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There is no right or wrong, but thinking makes it so

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posted on Feb, 13 2019 @ 05:40 AM
Shakespeare's Hamlet Act 2:Scene 2

Why, then, ’tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

Today I woke up struggling with so many issues. Yesterday I think we all let a bit of steam off politically, as people and media, and it was a day cold reality biting. For me there seems no political blueprint for the future and we need to make up some new plans because we have outgrown the old clothes. That is, I believe, why we are rooting for the tribal identity, for our "roots" because everything is so very uncertain and precarious. I am not even slightly nationalist and even I have caught this fever. I have been relating my Christianity back to its roots in Judaism and uniting the two (very successfully indeed) as the old Christian methods of Catholicism, Orthodoxy, modern day Churches have not been working for me (they got corrupted and ruined). I have been trying to establish a link with my biological dad too after being apart all our lives. Politically, people have been doing the same. Curiously though, I have not been doing that politically as I am very clued up consciously about how dangerous, extreme and ugly it gets. I have been looking at the big picture of world state relationships. That is where the real action is. It even determines national government policy, success and failure. Thast is why I worry about international politics the most. These state relationships make and break economies, make friends and foes, competitors and enemies. That impacts our wealth and well-being fundamentally.

Politically I am very worried as the extremism in the West I believe is ruining our lives and beginning to ruin our economies too. It is inhibiting economically and socially. The Brexit scenario is only making us worse off as I knew it would. People are hell bent for leather and seem to think it will answer all their woes, but it will just create a lot of even worse ones.

This morning I had a nice Colombian coffee and a pipe of green and suddenly into my mind's ear (yes, we have a mind's ear too) this sentence shone like a little ray of psychic sunshine,

"There is no right or wrong, but thinking makes it so".

It is interesting because the Hamlet quote is related to good and bad, but whatever creative process was at work in my thoughts and inspiration, the words formed themselves thus. Stuff like this happens to me often as I am a creative thinker, every waking hour and even in my dreams.

I was taken aback with the verbal grandeur of this. It has been ages since I read Shakespeare, very many years. I could not even remember where this came from or if it was even a quote. I searched it out online and then remembered it was from Hamlet. How perculiar that my thought processes had twisted this to another more profound subject referral.

I instantly applied this healing sentence to the wounds of my disturbed psyche and all the pieces have fallen into place once again (for now). I must admit that the challenge of establishing some kind of structure of relationship with my dad so late in the game is going to be ridiculously hard work for me emotionally (and I expect him too) though harder for me. I was wanting to back out of the thing entirely and then the feelings of guilt came that I was being somehow wrong for wanting to back out of the forthcoming experience and storm upon the shore of my psyche.

Politically I have never been faced with so little choice of fool or fool in British politics. I have no political interest in either. One is leading us to more hardship and the other would be cataclysmic, even internationally, if ever given a chance at leading Britain. I get very angry at the MSM for not representing our needs while distributing such outworn and now hated, done and dusted, out with the trash Liberal Ideology that the vast majority no longer want. I am a Liberal refugee, a migrant to the right. I will stay moderate, but I am not going back to that crazy destructive political land until it gets real about itself.

In the past I have held views counter to those I hold now. I once believed that identity politics was everything and that people relating themselves to an identity might help get them better rights and lives in the West. The reality has been that it is bringing fragmented politics and extremism to ourt societies. Instead of one big camp we are in lots of little tribes projecting our difference onto others as a weapon. There have been gains, but at what expense? I would say the expense has been political annihilation and causing a tsunami of destruction of credibility for those who are writing the narrative on our behalf.

Globalism introduced identity and nationalism the very day it examined Israel as an Amsterdam diamond merchant would. When it gleamed desirously bright it brought with it what is good enough for one is good enough for all. Globalism never stood a chance hiding the Israel secret of nationalism to the point of religion while telling everybody else they must be prepared to give up identity and all culture for the sake of Globalism. Curiously though, the globalists then started enforcing certain minorities on us of a "new order"; particularly the black agenda, LGBT and feminism while doing down certain established identities like Christianity and Western nationalism, as well as scapegoating the white male as the devil (repeating the same mistakes all over again, nothing learned). That fiendish plan was never going to work and has stirred up a right old dust devil of confusion and retort. The backlash and the backfiring gun have only just begun, believe it.

As always, irony wins the day. If it had been the other way round where extreme right wing nationalism imposed itself dictatorially then the same backfiring would have happened. It is our only protection against extremism of any kind. My advice to myself is always stay as central as I can, especially politically. I am human too. I have felt the tug of projection, hate and my own prejudices calling me to war, telling lies like a demon that I might make some kind of gain out of it. The truth is I will not make a dime out of it, only lose my last one. I would just bring a whole heap of trouble upon myself politically and socially.

