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Old Poetry I Found in My LiveJournal

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posted on Mar, 1 2005 @ 06:46 PM
The Loner

Forgotten man wanders alone
No one beside him, no one at all
He wanders the Earth in search
Of another, another with the same
Curse, he wanders on with doubt
In his mind that he will ever find
Somebody, and sadly moves on
In the shadows, in the light, still
No one to be with him, he hopes
To find that person he’s destined
To find before his time runs out

Shell of a Former Person

The person is gone but body remains
Lifeless puppets to an unseen master
Strings in every corner of the body
Lifeless and controlled, the
Unperson lives an unhappy life
With unhappy friends and unhappy family
Of the same master, casting out those
Who have no master and live
Their own life, the shell leaves all
Others in their shadow, denying
Them attention, a fair chance
They think nothing of those who
Are different, as they have no mind
The shells begin to become identical
The shell may have once been free
Only the master knows
But the shells were coerced into
The puppeteer's grasp
Like flies to a lantern
The shells roam together
Like a flock of birds
Gathering new members by
Helping master's lies reach out
Promising freedom to those who
Already have it, but
Don't know it
Life unrewarding, they
Die without their own thoughts
Ever expressed due to suppression
By the master's will

As I say about most of my work, its not very good in my opinion. Whenever we view our own creations, all we see are the flaws that only the creator knows.


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