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A good attorney knows the answers to his/her questions

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posted on Mar, 25 2019 @ 10:23 PM
It's like a painter mixing his own colors. The President, regardless of what people think, he knows the political game at the ground level and has survived the economic "you scratch my back, I scratch your back" of the "there is no such thing as a minnow surviving among the sharks". The President is a shark, but he made out to be a toothless shark, maybe he truly is humble after all these years of screwing up people lives, and now showing his forgiveness by taking all these attacks on him and his family since his presidency with a shark with no teeth. But remember a human can eat a banana with no teeth. We all been hearing that America is now a Banana Republic. It is something to think about.
The catch here is the President can eat a banana the way he wants to. As Frank Sinatra sang "I Did It My Way", we'll the President will do it his way and the melody to doing it his way is the advice of his attorneys knowing the answers to their question.
The President goal was and was only this: To bring down President Obama for insulting him in front of the whole world.
The spider web was being thought of the moment his family said "go ahead and run" for the President of the United States. And that thought was to NAIL Obama.
It's coming your way soon.
Notice how Hilary is now out of the limelight and Obama is trying to pump up his credibility. Putin is Obama's ace in his pocket. Something fishy about why it was Putin against/for (LOL) Trump.
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