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The Elohim?

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posted on Mar, 12 2019 @ 12:48 PM
The Elohim who is he or it?

And no I am not talking about God of the Jews or the Jewish God, I'm talking about the light one that gave sound int he dark void that was before all things became. The one that uttered the words "Let there be light" so profoundly that it created a chain reaction of which then became form and created life.

Who is he or it exactly? and What does it all mean?

posted on Mar, 12 2019 @ 12:55 PM
Because within the breaths lies the answers you need to continue. Sit Focus Breath IN Breath OUT again... IN ...OUT again..again...again

posted on Mar, 12 2019 @ 12:55 PM
Either it is a imaginitive dream figure, or he is closly related to Mithrandir.

I tend to think it is the second option, try ask him about the Valar.

posted on Mar, 12 2019 @ 02:02 PM

posted on Mar, 12 2019 @ 08:01 PM
a reply to: WanderingMrM

The first is the Alpha and the last is the Omega - the Jewish God the I AM that I AM.
Elohim is regarded as a name for God though it has other meaning's as well - all the name's we use for God were created by us except for the one he chose himself Jesus/Yeshua and it is only the fact we MEAN him that stop's it being a kind of idolatry.

Ya and El are both mostly interchangeable except that there are many EL and only one true YA.

When Moses/Moshe asked him whom he was he said "I am that I am" so "I AM" is a name he gave us and is regarded as holy when taken in the context of the TRUE GOD.

When he told Jacob that he would multiply his seed until they were greater than the sand's of the earth and the stars of heaven above he also said "And can YOU number them yet I ALONE whom CREATED them know there TRUE NUMBER" - no estimate, wild guess or quantum uncertainty there but there actual true number.

In the beginning was God and with God was the Word and the WORD was GOD and God SAID (the first word) "LET THERE BE LIGHT" and he saw that the light was good and divided it from the darkness obviously in the primal divine language that ONLY GOD knows (or perhaps no language at all as we interpret such in our limited time bound view of a limited reality) all else and all other's only came into being after the primal creation but God was there and is there for he is also OUTSIDE of time and so when Jesus said before Abraham "I AM" not WAS he is pointing out that he is present there at that very moment as he IS at the beginning and IS at the end - he came into his own yet it knew him not - "I AM".
God is beyond our comprehension, one of the argument's that many had against Jesus being God was that they could not wrap there own limited faith around the concept of an infinite being manifesting as a man and yet - how could he be an infinite being if he could not manifest as a man so there argument is actually blasphemous against God's infinite power?.

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posted on Mar, 12 2019 @ 11:59 PM
Darth Vader ?

posted on Mar, 13 2019 @ 11:03 AM
a reply to: WanderingMrM

Elohim is the Godname assigned to the third member of the Supernal Triad:
Kether: Ehyeh ("I am"),
Chokmah: Yahweh (earlier form: Yah),
Binah: Elohim.
They correspond to:
in the Egyptian Ennead and to:
in the Hindu trimurti.

Elohim is referred to in the opening chapters of Genesis. As it is a femininine noun with a masculine plural ending, the King James I (mis)translators distorted the mystical meaning of the word in translating it as "God." They had no understanding of the fact that different Godnames appear in the creation myth according to the metaphysical context, and these should not - just for the sake of preserving monotheism - be translated as the same word "God". The differences are what have generated the pantheons of gods and goddesses in every ancient religion. One cannot understand the subtle differences of meaning in the various Divine Names except by discovering that their gematria number values are powerful, universal, mathematical prescriptions of reality (in fact, all realities). They determine mathematically in the world of sacred number and geometry the theoretical backdrop to much of today's discoveries in science. For example, 26 is the gematria number value of Yahweh, and quantum mechanics requires spinless 1-dimensional objects called "strings" to have 26 space-time dimensions in order to be consistent with the requirement that two quantum observable operators defined at two points with a space-like separation should commute (two space-time events can have no causal connection if they lie outside each other's light cone). I can give dozens of other examples of how the Godnames mathematically determine the characteristic parameters of all kinds of scientific entities.
Elohim is the Godname that functions in the Archetypal World of Atziluth. It is assigned to Binah, the third member of the Supernal Triad. It may be thought of as God in self-reflection, establishing in an internal way the relationship between the object to the subject, or "Logos." Elohim gives metaphorical flesh to the Divine Will, resident in Ehyeh and expressed actively through Yahweh, although only in amorphous possibilities.

posted on Mar, 14 2019 @ 08:37 AM
a reply to: micpsi

So if an Elohim were to be let's say in flesh and blood upon the Earth that it would make It,Him or Her the Divine Will Of Creation on Earth?

Has this ever occurred in human history before and what would it mean?

If it did occur before would this also formulate towards such mythical figures as Thot or Merlin?

posted on Mar, 14 2019 @ 05:01 PM
a reply to: WanderingMrM

It has, God has walked upon the earth many time's, Jesus IS God incarnate and those that argue against that are actually denying God's omnipotence as in there limited view of reality God can not make himself small enough to appear as a man.

There is a story from the Coptic faith about Child Jesus while he was in Egypt one day taking two ball's of clay by the bank's of the river and shaping them in his hand's, he then blew on them giving them life and released them, these two doves them flew away.

So Thor, big muscle bound dood that can crush a big angry walnut with a mighty hammer but can he make a dove, can he make a sick child live - no he and non of the Norse God's could - they themselves were thoroughly mortal and could not in turn rise from death if they died.

Jesus also fixed reality at other time's, a guy born without eye's, he took some soil, spat into it (hey's it's God's spit so more alive than you or me) and put it were the man's eye's should be then told him to wash it off, when he did he could see, he had eye's and he could see too much as he described men as tree's walking because he could not only see outside but inside them were there vein's and bone's were so Jesus then touched him again and took his hand's away and he could then see human's as the rest of us do rather than from that higher dimension he had only peered into.

Merlin on the other hand was never though of as a god though some story's make him out to be a magician, other's a sage and others a prophet, Arthur had nothing to do with Merlin legend's until much later when these two legend's were merged by medieval writers and so they were originally independent figures and Merlin was not Arthur's magician and indeed Merlin may even have been created by just such a writer meaning that only Arthur then remain's as a genuine legend though Merlin was definitely based on another person, in fact several other people, this writer was named Geoffrey of Monmouth and so Merlin is actually a chimera of legendary figures made into a single imaginary person he created as a literary tool.

One story about one of the REAL legendary figure's merlin was based upon and in Geoffrey's' version this is Merlin.
After the Roman's had left the shores of Britain petty rulers rose up to claim and divide the province among themselves, one by the name of Vortergern or King Vortergern even hired some Saxon mercenary's by the name of Hengist and Horsa (whose name's meant the stallion and the horse so they were in fact probably as much of Hun ancestry as of Saxon ancestry - remember the Hun's and conquered and subjugated the Germanic people's including the Saxon's before intermarrying with them and some even believe that Atilla's unwilling Germanic wife may have poisoned him.
After these mercenary's won Vortergern plenty of battle's and had expanded his territory many time's over he betrayed them and did not pay them so they turned and conquered HIM then brought there relatives over from Germania taking local woman as there wives, this was the start of the Anglo Saxon period.

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