It is our human minds, our thoughts that manufacture good and evil, right and wrong. It does not exist outside of us, only on this level. The devil can only act in the world through the human mind. Whatever politics I have, if my heart is right and what I want is a good thing, then goodness of intent shall prevail, be it slightly to the right or slightly to the left. It is my motive that makes a good or evil thing, not my politics. If I back out of seeing my dad because it is too disturbing for me and has a negative impact then it is only wise I back out for my survival's sake (my life is very hard already). If politically what you want is not just selfish and if it is common good then it does not matter if you are Republican or Democrat because - most importantly - your heart is in the right place! Know your motives. Be politically conscious.

See how using our visionary capabilities can help us in our thought processes and establishing our motives and agendas. This is a prime example of how I use my visionary and creative ability in everyday reality. Thanks for that, Will' Shakespeare. Thanks for that dear Spirit who helps me.

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posted on Feb, 13 2019 @ 05:54 AM
Sorry but you missed the point of your thread.
It is, that if you teach your thoughts that, then you will teach your children that. A good example is the gang rate among young folks these days. There is a BIG difference BETWEEN RIGHT AND WRONG.

But your thread was an interesting read.

I hope when you meet your real father he will also tell from his experience, there is a difference between right and wrong.

Oh, and by the way, there ain't no freak'n devil among us. A spiritual one that is.

posted on Feb, 13 2019 @ 06:08 AM
a reply to: Malak777

I am your neighbor. I didn't go as deep as you, but I found myself turning off the national news. It is nothing but an entertainment show, filled with articles to manipulate how we think, feel and behave. Though it is important for me to know what is happening locally, a forum on Facebook, which I hate by the way, gives me up constant updates in real time.

Living in the country, minding your own business means staying off our neighbors property, but yields a special oral, now posting, art form.

I started going to the world news websites to get just a brief run down on what is happening outside of my neck of the woods. What I found is really troubling to me, but I realize that they have to function the way they do, because if people were truly aware of all the events that are happening on our planet, we may just realize that we are being kept ignorant for a reason, and if enough people started connecting the dots, the powers that be would be afraid of us. If enough of those that have connected the dots started working together, they would be terrified, because we would no longer be under their control.

posted on Feb, 13 2019 @ 07:22 AM
a reply to: musicismagic

I'm sorry, but you have missed the point of the thread. Good and evil do not exist outside of the human mind (and in the minds of any other entities Elohinm related too if you believe they exist), but bad intention, ill will on this earth only get access via the human mind. It is our response of our moral consciousness to our drives where the battle is fought, always! Every impulse, urge and drive of will, if we want to have any conscious purpose other than it being a brute act of will, must meet at the gateway to reality the morality soldiers of our own control.

Quite clearly there are many devils plaguing us. Did you not notice all the violence, terroism, extremism, abuse, exploitation and greed? The devil (even as a metaphor for our corruption and behaviour) is most assuredly among us and only gets access through our brains. We make good and evil like little factories of industry without truly knowing the entire nature of each. That is why human beings are such "loose cannons". We manufacture good and evil and are only ever half awake to the definition and the application of either divers form of behaviour. Did I not just write that? If I wrote that then you tell me I am saying what I wrote does exist does not exist then you are telling lies about me. Please understand that.

You have said my thread is denying the existence of good and evil and then you say the devil does not exist. Your reasoning is not computing. It is like you are reacting in a contrary way to me, whatever it takes, even if it means exposing your faulty reasoning for all to see.

Regarding my dad (I don't use the word "father" for my earthly male parents), I probably will be backing out of it as it is too much for me to handle right now. I will still write to him, but this late in the game it will be more negative than positive for both of us perhaps. It is not bad of me to do this as I believe the outcome of trying to establish a bond may work negatively for one or both of us at this point in time. It is an informed decision, a "no" response. It is harder to say "no" than "yes", but sometimes we have to say "no" to protect us. Jesus said to be a definite "yes" or "no" because all else is from the evil one and causes at best a lot of confusion and loss of direction. If your competitor has direction and you do not it follows the direction that is established will still get followed while you are not moving anywhere. Who has the advantage then?

I don't think you read my thread properly as you would have noticed I said there is a devil, that there is evil in politics. I was not saying good and evil don't exist. You are not understanding the way older English works. It is not meaning good and evil do not exist. Perhaps you miss the British irony of expression? I will use that sense of irony again in a moment in this response. See if you can find where I use it? Now please understand this most importantly,

It is meaning our thinking makes good and evil on this earth exist.

That is what Shakespeare was meaning and what I am meaning. You have made a false criticism of my thread because you failed to understand this.

Regarding my weaving of my dad into this. I am using a technique of mixing two connecting subjects together. Yes, there is use of emotional impulses, but the thread is not about emotion per se.

