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Creating groups for large research projects - finding important topic(s) groups would research

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posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 04:37 AM
There's a lot of people on here with very good investigative skills and often have a lot of motivation to do actual research rather than take what is being spoon fed to us. I'd like to see if there is any interest in finding some serious topics of interest that members could do research into and collaboratively come to some sort of conclusion.

Now I suggest to stay away from politics unless it can be designed in a debate format, like the pro's/cons of a topic. A lot of threads are already like this to a large extent but they often rely on anecdotes from members, questionable sources and other similar issues. There are a lot of problems facing the country which I have little faith in the government (largely due to the backing of lobbiests and pandering to the voters) to come up with workable solutions.

IDK if there are any other sites where this kind of collaborative research work is done, it seems like it could be modeled after the open source software community - at least as a starting point, and maybe some smart people might stumble into each other and come up with some useful ideas.

I know we have the Skunkworks section but that really seems like niche topics, often not even covered by the MSM and on the verge of "tinfoil hat" classification. I'm not talking about who killed JFK or if a UFO really crashed at Rosewell (there's already sites dedicated to those). I'm talking about:
current social, social-economic, government issues,

education - public vs private vs charter vs homeschool), school curriculum, school provided meals, sports in school

College education - paying sports players - seperating sports from acedemic institution (have "associated teams" where students don't have to take fake classes but they get paid to be on the team) - affirmative action & related issues, cheating admittance scandal & more

healthcare - single payer, complete "socialized care" meaning everyone is covered, ACA benefits/drawbacks, etc),

Law enforcement - having police publish all arrests online w/n 24 hours on their website & a centralized - state and or federal, use of force, personal liability of officers, accessibility of body/car cams & making recordings unalterable w/ redundant backups, publishing daily crime reports (citations, arrests, reports, etc) and 9/11 calls - like where crimes are being reported, descriptions of suspects, etc


Alternative & "green" energy vs fossil fuel - viability of nuclear, effects of wind and solar. Cost down the road to manufacturing when entry to market is prohibitively expensive b/c they have to build own power plant instead of buying power from coal/nat gas/nuclear plant (when we are talking about a 500MWH/day, that would be impossible for that business to start - examples are aluminum/steel manufacturing, heavy equipment manufacturing (catapillar, John deere, etc).

Technology & it's intrusiveness in life -social media, google phone & what's app - keeping written log of everything you say! What if you are on the phone with an attorney or doctor? What happens to the confidentiality? Or husband/wife (can they take the 5th against each other since a 3rd party has transcript of their conversation & be compelled to testify against spouse?) There are a lot of landminds that have been set and I'm scared that no one in the media has even bothered to report on these things and the general public doesn't care b/c they think it will never effect them until it hits them in the face like a sledge hammer swung by Ser Gregor Clegane (The Mountain from Game of Thrones - real name: Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, lol

Child rearing in a changing world - traditions to keep, things that should be changed, things that were better in the past, things that are a major failure in today's world

Poverty - from urban to poor rural/mountain areas - health care coverage for these people (access is often difficult, especially for rural), hospital & doctor "deserts" as well as food deserts (healthy) in urban areas. poverty & crime (chicken & egg). Resources & where they are available & not available. Effects of voting (distance to polls, availability of travel, ID's, etc)

SPLC, ADL & other NGO's with too much power to criminalize our own citizens - these are unelected people who can put anyone on a terrorist watch list and ignore those with whom they agree!

2nd amendment & ALL it entails - should felons loose right to own guns after they have paid their debt? (shall not be infringed) Is it legal to ban ANY firearm? (even full auto and large caliber - 20mm+) - Are concealed carry permits even legal to require? (there's no talk about obtaning a license to bear arms...) - theres much more here as well.

