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China, Russia, 5G, and National Security Implications

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posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 07:08 PM
2019 is said to be the "Year of 5G," as many companies are starting to roll it out including AT&T and Verizon. Endeavors this massive take years to roll out, so the expectation is it will be 2022-23 before we really start to see it more than just selected cities like Houston, Indianapolis and Los Angeles.

PCMag wrote an article earlier this year explaining in layman's terms what 5G is, as most of the public don't understand what it means and what the future implications are of this coming technology expansion. There is often public confusion regarding 5G as its name is the same as '5G WiFi' and many people assume it is the same thing and they are already using it. In fact, 5G received its name in 2017 and it stands for 5th generation wireless.
PC Mag - What is 5G?

1G was analog cellular. 2G technologies, such as CDMA, GSM, and TDMA, were the first generation of digital cellular technologies. 3G technologies, such as EVDO, HSPA, and UMTS, brought speeds from 200kbps to a few megabits per second. 4G technologies, such as WiMAX and LTE, were the next incompatible leap forward, and they are now scaling up to hundreds of megabits and even gigabit-level speeds.

5G brings three new aspects to the table: greater speed (to move more data), lower latency (to be more responsive), and the ability to connect a lot more devices at once (for sensors and smart devices).

How 5G Works:
- 5G networks use a system of cell sites that divide their territory into sectors and send encoded data through radio waves. Each cell site must be connected to a network backbone, whether through a wired or wireless backhaul connection.
- 5G networks will use a type of encoding called OFDM, which is similar to the encoding that 4G LTE uses. The air interface will be designed for much lower latency and greater flexibility than LTE
- 5G primarily runs in two kinds of airwaves: below and above 6GHz
- To get super-high, multi-gigabit speeds, carriers will have to use newer, much higher frequencies, known as millimeter wave.
This will be the first time millimeter waves will be used for consumer devices (though they have been used before for backhaul, connecting base stations to remote internet links).
- 5G will accept small, inexpensive, low-power devices, so it'll connect a lot of smaller objects and different kinds of ambient sensors to the internet

It has become increasingly clear in the last several years whichever country(s) dominate 5G (which will be used to run A.I. and the Internet of Things (IoT)) will have an absolute power most of us struggle to grasp.

My interest in this topic has led down a few rabbit holes. I'd like to paint a picture here of some of the details I've put together, and how the US military and intelligence agencies are responding to current threats.

2009 - The US/Russia Relations Reset Under Obama-Clinton State Dept.
Obama Russian Reset White House Fact Sheet

One of the results which came out of this "reset" between these two countries was an agreement between U.S. tech companies and Moscow companies towards the development of an "innovative city" in a rural locality of Moscow named Skolkovo.

A known conservative think tank, the Government Accountability Institute published an article in Aug of 2016 titled 'From Russia With Money' which goes into a lot more detail regarding the former Secretary of State Clinton's role during the joining of agreements between US tech companies and Russian companies during this "reset" period. It also details who donated to Clinton Foundation from those names involved, which is not the point of this thread. However, it may be of interest to some of you.

What's important to this thread is the recent developments between Skolkovo, the Chinese company Huawei, and the US military and intelligence agencies issuing threats and national security warnings, and understanding what it all could mean.

But before I go into that I would like to provide what is known regarding millimeter waves, also considered high-frequency waves.

the band of radio frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum from 30 to 300 gigahertz (GHz). It lies between the super high frequency band, and the far infrared band, the lower part of which is also referred to as the terahertz gap. Radio waves in this band have wavelengths from ten to one millimetre, so it is also called the millimetre band and radiation in this band is called millimetre waves...

The millimeter wave band is already used in scientific research like remote sensing and radio astronomy, telecommunications, security screening, as well as medicine. It is the medicine and the weapons systems I want to highlight here.

Low intensity (usually 10 mW/cm2 or less) electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency may be used in human medicine for the treatment of diseases. For example, "A brief, low-intensity MMW exposure can change cell growth and proliferation rates, activity of enzymes, state of cell genetic apparatus, function of excitable membranes and peripheral receptors."[15] This treatment is particularly associated with the range of 40 – 70 GHz.[16] This type of treatment may be called millimeter wave (MMW) therapy or extremely high frequency (EHF) therapy.

With Raytheon the U.S. Air Force has developed a nonlethal weapon system called Active Denial System (ADS) which emits a beam of radiation with a wavelength of 3 mm.[9] The weapon is reportedly not dangerous and causes no physical harm, but is extremely painful and causes the target to feel an intense burning pain, as if their skin is going to catch fire.
Sounds delightful.

