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How do you get over someone that you love?

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posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 02:46 AM

In my experience, there's no way to actually getting over someone you loved so much.

It seems, everyone's experience is unique. I have gotten over so many people, and I can look at someone I absolutely collapsed if I saw them and cried uncontrollably for the next hour, and feel nothing anymore. I can watch videos of someone I MADLY and PASSIONATELY loved so much I screamed to the Universe, "WHYYY!!" in tears in the middle of the night in a forest, and feel completely neutral about them.

So, there ARE ways to get over someone, no matter HOW large the emotional lust was. And notice, I am not using the word 'love', as I think what Jesus talked about was actually LOVE... if it's love, it's platonic, it's selfless. If there's ANY hint of 'wanting to own' or 'wanting to hug' (not just to GIVE a hug, but to RECEIVE one), or jealousy/envy, it's not love, it's emotional lust.

What gets confusing, is that these two CAN exist simultaneously.. if you LOVE a lot, there's nothing to get over. If you emotionally LUST a lot, it's a very bitter and powerful pain, very hard to get over (but in time, at least I can, maybe others can, too)

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 02:49 AM

There's nothing you can do pal. It just takes time.

Plenty you can do.

You can do constructive things, work on building your self-esteem back, or you can do destructive things, pine and drink and do something stupid as well.

Plenty you can do. Nothing you HAVE to do, but plenty you can do.

You can meditate, you can exercize, you can process your emotions - you can practice mindfulness, you can use hypnosis, you can distract yourself, you can contemplate, reflect, take this as an opportunity to learn. You can pray, you can bless, you can help others, you can help yourself, you can express gratitude for the pain that lets you pay your karmic debts and learn about life and ultimately, yourself.

How can you say there's nothing you can do?

Also, please learn what Oxford Comma is.

posted on Oct, 2 2020 @ 02:52 AM

You don't get over it...You learn to live with it...

You DO get over it.

I have gotten over devastating hearbreaks, I think anyone can, if they just eventually let go and focus properly, and do the work.

It can take a long time, but you DO get over it.

I mean, think about how long Eternity is.. if you never get over anyone, you would have like 3000 people in your heart RIGHT NOW making you devastatingly sad, and you'd have to "live with it". No, you have lived multiple incarnations already, and you won't remember THIS particular broken heart even in your next incarnation, let alone 8 incarnations into the future.

You definitely DO get over it - that's what Karma is all about! Karma exists so you don't HAVE to 'live with' your bad deeds, but you can get over them by making amends and learning from them. You suffer because you caused pain, so now you don't have to carry that bad deed of yours in your conscience for all eternity.

Same happens with everything - you get over even the worst trauma, EVENTUALLY.

posted on Jun, 15 2021 @ 07:16 AM
Yes, t is painful, of course, especially when one has vested so much time, effort and love into a certain individual. BUT - that pain is temporary. It's ok to love someone enough to let them go so that you can find your true twin flame, the one the universe still has waiting for you.

Always remember that you are a gem, irreplaceable, so much so that the universe put you here for that reason alone.

Choose happiness over history.

Best of luck.

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