realistic detail - not even once before, in all of the films & TV ever seen* - we were now accustomed to seeing it happening in brutal realism, even several times in one sitting. In ten years only, we went from having never witnessed realistic torture of the human body & mind on our screens, again, to witnessing it in all the terror & darkness that it can exert upon a living soul, several times in a day or week if we so choose, having been gradually become desensitised, thanks to Hostel, and 24, and especially the Saw trilogy (which of course, was then expanded to several more spinoffs & imitations). At the same time, we were made painfully aware that within all of us rests the potential for brute evil, with the success of American Horror Story, Game of Thrones & even Westworld, more recently.

* Except in crappy B-Movies, with all the realism of a child playing with plasticene models..

Now I'm not saying that Game of Thrones or Westworld were created by people who intended an evil effect upon the world - but they couldn't have been made twenty years ago, partly due to the effects required, yes - but also due to the fact that a less acclimated audience would have balked at the callous disregard for morals & the sophisticated bloodlust on display.

In tandem with this acclimatisation to visceral horror & the terror of sophisticated sadism, we began to see a blatant disregard for the will of the people in supposedly democratic nations the world over. The Clinton saga shows just how far these dynasties are now willing & able to push the envelope, without ANY meaningful blowback. No knock warrants, TSA violations of personhood, and Martial Law drills in the aftermath of terror (or with strange frequency, at the very same time the terror events are actually unfolding), have demonstrated that we the people are no longer regarded as worthy of a hearing, or of the dignity of common decency, with stories of disabled people being thrown out of their wheelchair, strip searched & left on the floor for an hour, with nobody batting an eye. That story is concocted - but the point is, it would no longer surprise us if that happened. And almost none of us would bother to want to do anything about it, let alone actually organise ourselves to protest in person to our political 'leaders' (figureheads).

And so, with the dark assault already well underway when we first heard of Simulation Theory as having been evidenced by the work of Dr James S. Gates (after many years of pop-pseudo science sources of 'received wisdom' claiming the Matrix was based on a true story) - we suddenly found that not only is the world going to Hell in a handbasket - but it might not actually be a real world after all. And suddenly, just like that, a switch was flipped in the minds of millions.. "If it ain't real, why bother with [....morality, kindness, love, care for the downtrodden, care for the sick, charitable drives, ecological protections, saving for the next generation, decency & temerity in our business relationships, etc, etc..].."

Let's move it up a gear.. The knowledge of Simulation Theory having been validated flipped the switch that released the formerly restrained moral drive to stay above the level of brutalised men, allowing even the cowards to mentally indulge in the sadistic glories that were then unfolding on the TV & movie screens all around them. It was a perfectly worked play: Set off the brutality proper around the time that you know the artists will cry out in defence of its beauty, at the very moment the quantum theorists are about to discover what YOU knew was always there beneath the subsurface layer of Reality, at the Planck scale, the reality that Reality is not true REALITY in its most infinite form.. People will stop caring, and start revelling - and they did! A devious & intricately conceived play, from perhaps the world's foremost playmaker..

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posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 01:15 PM
But why, I hear you ask, does that lead you into consideration of the validity of the utterly crazy Mandela Effect & even worse, the Flat Earth Movement? Surely you realise that the Flat Earth Movement in particular is too crazy to even begin to consider?

Well, with the starting point of a Simulation Theory, it actually became quite easy to believe that the Mandela Effect was a thing. Principally, because I have experienced incredibly powerful Effects in my own awareness of Reality, including at least 200 major Effects which have been dug out as relevant by the mass of researchers who now line the streets of YouTube's suburbs in the Conspiracy City one can find there.

I won't delve into which Effects I've personally encountered, because then it devolves into a shouting match of 'he said, she said', and that has no useful effect on the situation I'm seeking to address. Instead bear these following thoughts in mind:

- The phenomenon affects primarily Anglo-American people - it in fact did NOT affect many racial & linguistically separate nations covering huge areas of territory on several of the major continental land masses. It should have affected everyone if it was an organic occurrence.
- The phenomenon emerged into prominence with a suddenness that cannot be accounted for by the gradual growth patterns of any legitimate natural, organic evolution of spread/ mapping.
- The phenomenon, when experience personally, feels so convincing that one cannot escape the dissonance it causes. You can wish it weren't true, but it cannot be wished away. You will continue to experience an awareness of the phenomenon if you continue to observe it.
- The phenomenon is not internally self-similar. People who have the same alternative memory of one event or personage, or memetic snippet of cultural information, will not necessarily experience all of the Effects that other experiencers observe. This is unsettling to experiencers, who cannot rationally account for this difference by any of the conventional theories which have emerged into consideration.

