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United States Aid Contacts and History

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posted on Feb, 11 2019 @ 12:54 AM
To those who want to truly try to make
a difference in The World,
I would suggest starting here.

I have caught some flak flying
at low altitude over here as of late for my
"Controlled Opinions".
I believe that was the charge.

To be clear, I stand by my assessment.
Even though I find no joy in it.

For those interested in history :

Please feel free to join the effort
in the myriad ways available to
elevate Humanity.

From experience, there is no solution.
However, YOU can make a Difference
in peoples lives!

We are all on this fleeting path alone.
And yet, arguably together.

Simply enough, without a clean and
orderly house, failure is certain.
Disease is insidious, and
death comes swiftly and without reason.

Lastly, It must be said and said again
There is no equality unless we are all equal
under the law.

go out and help your fellow countrymen and
neighbors,and then go out and help the world.

But never forget to define
What is help?

Help is not a feel good ,massage the guilt, cocktail party,
feather in my cap , look at me , Kaepersputnik headline,
country club fundraiser. Believe me , I have been there.

Help is sacrifice. Real get on the cross and give your life
for another sacrifice. Jump on a grenade type action.

So,while all your stars in Hollywood go on worshiping themselves
while Satan laughs at them all,
will you pick up the packages and crates that will be sent
to you in some God Forsaken Malaria infested corner
of the world and hand deliver them to the people in need,
or will you let the Warlords soldiers confiscate them
at the point of service? I.E. Joke of a Post Office.
Oh , I forgot, you have an APP for that.

Good God Almighty!

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posted on Feb, 21 2019 @ 10:39 PM
a reply to: Wildmanimal

Did you catch my drift?
Did you look into who has infiltrated
U.S. Aid?
Did you follow the money?



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