I'm doing my best to dump a lot of information together in a cohesive way. More to come in next post.

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 07:53 PM
In 2010, the Russian President at the time, Medvedev, visited Silicon Valley and was entertained by people like Steve Jobs, Jack Dorsey, and Arnold Schwarznegger.
Medvedev Picks Silicon Valley's Brains

As the GAI publication linked in the OP writes about this time:

To get American companies to participate in Skolkovo, the Russian government promised to give American firms special access to research and projects taking place in Russia. Companies participating in Skolkovo would receive special tax status and access to the Russian market. They would also receive special access to research in Russia. For example, one investment firm received “priority access to the database of the Skolkovo Foundation projects and companies, enabling it to select the most promising projects early in their development.” It further allowed companies to “refer their existing portfolio of companies to Skolkovo” for research. There was also the prospect of gaining access to Russian markets, which had been hampered by export licensing issues involving the export of sensitive technologies. The U.S. State Department had major responsibility for the issuing of export licenses and maintained the list of restricted technologies.

Isn't that sweet?

FF to 2014 when the FBI issues MIT an "extreme warning regarding Russian investors months after Sec of State Clinton finished her term.

In an extraordinary warning issued to technology companies in Massachusetts, the FBI’s Boston office said entrepreneurs could unwittingly be drawn into industrial espionage if they work with Russian-backed venture capital firms operating here and in Silicon Valley. The bureau said it has sent notices to local companies and research facilities such as universities, and on Friday published an op-ed piece by an agent in the FBI’s Boston office. The FBI singled out the Skolkovo Foundation, founded by Russia’s prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, that in 2011 enlisted the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to start an elite technical college in Russia modeled after the Cambridge school.

10/4/2018 - Chinese Spy Chips Found in Apple Hardware, AWS Source
10/10/2018 - Chinese Tech Giant Unveils A.I. Chips - Source
10/12/2018 - Senators Urge Canada Regarding Huawei 5G
10/17/2018 - Skolkovo Foundation, Huawei, Russian Post ink $1B dealsSource

Skolkovo also signed an agreement with the Chinese telecoms behemoth Huawei on setting up a joint innovations centre. The centre will focus on areas including developing algorithms for 5G wireless systems and the Internet of Things, and on using artificial intelligence to process media including images, sound and video. The Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech) will also set up a joint laboratory with Huawei under the agreement, focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning, the Internet of Things, and quantum computing, among other things.

12/6/2018 - Huawei CEO Arrested

Only a few days prior to that on October 4th, 2018 CNBC reported, “A Bloomberg BusinessWeek report that Chinese equipment manufacturer Super Micro may have allowed microchips used for spying into U.S. data center equipment run by AWS, Apple and others is likely to stoke trade tensions between the two nations over alleged espionage. Apple and AWS strongly dispute the Bloomberg report.”

Why does microchips seem important?
According to the information provided regarding Skolkovo on their Wiki:
"In July 2012, IBM and five leading Russian innovation companies: the Skolkovo Foundation, Rusnano, Rostelecom, Russian Venture Company and ITFY, all signed a collaboration agreement to foster a culture of applied research and commercialization and attract key talent and investment from around the world in the area of microelectronics."

The agreement will give the Electronics Technology Center access to IBM’s intellectual property for chip design. IBM will also provide cloud computing technologies to form the basis of a new virtual design environment to be used to develop new microelectronic devices such as sensors to be used in smarter infrastructure projects, industry and consumer electronics. The cloud will help unite Russia’s dispersed microelectronics development teams and provide access to advanced technologies..”

It would be less than four months later Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came out with a public warning “the United States would not be able to partner with or share information with countries that adopt Huawei Technologies Co Ltd systems, citing security concerns.

SO... we have our Russian Reset, then we have US tech companies partnering with Moscow, who then partnered with China-Huawei on 5G and microchips, and a couple years later it sounds like we have a problem on our hands.

What says ATS?

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posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 08:35 PM
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

Thanks for making this thread.

It's being rammed-down our throats.
Who could halt the Leviathan?

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 09:14 PM
Not sure anything can stop this...
I consider tossing my mobile in the toilet weekly but I don’t think it matters much, at least for 5G. With as many small cells towers that will be built over the next decade, it’s looking like we are all up # creek.