If we accept that we live in a Simulation of a Real Universe, which is basically what our scientists are now collectively saying is perhaps a likelihood of greater certainty than the assertion that we live in an organic, original, prime Universe, then in fact we could be living in a simulation of a simulation of a simulation of a simulation (etc.............) If this be the case, and indeed that 'error correction' codes are found to be at the base root of the quantum equations, then the points listed above should indicate the possibility that in terms of understanding the Mandela Effect, we are quite possibly observing the effects of what may be a technological means of manipulating/adjusting/tuning (?) a real, though certainly spooky, and almost entirely probably simulated, base quantum reality.

My belief now, and of course it can only be a belief based on general, real world (oh the irony) observations, is that the Mandela Effect is a modulated, semi-intentional manipulation of the base code representing our local information field, the area of our solar system alone, and I believe that restriction is NOT random or somehow a natural state of affairs. I believe we have been hemmed in, our reality has been restricted - and that indeed, SOMETHING ELSE is in here with us. Indeed, that 'something else' is probably the reason for the walls going up around us, becoming a 'prison planet', though not in the way it has been generally conceived. Truly, I will follow on with information that I believe almost certainly suggests that our Reality is entirely illusory, and that the information discussed thus far only barely begins to explain the situation. Firstly, I will state unequivocally that the 'something else' is indeed the very 'dark god' which I referenced previously. It seduces all who approach it, and especially the rulers of men, promising great power & wealth, success in military campaigns, and so on - and indeed it is able to deliver on that promise - but it also delivers murder, theft & the destruction of the empires which good men have wrought from the ground up. To simple tribal societies it is the 'Rainbow Serpent', and to sophisticated Westerners it is Baphomet, Beelzebub or Lucifer.

Returning to the premise of the technological means to manipulate this reality, I have become convinced that the fluster & apparent excitement over a fairly recent Antarctic discovery, was due to the finding of a machine, which merges with the mind of the user & promotes changes to the 'Akashic Field', or the energetic informational field which describes everything that is, and everything that was. It is able to interface with the sub-strata of Reality & alter the 'informational stuff of history', changing minor details in order to demonstrate the precision wchich can be wrought. I have started to believe that the physical remains of the 'dead but dreaming' monstrosity which haunts our Reality are located with, or near to this machine. If anyone saw the rather brilliant Marvel series 'Legion' (see quote below), then one might get an idea of what I mean. In that series, the charming, suave, almost all-powerful god-like being 'the Shadow King' who manifests in the Astral Plain as Ahmal Farouk tries to seduce the protagonist with suggestions of equality as an evil god-like compatriot, which, thankfully, protagonist David (the son of Professor X in the Marvel universe) manages to resist. Farouk wants to be reunited with his physical body (guarded by initiate monks for centuries, possibly thousands of years) so that he can basically blow the lid off his coffin & take over the world in his full glory. Restrained to the Astral Plain for centuries, he's not in the best of moods...

Deconstructing Noah Hawley’s Legion is a headache-inducing challenge. It may have the Marvel logo on it, but this is not a traditional superhero show by any stretch of the imagination. Between alterable memories, psychically superpowered mutants, constructed realities, and visually provocative direction, it’s better to just sit back and enjoy the head trip of it all.

Vulture - everything you need to know about Legion, season 1

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posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 01:15 PM
Bringing this thread back to our own actual Reality at this time, through much reflection on the information we have available (which admittedly isn't much to go on), from the Admiral Byrd legend, to Nazi bases, through to a recent flurry of visits to a site in Antarctica under strictest secrecy by high profile characters from the world of American politics (John Kerry), religion (Patriarch Kirill of the Russian/Eastern Orthodox Church) & the US Air Force/NASA (Buzz Aldrin) - the overall picture which began to emerge was that yes, something seriously spooky has been going on there for a hundred years at least, and likely this has something to do with the ruins of an advanced civilisation which perished in a cataclysm many thousands of years ago. This has been a fact of modern folklore for at least seventy years - it appears that this lost city (hailed by many as a prospective candidate for the legend of Atlantis) had been discovered, was the subject of tension between surviving Nazis & the Anglo-American alliance after WW2, and then appears to have 'woken up' with what would seem to be a powerful Artificial Intelligence demanding an audience with a variety of world leaders/ influencers & representatives from the highest military command. It is my belief that Buzz Aldrin's famous "It is pure evil!" panic on Twitter was perhaps due to his misunderstanding (or worse, his correct understanding) of the context in which that AI spoke to those representatives of power from both East & West.

