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Best Aggressive Dog Training Video Ever!

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posted on Feb, 1 2019 @ 06:54 PM
This video was directed to me by the benevolent powers of the Universe.
(Actually, I was watching fight videos... "skaters vs." and this popped up.)

Much like the sheeple you deal with every day, dogs need guidance more than anything.
I have always taken a dominant approach to my dogs... they fear me, yet love me.

"Big Chuck" McBride explains it all...

posted on Feb, 1 2019 @ 08:35 PM
a reply to: DeReK DaRkLy

I thought it was going to show me how to make my dogs more aggressive, they are just way too mellow

posted on Feb, 2 2019 @ 05:06 AM
That was pretty insightful, cheers for sharing!

At first my thoughts were along the same lines as LAM, I was expecting something like this;

Dogs are smart 👍

posted on Feb, 2 2019 @ 07:52 PM
Cool guys. I am here to share what real knowledge I can filter out. Think of me as a reverse kidney or liver.

Get it? Whatever... LoL =)

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