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 09:34 PM
Cloak and dagger aside, regarding the Chinese, Russian, etc potential espionage. (Granted, that IS a big deal).

The big question a lot of people have is what are the potential health impacts 5gh / MMWs will have on us humans long term.

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 09:34 PM
Technology is neither inherently good or bad. How you use it, determines it's moral.

You are outlying the worst fears, but in order to fight these things, surely we will need equal firepower.

The 5G upgrade will offer us more in security, for certain, if it is also offering us security holes.

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 09:44 PM

originally posted by: Archivalist
Technology is neither inherently good or bad. How you use it, determines it's moral.

You are outlying the worst fears, but in order to fight these things, surely we will need equal firepower.

The 5G upgrade will offer us more in security, for certain, if it is also offering us security holes.

Security, at the lack of any privacy.

Is that a trade we should make?

Companies are already embedding devices meant to ease-drop on us into every day electronics. (See the article about Google's NEST device have an unlisted microphone inside).

This, invariably, will be a more common 'feature' found in almost everything.

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 10:01 PM
Another interesting couple things I want to note here which are almost eerie in their synchronicity, for lack of a better word to explain what I mean.

John G. Trump had an interesting career, as some of you may already be aware. What is more interesting to me is how some of today’s emerging known tech is lining up with him. He happens to be the U.S. Presidents uncle who died in 1985 after a long time spent with MIT. He mentored under Vannevar Bush, you know, the guy who co-founded Raytheon. They started Raytheon before it was Raytheon. Yep, this guy.

In 1922, two former Tufts University School of Engineering roommates Laurence K. Marshall and Vannevar Bush, along with scientist Charles G. Smith, founded the American Appliance Company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.[8] Its focus, which was originally on new refrigeration technology, soon shifted to electronics. The company's first product was a gaseous (helium) rectifier that was based on Charles Smith's earlier astronomical research of the star Zeta Puppis.[9] The electron tube was christened with the name Raytheon ("light of/from the gods"[10]) and was used in a battery eliminator, a type of radio-receiver power supply that plugged into the power grid in place of large batteries. This made it possible to convert household alternating current to direct current for radios and thus eliminate the need for expensive, short-lived batteries.

In John Trump’s remaining effects left at MIT, one of the item contents say “Raytheon, undated.” Source

(The MIT currently working with Skoltech, part of Skolkovo Foundation and this aforementioned Russian Reset. When the US military sent out warnings about Russian interests in 2014, MIT basically shrugged and told them to go fly a kite. Kind of wild, really. Considering how closely dole assume colleges, universities are working with the US government.).

There is an MIT Skoltech program - Source

In fact, you find all sorts of weird facts here like our colleges and universities are soaking up foreign money. An example is Harvard has accepted over a BILLION dollars from 60 countries. Odd facts like Qatar gives the most money to our universities.

Oh, ok.

So what’s this got to do with John Trump, millimeter wave bands, Raytheon? Give me time.

Here we have on John Trump’s Wiki:

The National Academy of Engineering described Trump as "a pioneer in the scientific, engineering and medical applications of high voltage machinery. James Melcher, Trump's lab director, is quoted as saying: "John, over a period of three decades, would be approached by people of all sorts because he could make megavolt beams of ions and electrons – death rays ... What did he do with it? Cancer research, sterilizing sludge out in Deer Island [a waste disposal facility], all sorts of wondrous things. He didn't touch the weapons stuff.

Does that not sound like the technology they are referencing using 5G now?

Particle beam guns that make people feel like they’re on fire. Medicine radiation (he was testing on cancer patients over fifty years ago).

So, the synchronicities of MIT now partnering with Russians to build their own Silicon Valley type university program and Donald Trump’s uncle having been mentoring under one of the original co-founders of Raytheon, working on this type of tech, and our military and Pompeo now warning about Huawei and arresting their CEO after Skolkovo had done this deal with Huawei was all a bit full circle for me.


posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 10:05 PM
well there is one good thing about millimeter wavelengths. They are far easier to block, and don't propagate nearly as far in the atmosphere. Meaning it shouldn't be exceedingly hard to get away from it... until something like Starlink is up. Then there will be no escape.

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 10:14 PM

originally posted by: Cygnis
Cloak and dagger aside, regarding the Chinese, Russian, etc potential espionage. (Granted, that IS a big deal).

The big question a lot of people have is what are the potential health impacts 5gh / MMWs will have on us humans long term.