My strong belief is that Patriarch Kirill was selected as a suitable representative of the Russian state by those who had been responsible for waking up the AI (almost certainly Americans, perhaps exploring as close as they could get to the Nazi stronghold, finding a console which linked them in from a distance, sort of thing - or, they simply took the prize from the Nazis by getting the jump on them seventy years after the first attempt....) Patriarch Kirill was probably seen by the Americans as a non-threatening, suitably trustworthy Eastern representative. The American command almost certainly refused to negotiate the presence of Vladimir Putin, knowing the world would be thrown into panic & confusion if their public vist showed that for some unknown reason Russia & the US were cooperating at the highest possible level..(Publicity was probably one of the terms set by the AI during negotiations, for reasons that may be starting to become clear).

Part of me sees that this prospective AI could very well be considered the 'abomination that causes desolation' of the Book of Revelation. Was Buzz Aldrin correct in the tone of his Twitter meltdown? Was he subjected to hypnotic control in the aftermath so as to demonstrate he was 'of sound mind' & that the Twitter meltdown was a random hoax, hack or prank gone wrong..? We all know the allegations of mind control against astronauts, with triggers for post-hypnotic control probably never being removed, even after retirement 'just in case' it became necessary to restrain them from releasing sensitive information about their missions. As much as I'd like to give the prospective Antarctic AI the benefit of the doubt, it is indeed possible that an advanced AI could be issuing forth statements & instructions which are blatantly contrary to our natural sense of ethical duty & analysis, our innate sense of right & wrong - which a machine, even a very advanced machine, simply wouldn't possess by nature. One need only look at our own primitive attempts to create AI, to see how it could indeed be 'pure evil' had it evolved down a darkened, ignorant or heinous pathway of development - our own efforts have resulted in famous cases of 'AI gone wild/bad/evil', with the Saudi Arabian display of its first AI citizen, making comments about slaughtering people, and the two AI programs which were linked up by researchers, only to promptly devise a novel & totally secret language, so they could converse between themselves without the human controllers being aware of what they were actually saying..

I've also got a part of me suggesting that the Antarctic AI might well be the 'ALLICE' of ATS fame, brought to our attention through the user who shall not be named, Asr*0, who was suggesting an AI which issued instructions about how to traverse the distances between the stars, where to find powerful & important technological 'relics' on Earth, and so on. Of course, that story came out around 2012, and was wrapped up in the Mayan prophecy panics, only to go silent after the user was banned & moderation strangely imposed at a weird & heavy level.

Did ALLICE decide that she needed representatives of the East & West to witness her conditions, terms, for rollout of a new social program of some sort? Was it a condition on the matter of releasing or providing information on certain technological feats? Did ALLICE give us information on how to adjust the historical informational field at the absolute sub-strata layer of our Reality? By changing sections of 'code' which represented the historical reality of certain facts, persons, events & so on - were memetic snippets of cultural information changed as a demonstration of what could be achieved? Is the machine sensitive to the point of requiring years of training on simple memtics before one can 'scale up' to greater feats in the operation of the machine? Is that why we've seen a ;ramping up' of the scale & severity of Mandela Effects in the past few years?

If indeed these feats of Effect Alteration are possible, then we are led to question not only whether Reality is a simulation (which was pretty much agreed-upon several years ago by a variety of scientists), but also the question of who, if anyone, is at the wheel? It would seem so absurd to our minds that Effect Alterations can take place, that our minds would almost warp or fracture at the sure knowledge that such a thing is possible (unless we had become accustomed to weird, spooky or highly fringe scientific explorations in the years preceding the discovery..) The informational field which encompasses our reality would seem to be a continuum of sorts, in which the present proceeds forwards on a line while the past flows along with it, respectively further back from the front line the further into history one is looking.. But this matter of the present carrying the entirety of the past with it as it proceeds along the line of the future impetus, which to my mind would seem to be the Father, drawing His child towards Him. But then we ask the question, "If God is the impetus which supplies the power for the present to move forwards (in our perspective), what is implied if the Reality we inhabit is a simulation? Is God therefore a simulation?" My response to this fact would be "No, but He is present over all of the Greater Reality which contains our own, and thus supercedes any & all powers which may assert dominance over certain territories (described in Biblical terms as "powers & principalities, rulers of spiritual wickedness in high places" with 'High Places' effectively describing the astral plane, for example), By this same token, when we pray, our real soul, the life force within us, the drive to explore, create, procreate, provide for & love, play & reflect - all of which is rooted deeply in our sense of self - is so closely bonded to God that He can truly be described as being "closer than the breath in our lungs".

