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Rudolph Moshammer in stamp (murdered 6 weeks ago for refusing to pay gay hustler)

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posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 08:33 AM
The quickest beatification of an illuminati saint. Check stamp here:

6 weeks ago
January 18, 2005
Rudolph Moshammer murdered by gay hustler
Flamboyant German fashion designer Rudolph Moshammer, well known on Germany's celebrity circuit, was found strangled to death at his Munich villa. His body was discovered by his driver with a telephone cable around his neck. Moshammer, 64, built a reputation for the extravagant clothes he designed and wore. Munich police, a bit baffled by the lack of an obvious motive, are conducting investigations in Munich's gay community. There were no signs of a burglary or fight and no items of value had been removed. Among his clients were Austrian-born Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Las Vegas magicians Siegfried and Roy. BBC

Update: A young Iraqi man has confessed to murdering Moshammer after he refused to pay for sexual favors. Police arrested the 25-year-old suspect identified as Herisch A. after they found his DNA at the crime scene. Moshammer allegedly offered the man €2,000 ($2,600) for sexual favors when they met near Munich's main train station on Thursday evening. The victim "apparently refused to pay, which led to a dispute," police say. "Moshammer didn't have a chance."

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