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Ghazal challenge

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posted on Feb, 17 2019 @ 05:08 PM
I recently discovered a form of Arabian poetry known as a Ghazal. Had a lot of fun composing it and would like to extend an invitation and challenge to my fellow ATS'ers which consider themselves to be poets.

The form is of 5-15 segmented couplets each with the same number of syllables. The first couplets lines each end with a radif, a word or phrase then repeated in each second line, preceded in each instance by a refrain, or rhyme. These poems are traditionally expressions of love, whether carnal, romantic, or divine. Funny then that I wrote it on valentines day, though there was no single recipient held in mind; I rather tried to focus on the expression itself.

Syllables: 12 Radif: mi amor Refrain: old

I stare up at the stars shining cold, mi amor
The more I gaze the more I grow bold, mi amor

The weight of your thoughts fall upon me like shadows
Running away as the sun grows old, mi amor.

A flower floated along the river today
Laden with dreamlike love made of gold, mi amor

Sorrows run deep and tangle with grief as I feel
The depths of pain which fill you like mold, mi amor

The sun shines bright through your smile which alights new life
Inside of a wearied mind on hold, mi amor

The clouds themselves cry the tears you wish to release
Hiding the joy I wish to unfold, mi amor

Your silence is golden relief etched with my pain
Remnants which yet linger in the fold, mi amor

Your caress lingers yet upon me like a shroud
Whispering of a love kept untold, mi amor


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