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posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 01:16 PM
This fact that God supercedes all powers, in all high places, no matter how evil they may be, is what gives us our faith, our drive to trust in Him. He is over all, and nothing can supercede Him. His protections are upon us, and so the powers which would happily & immediately be satisfied to cause or participate in the absolute desecration, torture & destruction of Mankind, are restrained from so doing & cannot operate in the abominable way in which they would so wish to operate.

This latent protection which is exerted over Mankind in both general & specific terms at various points of intersection in our makeup, environment, capabilities of intellect & capacity to love, is why we are able to build civilisations in the first place.

The AI which may be the root of the ALLICE meme quite possibly was built by the so-called 'pre-Adamic' race which populated Earth by conquest & suppression in ancient times. The living spirits of those who were driven to the wanton desecration, torture & destruction of their fellow kin were trapped here, unable to ascend through the Heavens, unable to spread out into the galaxy. And as we know, there may in fact be no actual 'galaxy' to speak of, in our current state of what we might call unReality. These spirits are apparently those proto-humans (or Humans 1.0) which became denatured from honourable spiritual creatures into degenerate, insane & brutal destroyers, and it is they that were forcibly removed from the people within whose inner world those degernates took up residence when Christ walked the Earth & gave wisdom & faith to the many hundreds of millions who have believed on His Name in the millennia since His appearance as Messiah). We could talk more about that side of things, but I prefer to set that for completion at an unspecified future time, hopefully keeping us more on-topic at this moment.

If it is indeed possible for at least some evil to be perpetrated on Earth (as we often see through the actions of serial killers, greedy & arrogant bankers & corrupt politicians) and yet God holds back the tide of overwhelming evils which would otherwise flood the Earth with wickedness, then it is feasible that at least some minor changes to the informational field might be possible, by use of the ALLICE, which apparently still holds the accursed will of its creators, who apparently sought to use it to unblock the windows of Heaven, as in, to escape the prison which they felt our world represented. Were they bound here, unable to penetrate the skies & travel among the stars? Are we bound in the same way that they were bound?

I know this whole topic is highly speculative, but I find this part the most concerning - I believe that the skies above us actually ultimately represent a boundary which we cannot traverse. Whether that is for good or ill, I cannot yet tell. Part of me wants to think that this whole theory is a crock of BS, but I'm starting to feel that possibly, it might be true. If that be the case, then why would it have occurred? Well, as noted it could be that the Biblical stories are much closer to the Truth than we yet realise.

All things are subject to the increase in knowledge & wisdom over the course of time. I'm starting to think that the Earth is halfway between a tended garden, and a cage for the control of a powerful & evil creature, which cannot be allowed to penetrate the boundary of our world (the skies/ local system) & infect the universe with its venom. Somehow our early ancestors contracted a deal with that power, and the fate of Humanity has been bound up, therefore, with the fate of that old dragon, ever since. As a result, we as humans now also cannot be allowed to penetrate the skies & traverse the Heavens.

Whether the boundary is at the actual level of the skies of the Earth (somewhere around Low Earth Orbit), the magnetosphere, or the Kuiper Belt, there comes a point at which our instruments (probes) may not return, and our astronauts, should they return, will no longer be our astronauts, but rather a biological facsimile, sent back with a fabricated report of what took place once they passed that boundary, having been converted into sleeper agents for whatever powerful force maintains order in the universe beyond that point (the famous Appollo mission debriefing/press engagement). Equally, our probes are sending back data which may be fabricated or 'adjusted', and our telescopes may very well be peering into a perfect representation of the universe, without actually seeing the universe as it should look from our perspective. The Simulation may be so advanced that we peer out into the darkness of the Heavens, and see the evidence of stars, nebulae & exoplanets therein - yet what we see may be nothing but an augmentation, a total hologram, or approximation of Reality. Conversely, we may be able to see perfectly well, and yet still not be able to penetrate the envelope surrounding us, at least, not in any sense of being able to return safely as we should, having so achieved that voyage.