I am not looking for comments relating to my dad. I put this under political ideology for a very good reason. The "dad" thing is a metaphor, not the subject. Please recalibrate your perception accordingly or you will be missing the whole point.

I am trying to tell you that goodness of intent in politics is everything and it happens on both sides of the fence. Many of us drift from one to another to meet our needs according to what the politicians tell us they are going to do and what they have done.

On that basis how can we have a political identity? I do not have a political identity. I make choices every election about which is the lesser evil where possible. That is how I have had to do things up until now. I believe Winston Churchill caught wind of this and had the same ironic response to democratic politics.

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posted on Feb, 13 2019 @ 07:52 AM
a reply to: Malak777

So you have discarded your moral compass along with the golden rule.

Right this way.

I hope this helps guide you down the path you have chosen.

posted on Feb, 13 2019 @ 08:08 AM
I agree with your thread title, Its been in my signature since Ive been here.

What I mean by it though is more long term, more in a karmic kinda way.

Your threads always seem to come back to Nationalism, Tribalism, Israel, and more tellingly whats good for Israel.
I think this is the problem with Zionists, whether Jewish or Christian, the world will always be seen through the lens of whats good for Zion.

The truth is the world the Zionists want is an unachievable utopia that even if it came about would result in the complete rebuilding and reshaping of what western culture is.
They want people to forget their culture and heritage in the name of progress and globalism and people are starting to wake up to it.
They werent consulted or even taken into consideration in most cases and on the few opportunities they were given to speak out, things like Brexit happened.
People are becoming more Tribal because they are basically under attack.
This is the first ever real experiment in mass migration in history, prior to recent times the only way you saw this many foreigners in your culture was if you had been successfully invaded, if you look at the demographics of these "migrants" it does indeed seem very similar to what an invasion would consist of.

Its interesting that you always connect these things to Israel because behind nearly every political push, NGO, positive news story that promotes mass migration, 9 times out of 10 you will find a Zionist
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posted on Feb, 13 2019 @ 10:05 AM
I'm probably wrong on this but I believe Shakespeare was referring to perceptions. It was a summary of how vastly views differ based on perception and circumstance. Once again, I'm probably mistaken but that's how I perceived it. *Wink*

As far as the media and politics go, it can take a toll on you if you let it. It's a business and they peddle in fear and hatred for ratings and profit but ask yourself this:

In the last few years, which social or political issues changed how you go about your daily life and how so?

I believe if people answered that question honestly, most would come to the conclusion that their lives aren't as impacted by the changing political climate as they once thought. I see the MSM as a show meant to divide and entertain us all at once and it's working like a charm.
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posted on Feb, 13 2019 @ 11:48 AM

originally posted by: Malak777
Shakespeare's Hamlet Act 2:Scene 2

Why, then, ’tis none to you, for there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

"There is no right or wrong, but thinking makes it so".

It is interesting because the Hamlet quote is related to good and bad, but whatever creative process was at work in my thoughts and inspiration, the words formed themselves thus. Stuff like this happens to me often as I am a creative thinker, every waking hour and even in my dreams.

There is no right or wrong in a post-modernism way of thinking which is considered to be poo-poo by many people on the right. According to the right-wingers, there is one "right" way of thinking. Many people on ATS believe their own opinions are absolute truths. The problem with politics in this country is there is absolutely no respect for anyone who has a different opinion than someone who believes their own opinion is a fact. People give lip-service to supporting democracy, people give lip-service for supporting the Constitution, but for the people who believe their own opinion is a fact there is only one type of government that represents their mindset. And that government is a military style right wing dictatorship. People hate Congress. People hate Democrats. People love the military. What the right wingers want is STRONG leadership than can only come from authority worship you get from dictatorship.

You might be interested in this video on an interview with Andrew Yang who is running for president. His analysis on why Trump got elected is very scary if it is true:

The basic argument was HUGE increase in productivity through robotics, AI, and other types of automation is causing workers to lose their jobs. The workers displaced by automation are the ones who put Trump in office. Andrew claims we are the cusp of a 4th Industrial revolution in which 5 to 10 million people will have enough productivity and capacity to provide all the manufacturing needed for the entire population. The problem is 50 to 100 million workers will no longer be able to find employment within a short 5 to 10 year time frame. The result will be 1930 style riots and protesting with untolled amounts of human misery. Andrew's solution is to provide a $1000 per month freedom dividend to each worker. This money can be used for creating new culture and opportunities in order to prevent mass rioting and economic collapse.

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posted on Feb, 13 2019 @ 09:18 PM
I try to look at the world through the lens of several of my past acquaintances who were Russian. Russians and many slavic societies perceive the world differently than our western culture. There is no black and white. There are only varying shades of grey.

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