There are already a couple threads I’ve seen regarding the health concerns.
The questions I have are what are these “A.I. chips” being developed? How could mobile phones be weaponized? Is the warning of purchasing Huawei phones, banning them here in the US, telling even our allies we still stop sharing intel with you if you permit them to build your 5G infrastructure or maybe even carry one of their phones? The warning isn’t completely clear differentiating between the two, but the biggest concern of theirs seems to be the 5G infrastructure... which makes me question if these so-called low to moderate (or even more) health risks can be turned up like the volume on a radio? What can these AI chips do? How far off is Stephen King’s book CELL?
I don’t even know anymore.
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posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 10:31 PM
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth
In order to develop 5G in the millimeter wavelength for longer range transmissions, specifically in atmospheric conditions, you have to have steerable antenna. The "AI" would control this antenna and steer it. The only real problem with that is as of right now these steerable antenna run into some problems relating to the efficacy and robustness. Basically with steerable antenna you can increase the range of the transmission and also increase the efficiency, at the expense of having a fragile, complicated antenna that has to be able to spin towards and emit the focused beam. Then that is where healthrisks could possible come into being an issue beyond general saturation of the bandwidth, these "beams" could be very powerful because they are focused wavelengths, and inherently if you have a device on you with one of these and want to move around with it, it would often pass this beam through you, possibly exacerbating the problems as the energy levels of the transmissions would be rather high and concentrated.

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 10:41 PM

originally posted by: dubiousatworst
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

Well, gee, I’m not sure I’d want to be that person.

I guess my confusion comes into play with the cancer concerns with 5G, yet we have the same millimeter wavelengths being used as radiation therapy for cancer? How can it be both?

Does the frequency range matter? The science tech behind all of this I think I only maybe 50% grasp so I can’t even formulate an educated opinion.
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posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 10:50 PM
a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

or maybe

for some reading

posted on Mar, 27 2019 @ 01:30 AM
Wireless fiber, 1gig+ speeds, are available wirelessly. This is a technology that is currently behind military capability. Considering the bandwidth, pipelines, and resources the F-35 requires to obtain and share its insane amount of information...

The tech has been in place and even more future tech is there.

posted on Mar, 27 2019 @ 01:30 AM
Double post....
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posted on Mar, 27 2019 @ 05:38 AM
5G is becoming the next global standard in wireless communications. From what I can see, the US have some small microelectronic fabricators, but for the mass market, global stuff, China is miles ahead in this race. If they are the ones making them, they are the ones controlling it as well.

If the US can raise it's production volumes, it will will give some substance to a more balanced standard to the politics, information and technology of this emerging force. Ultimately it is a communication tool, it ain't going to work together if the people don't.

As for the future of where it is all going, the subject of alien implants has a lot of similarities.

posted on Mar, 27 2019 @ 06:29 AM
The struggle here is around the build of the infrastructure. To be honest, I would not trust Chinese companies as far as I could throw them, in the same way as I don't trust the some of the large US tech giants like Google and Apple. To call these large companies "innovative" is a joke. The Chinese steal tech and the large tech giants stifle tech by buying it up.

Monopolies are bad for the customer. There are other companies around apart from Huawei.

posted on Mar, 27 2019 @ 12:51 PM
The key takeaway from these developments is to remain ahead of the curve through audit-validated encryption schemes. Some can even hide the origin of data and not just the content alone

Denying criminals, enemy intelligence, private companies and our government insight to this data is a key point of security/privacy

With strong encryption and good techno-hygiene, you can thwart the multi-billion dollar spy apparatus and deny them access to material you deem off limits. When done right, you can even plausibly deny a court's order to unlock material (provided you don't stupidly use just biometrics)

Additionally, never underestimate the value of inserting copious amounts of disinformation into any transmission/communication/general web browsing/etc. With proper techniques, these folks can be disinformed to the point of uselessness - especially when they are flooded with so much material that distinguishing between truth/fiction becomes impossible

posted on Mar, 27 2019 @ 05:55 PM
I have been extremely curious about how exactly we could link the info about Trumps uncle/Tesla with the current happenings and this is extremely interesting.
Thank you- great thread

a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

posted on Mar, 27 2019 @ 08:35 PM

originally posted by: SouthernGift
I have been extremely curious about how exactly we could link the info about Trumps uncle/Tesla with the current happenings and this is extremely interesting.
Thank you- great thread

a reply to: ucanthandlethetruth

SouthernGift - truly a rabbit hole that could likely fill an entire book. I find it all very interesting as well.

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