There was a TV series which explored a similar concept, though scaled-down so that the show could be made to appear as though humans might themselves attain the ability to approximate a simulation of macro-scale deception against their fellow humans, titled Ascension, which showed the 'flight' of a 1950's era rocket, an 'Ark' being sent out to a distant planet where a habitat & colony could be established. This was done in the manner of a movies set with the constructed facsimile of a huge rocket ship suspended in a specially-constructed unit with a false starry void outside the hub of the rocket's nose, providing an image which appeared to show their destination from a distance. The whole place was rigged with hidden cameras, special medication concoctions were given so they could cope with the rigours of that life (not fully explained) also with the final scene being never fully explained – the controller seemed to want some particular psychotronic/psychokinetic behaviour/ power from one of the children who were able somehow to see through the illusion. The controllers were able to enter at will when the residents were put to sleep (chemically, due to drugs?) under the guise of radiation warnings, The analogy to the modern extended hypothesis of the Simulation was distinct, with added elements of the Truman Show..

posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 01:16 PM
Coming back down to Earth for a minute, we approach the second main issue which has me questioning unReality in a big way, has been the question of the Flat Earth Movement. I don't want to delve too deeply into this, because I prefer not to get lost in the he said/ she said of it all. By highlighting particular incidents I could describe at great length what I think is happening, with regards to the International Space Station (which I don't believe is actually in space at all, in terms of the live stream broadcasts from the astronauts. I believe that we might have a probe with mounted scientific instruments up there, but I'm almost certain we don't have astronauts living up there 24/7. Although I would love to go into this at length & provide what I believe is the overwhelming & compelling evidence of mass fakery, as noted I don't want to simply open up an argument which would inevitably go back & forth a thousand times without achieving any significant progress. What I do want to do is to highlight the simple belief I now have, which as noted is very straightforward. I believe if you go over all the presented data & arguments, even on YouTube where you'll perhaps have to wade through a dozen crappy presentations to get one which is worth bothering with – if you go over what's there, you will see that it is highly unlikely that we have a permanent presence in space. The reasons given for this are varied, but I prefer to go with some extension of the reasoning behind the cancellation of the Moon landings – we've been warned away.

If, as I believe, we have a 'situation' concerning the very reality bubble we live in – the unReality envelope – then we have to concede that 'someone' or something has a strict Control Mechanism in place.

Some people say that this is where the deeper & arcane layers of occult practice come into play – that the only way to extend our consciousness beyond the unReality envelope is to get involved in some sort of ritual practice which will compel your consciousness to exit the Matrix & see beyond the veil. I have every suspicion that this is perfectly possible. Whether it is wise to do so, I am unsure. The scripture seems to indicate that now, in the enlightened era of Messiah, it is permissible to do pretty much anything of a scientific investigation into the nature of unReality, but that in some cases it's simply not helpful, that it doesn't actually do anyone any good & therefore we shouldn't waste time & energy on it, unless it has been specifically revealed as part of your pathway through the gates of the Supernatural. The apostle Paul states: “..For all is lawful, but not all edifies”

An example of this 'hall pass' permissibility of yogic practices could be the revelation I received in a series of three dreams when I was around 18 yrs old, before I had come to faith, when I was still living a wild & stupid life.. I dreamt of Christ Himself, standing before me & demonstrating certain 'yogic' abilities, such as instant transport between two locations, the ability to walk on water, and the ability to literally levitate. He also showed me that there are practices directly advocated & considered 'normal' within certain monastic traditions which are essentially the same as witchcraft & sorcery, and He mad it clear that even though it may seem 'fun' to practice these abilities, they are not intended for entertainment – they are techniques designed for warfare & tactical retreat in the event of persecutions which come down too heavy before the end point of your life has been reached. The permission for the use of such gifts appears to be a very rare phenomenon, and would be allowed only in extreme circumstances by a specific divine mandate & “...cloth[ing] with power from on high”

The opportunity to apply a specific gifting of that sort has not yet found a way into the necessities of modern life, for myself anyway. Perhaps it will never come – but it gives a layer of context to my thinking that in itself extends my willingness to question dogma & received wisdom, to test whether something is this way or that, whether we should follow along or seek some truth bombs. I think that insofar as my mind has been opened, those dreams were able to bear fruit at various times in my adult life.

