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Why the left needs racism . . . even counterfeit racism

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posted on Mar, 18 2019 @ 01:40 AM

originally posted by: highvein

originally posted by: hubrisinxs
a reply to: Grambler

What other ethnicity crosses the southern border?

I have been to Mexico and Hondurans, and I must say I saw mainly Hispanic people, so I would assume that this is to keep them out.

Yes, the Hispanic Americans who agree with the wall are acting racist. Yes I said acting racist, cause I feel people can act racist in a specific action with out being racist, which is what I think the right is doing with the wall. I don't think most people on the right are racist but I also don't think they have really thought this one out as well as they possibly could.

I would also say that Obama and his administration was acting racist, when he made that list.

Last, I do think we should stop dangerous people from entering the country though a good vetting process, but I am also practical and understand that people who want to do violence and are evil wont let laws stop them.

I think both side are racist when it comes to immigration. Also, I think identity politics are taking up to much of both parties time, and that we have more pressing issues that the government needs to focus on.

If we want to stay great it will take a solid investment into education and fixing the affordable care act so that health care is truly affordable. Its seems both sides should be able to agree on this and get back to work, but instead all either side can do is name call and blame the other for being the true evil.

Hold on a second. Are you under the impression that there is only one race of Mexicans? You are confusing Nationality with Race. There are white Mexicans, black Mexicans, even Asian

Your wall is racist theory is not plausible.

They do the same with muslims. Which is not a race of all. No ‘race’ whatsoever can be attributed to Islam.

The VAAAST majority of muslims on earth are NOT middle eastern or Arabic or Persian.
Yet when the left hear ‘muslim’ they automatically think ‘middle eastern, Arabic, Persian’ and vice versa, they firmly believe that all middle easterners, arabs and Persians are muslim or are in some way related to Islam.

It’s because the left are racists. What other reason can there be?

posted on Jul, 29 2019 @ 06:09 PM
I just wanted to bump this thread because in January I really think I called it based on what we're seeing now.

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