I'll stop, but as you can see, there are some serious issues we face and when we allow the MSM to cover this, we are left arguing over the false narratives they feed us. It's time to research on our own, come up with our own conclusions, maybe submit it to the MSM and podcasts (after being reviewed and polished by the group). Allow the media to respond to actual cited sources (backed up with more sources & possible interviews). This would be GREAT practice for anyone going into college or in college b/c you might not even get this kind of experience in most college studies - just the pre-packaged & stamped curriculum

So what say you? This can be done off site, we can start a group on another site to do the research but this is a good place to find people from both sides of the isle, and honestly that is what i want, people to tell me I'm wrong and why, so I can better learn my viewpoint and rethink my opinion(s).

If there are takers, I'd like to see some publication on youtube of the view from both sides so we can get feedback from YT viewers - just an idea though.

Who's coming with me? Any takers?

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 05:22 AM
I've got a topic for you...

Who really is "they"? - Call it 'Big Brother', or deep state, or Illuminati or any of about a dozen other common names. Is there one group, or one goal? What is the end game? What is success to him, it or they?

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 05:57 AM

originally posted by: Flyingclaydisk
I've got a topic for you...

Who really is "they"? - Call it 'Big Brother', or deep state, or Illuminati or any of about a dozen other common names. Is there one group, or one goal? What is the end game? What is success to him, it or they?

Well I think "they" would vary from person to person and their political beliefs. But I do think many would admit that "they" might refer to the following:
-entrenched politicians who tell their constituents whatever they want during campaign/election time
-Lobbyists and the revolving door of positions in Washington and state gov's. One year they are a US rep, then they work for a lobbying firm, then back to the house/senate and mysteriously are fearsome supporters of the industry they just lobbied for.
-bureaucrats that do basically nothing and have cushy jobs, can't explain what they do when asked (even by family and friends) and I'm not talking about spooks or people working in intelligence
-NGO's that write laws, create policy, help raise campaign money, etc - think of the CFR, TLC, SPLC, ADL, CAIR and others
-Some FBI, CIA, NSA, NRO - often high ranking officials who are not elected but hold massive amounts of power. Think of SC Mueller - probably the most powerful man in the US during the investigation (b/c he could investigate Trump & target attorney & family) - this seems odd, I would tink a position like this would need to be elected or chosen in some other manner.
-Fed chairman
-Sate dept employees (Ambassadors & staff in foreign countries) the same ones often server both parties b/c it helps to have someone in country that the locals trust. These positions are ripe for abuse
Military - Often follow orders regardless of consequences, morality and integrity - then there are others that are opposite of that.
Police - this is questionable. I'm talking more big city like NYC, Chicago, LA, Baltimore, San Fran, etc. Entrenched (unfireable) career policeman who are protected by unions and often charges against them disappear (sometimes along with the witness)
IRS - Many of these are unwitting dupes or they need the paycheck. There is good argument that much of the tax ode is illegal and many IRS agents will admit this off record or after they quit. The US supreme court upholds verdict s b/c if they didn't' they would be out of a job and there would be blood in the streets much focused on IRS & ther agents.

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 06:23 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

I think maybe you missed my point a little. I was referring to the larger "they". We know government and politicians have a 'they' component to them, but for the most part these people are just foot soldiers for the larger "they". These entities may think they're controlling things, but they are not, 'they' are merely pawns in a much larger philosophical "they".

This is the "they" I was referring to. The shadow government "they". The Bilderburg "they". The CFR "they". Etc.

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 06:49 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof

Sign me up - anything having to do with insider trading, financial engineering, covert trade deals, etc. would spark my interest and I'd be happy to collab

posted on Mar, 26 2019 @ 09:51 AM
ATS has a research forum.
And an attempt was made to revive it late last feel free to us this tool.
It is restricted to "scholars", so regular members will need to part of a research team.

To achieve Scholar status - which is only to be achieved upon the acknowledgement that an effort to maintain it will be needed, you first of all need to PM either DrumsRfun, eriktheawful, or one of the Super Moderators****

Members should avail themselves of the already-in-place forum:
The Research Forum Revival

The forum:

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