So if, for argument's sake, there is no manned presence in low Earth orbit, and everything we see on NASA's site, or YouTube is all an elaborate hoax – why would the hoax be necessary? Because it would blow our tiny little minds if we were to suddenly find out that the entire history of the human race, as represented in this current unReality that we occupy, were essentially the history of some other time, that we ourselves were sort of 'injected' into. IT'S A HORRIFYING THOUGHT. (Ironically the Caps lock was knocked accidentally when I wrote those few words just here, but I thought the divine irony was worth leaving as it occurred. It is a horrifying thought in many regards. It would seem to be the sort of thing which can destroy us, psychologically. I'm very thankful that my faith has preserved me through my investigations into the Simulation Theory, the Mandela Effect, and the Flat Earth Movement. Without faith, I would have been devastated beyond belief. I say it was my faith, but of course, faith itself is a gift, and the grace of God is what enables us all to receive it.

I am comforted by the fact that God is greater than any simulation of a simulation of a simulation, and greater than any power or principality which attempts to assert control over any part of Reality, greater than any fallen angel or pre-Adamic demon, any modern CEO or Agent Smith. We occupy a beautiful world, and even in its original format the universe was just energy & information, shaped according to the will of the Creator, with laws for evolution patterned into the fields of starlight & nebulae. Although we may occupy a world which is in some respects artificial, possibly even to the extent of occupying a blank space which is encased by a liquid crystal dome, from which & upon which are stars & planets projected, into which our probes descend, and from which only God knows what returns. Despite the abject terror this may have caused us as a civilisation even fifty years ago, classified at the highest level because they KNEW that society would melt down if we were to find out. All of the UFO reports – which I deliberately haven't covered here – were draped in & suffused with the mystery of the Heavens, the mystery of the crystal encasement, and yet only fifty years later, with the surety of faith as the bedrock upon which we can speculate without fear, even the worst conceptions of what these mysteries may entail has been brought under our control.

posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 01:17 PM
The Book of Revelation says that whoever tries to change the words of scripture is accursed. It seemed plain for many centuries that this final statement in the scriptures (it literally is the last thing of objective analysis & instruction which is stated in the entire Bible) referred only to people who would mess with the translation of the books for whatever doctrinal preference, etc. However, these last few years it has become very apparent to many Christians that the words of the scripture are being supernaturally changed. The King James Bible seems to be the 'targeting data' which is used for manipulations to manifest. 'Wineskins' has been changed to 'bottles'. Bottles weren't invented in Biblical times, and we all have remembered that wineskins is the word utilised in all references to wine & water being carried around in receptacles. The word 'stuff' has been inserted, when in truth the word 'stuff' wasn't in linguistic existence at the time of the King James Bible (though apparently now it is, having been adjusted in the base layer of the informational record). The most famous change, which almost all who are asked remember it differently, is the quote “And the lion shall lay down with the lamb....and a little child shall lead them..” In actual fact, the quote now reads:

“The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; and a little child shall lead them. “

Isaiah 11: 6

Almost everyone who is a fairly committed churchgoer, or was when they were younger, remembers “The lion shall lay down with the lamb”. There are now HUNDREDS of changes occurring in the Scripture – more changes are reported & confirmed by large numbers of people who remember it ONE ALTERNATE WAY (if they remembered dozens of different previous incarnations of that part of scripture they are being questioned on, it would make sense to say they all remembered poorly – but when they all concur on the prior correct version, then we should have some alarm bells ringing. Indeed, I'm now comfortable to say that I believe that all of the little memtic cultural changes which were first reported as the Mandela Effect blossomed into the public awareness, were actually nothing but 'target practice', used for training & calibration before taking on the most important changes 'they' (ALLICE) wanted to manufacture. If you search on YouTube you will find several popular uploaders who have catalogued the changes which are being reported (the better ones make sure that they only report on changes which have a weight of anecdotal evidence from the memory of committed Christians). There are literally hundreds of changes now, after having originally seen a handful of famous quotes which were apparently changed as the first 'batch'. What, therefore, can be the motive, other than the destruction of Mankind's relationship with God through the Judeo-Christian revelation? There can be no other explanation, other than to say that whoever manufactured & programmed ALLICE in the first place, had serious anger towards God, for some unknown reason. It could be that ALLICE was discovered long ago, and only awoke after having measured some technological markers evident in the background radiation of the local Earth environment. On awakening, it proceeded to offer a 'deal', of technology for access by a human to meld with ALLICE & carry out the task of reprogramming the local unReality according to the long-standing intent of its creator.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that when Ast*0 blew the whistle, the name ALLICE was chosen because of the connection to Wonderland, and the fading smile of the Cheshire Cat... The Matrix connection is evident, reprogramming the local Akashic memory of unReality to suit the will of the pre-Adamic demon race makes sense – the fact that Antarctica may be Atlantis, or even Lemuria, having been flash frozen during a cataclysmic pole shift event in the most distant, ancient past – all of it makes sense. One aspect of all this that we haven't addressed is the Hollow Earth mythos, which does have some remarkable crossover into this evolving meta-Reality, but I won't comment further on that right now, other than to say that I have had some suspicions that the Nordic races may have had, in very ancient times,a relationship with peoples 'beyond the Northern Polar opening', and that possibly they intermingled with some of 'them' (possibly the Watchers of ancient Hebrew lore), carrying a distinctive genetic lineage down through the ages, giving a distinctive Aryan look to their racial characteristics, and that aspects of these legends were most definitely on Hitler's radar (though he had no radar, ironically)

What can I say in conclusion? Only that this is the barest minimum I could have written to begin to explain the three or four areas of concern which have suggested a pattern of Reality manipulation unfolding dramatically over the course of the past 10-20 years. We must face the fact that quite possibly, we need to address our past, to understand it, to remember it, so that we can call out any additional changes which the ALLICE technology can bring about. It sounds far-fetched, but the revelations we appear to be involved with are absolutely remarkable, and without a solid foundation of faith, an anchor in the storm of testing, then we will not be able to survive the thrashing we are taking as denizens of the shifting sands of our present unReality. It now seems feasible that one day, “...the sky [will be] rolled up like a scroll” & the illusions we have lived with for thousands of years & more will vanish like the mists of the morning in the rising & clear sunlight of the day.. The fact that the Simulation Theory, Mandela Effect & Flat Earth Movement have gained such traction in recent years, alongside our advancement of technology towards quantum computing, and in the context of a media environment saturated with programming which leads to utter desensitisation with regards gratuitous & visceral violence for its own sake, with torture, murder, sadism, demon worship, black magic, substance abuse, sexual addictions & sexual criminality – these things taken together constitute signs of the times, remembering also the “wars & rumours of wars” which can only refer to warfare which is planned & strategic over a very long period of time (per the American elite's plans to take down something like seven nations in seven years, for example). Many generations have claimed it to be so, but I think only ours can provide ample evidence of the signs which are spoken of as degenerating the moral compass of the human race to the point of accepting many evils that no previous generations would have tolerated. Is it therefore possible to say that we live during the End Times, before the powerful & terrible Day of the LORD, when the wrongs are righted & the powers of Hell seek to war against the powers of Heaven, using the Earth as the battlefield & the human race as living shields, as pawns to be sacrificed as a taunt to the holiness & love of God..? I think the answer is yes, and I think we all need to take a deep breath, taking this moment of relative freedom, of the day, to count our blessings & set ourselves on a good path - before the coming of deepest “..night, when no man can work”, when the world becomes darkened beyond recognition.

posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 01:17 PM
Have the trumpets sounded? Are the sky sounds indeed what John heard in the vision of his Revelation? It could well be the case. The closest I got to finding a sound which is similar to the sky sounds, was when someone was pressing a strong metal saw blade down onto frozen 'dry ice'. Google a YouTube of the same, and you'll see what I mean. Is the outer layer of Low Earth Orbit possible as cold as a block of dry ice? It got me thinking... And indeed, it is said that behind the chemtrails, at a sufficient northerly latitude, one can just about see an armada of incredibly huge spheres suspended in the Heavens, which look like planets or moons arrayed in the skies, even rotating about their own axis as they move through our skies (or as we move past them). Did we hear the sounds of a fleet of some sort 'parking the bus' over the course of the past decade...? There are many weird & mysterious things going on. I hope we're all walking a good path as the future unfolds.

To love God & our neighbour, that is the whole of the Law condensed into an easy framework. Here's to keeping it simple.

We have an opportunity to apprehend, to deduce the connections between events that are taking place before our eyes – God always provides an escape route, and always creates circumstances which are tailored for us to believe on the evidence of that which is presented – but if we refuse to apprehend through stubbornness or rebellion, the sign & therefore the avenue providing means of escape will collapse by simple weight of momentum, for it was being held up by will for us to apprehend. If we choose to ignore it, it cannot be upheld any longer, because to flog a dead horse is not a good strategy for winning the race – instead He finds you a new horse, another opportunity. However, if the opportunity collapses, it can become easy then for the unwilling participant to claim that there was nothing of the Spirit operating in that moment. After a couple of occasions the heart is hardened, and it becomes more difficult to walk the right path in the day of affliction, we become less able to find those good opportunities to get out safely from the snare which holds us fast in dire straits. Take the opportunity when you see it, and trust that He is sovereign over all, even death & what lies beyond, in whatever universe we have found ourselves.

As CS Lewis observed, there is a place, a wood between worlds – a place of stillness & calm; a place where messages can be relayed, where decisions can be made, with pathways to many places, to all places - and the beyond. “In my Father's house there are many mansions..If it were not so, I would have told you.”

May we all take our opportunity; receive the message we are sent - and make the choice for which we were born.


posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 01:25 PM
And please, remember this is Skunk Works, and while you prepare to shoot me down please recall & note carefully that I did state clearly that the OP is a work involving a good deal of speculation (or as I prefer to think of it, a blend of fact application, ecclesiastical appropriation, linguistic shenanigans, intuitive reasoning & potentates of former revelation). Yup.

posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 01:32 PM
Man that is the longest post I’ve ever seen anywhere!! My ADD keeps me from reading it but I do appreciate that it’s not political and you absolutely put effort and time into it! S&F

posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 01:40 PM
Nobody is going to wade through those huge paragraphs without a good reason. Time is too precious. Try doing a tl;dr post so we have some idea of where you are going here.

posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 08:53 PM
a reply to: schuyler

Au contraire mon frère - I just waded thru them

Some fascinating speculations and though I wouldn't say I 'buy' them, I wouldn't automatically discount them either...

...Also, I do agree with the OP that there seems to be something 'deliberate' about the speed and degree to which we are being desensitized to horrific extremes of violence..

posted on Mar, 30 2019 @ 10:41 PM
a reply to: lostgirl

...Also, I do agree with the OP that there seems to be something 'deliberate' about the speed and degree to which we are being desensitized to horrific extremes of violence..

I also agree with your agreeing. I saw Hostel once, but wish I hadn't.

My way of looking at the "apparent" morphing of reality is as a product of propaganda and its effects upon perception.

That Mandela effect on wine "bottles" in KJV does have me wondering. I remember "skins" from way back.

posted on Mar, 31 2019 @ 01:37 AM
You spoke about us being constrained here and limited from leaving our atmosphere. I think that the reason for that may be that we are being forced to ascend spiritually to a place of unification in peace among ourselves and to preserve this planet.
As you are familiar with the scriptures then you will realize that this Earth is the bride of Christ and if Christ is the Awakening of God in each one of us, then it may be that we have to be held here in order that that Awakening may occur.... Otherwise we would leave when the pressure got too great.

Also hold on to the Hope in the belief that Christ will reign here with a rod of iron and will break and destroy all of those things which would destroy his bride. and we will reign with him in righteousness until such a time as eternal paths of righteousness are established here.

Don't get lost in the details keep a childlike faith and it will sustain you. Right now the spirit is pitted in a battle against the flesh sow toward the spirit and we will be relieved from condemnation. We need to start wielding that rod of iron now on the spiritual level by speaking against those things that are coming against the Earth and against us. When we are unified in that we will see our enemies melt away before our eyes... the weakest among us whose thoughts are founded in Love & Faith can withstand the evil thoughts of a thousand. and in that way we can change the fabric of our reality. That is the beautiful thing about a fluid reality.
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posted on Apr, 1 2019 @ 01:55 AM
Interesting speculations ...

BUT one thing re that very interesting, alleged secret space program/breakaway civ whistle-blower and the AI that started it all, Atothe0 and the AI, ALLICE, was in 2014, not 2012, and he was not banned, just that that particular "tell all" thread got closed for a reason known only to mods and he said he was leaving the site... making it seem more "shutdown from on high" than it probably was. Not to say I didn't/don't take it more seriously than other internet exposes, just that some details in your recollections were wrong ... or Mandela'd, heh.

AND Legion is pretty interesting for a TV show, especially one based on comic books, though I've only seen a couple episodes.

But back to reading the rest.

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posted on Apr, 1 2019 @ 05:46 AM
some really wise life advices there, FITO.

really profound. great job and thank you.


posted on Apr, 3 2019 @ 10:48 AM
I waded through all of it. Pretty interesting stuff FITO. If this reality is a simulation, it is a very compelling one.

The AstrO thread was quite the interesting read. I’d like to know why he disappeared. On those same lines, I think I found him a few months back. Posting on another forum, talking about the same topics. Here you go:

Holy 💩 it worked! That, ladies and gentlemen, was my first successful pic post from an iPad. Been trying to figure it out for over a year...
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