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East coast of Australia to be hit with Tsunami before 2025

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posted on Feb, 5 2019 @ 05:41 AM

originally posted by: jinni73
a reply to: one4all

they have blocked the channel

gutless cowards.

Wow that was fast.

Antarctica is rotating out of its position soon, but now it is a perfectly preserved museum full of absolutely everything you could find today in Silicon Valley or NYC....and I mean EVERY ITEM.....the problem is the next set of Vlar Global Continental Displacement Waves is they are scurrying to retrieve remove and re-bury as much technology and data as they possibly can...this has massive recovery effort has been ongoing for MANY DECADES...its now new....just new to us.

Right now Canada is covered in ruins older than those in Antarctica....just below the surface......they are everywhere....and soon they will be covered in Jungle and Rainforest. Every Continent has its scars and evidence in the form of ruins from every single VGCDW event it experiences.

Antarctica is soon dropping down to become the new Canada and Canada is dropping down to the equator. Give or take a little lateral wiggle room there will be a lot of crunching and crashing as things crush into each other.Mountains will build.

I am not surprised at the suppressions although I did test that link after I posted it and it was good I said that was quick.

I have been preserving information on basic technologies and how to reproduce them from scratch....making glass , metal work from prospecting to mining to refining, medicine all natural cures from all Continents,making concrete, animal husbandry, the list is endless but its all simply data....directions....we need to begin constructing time capsules in case of a near ELE...full of data and instructions on basics of technology and language and knowledge of sonics and music ect ect.
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posted on Feb, 5 2019 @ 06:54 AM
a reply to: Flavian

If you are asking genuine questions then I have no problem being attacked If that's the way you want to word It.

I read an article that said there are not many archaeological items that date between this period and that One day the date was changed from something like 606 AD to 919 AD.

I'm not going to become an archaelogist to find out If this story Is true but I will put different reports together to try and see If the story has a chance of being correct or false. If I see a big arse rock coming by then my amazing Intuition will be proved right again just like It has hundreds of times before.

There was a great deal of activity around the year 500 with the catholics/romans Introducing the English language in 500 AD and then they teamed up the same year with the Khazars to form Islam have a look at how the arabs have been Invaded by the catholics with a book just like england
Ramadam is to create mental illness by eating food at the wrong time where your body does not digest anything after 5 o'clock at night this then upsets the digestive process which leads to brain impairment. To treat the women that bring men Into the world and get them to cover the skin up or be allowed to marry a young girl Is genocide maybe the Arabs can't work this food brain connection out.

you have to bear in mind that only 5% of the population could read or write, today only 5% of the population earn 50k a year all the rest earn 20K In the UK this 5% Is normally evident throughout all societies as you will now notice when you you study our history the ruling classes have always controlled what we believe through controlling the religions, books, media and governments you will normally only come across one report of the truth In a book normally you can get one line of truth about what's going on that fits along the line of truth that stands out clear as day |If you are willing to put aside the fact that you have been deceived by a powerful force that Is willing to execute anyone that points this out.
Take the catholic church It could not get a foothold In Druid worshipping England up until king Henry 8th wrote the 1539 Anglican bible putting his catholic bestowed title defender of the faith on the first page funny that king james added the same title Into his 1605 bible the title Is given to a foreigner working for the catholics oh and oxford university changed to catholicism in 1542.

History Is most certainly not what you are taught in most syllabuses and If you can get differing encyclopedias going back In 25 year Increments you will see them changing the details of the events.

So If a big rock comes flying past In 2 years I'm going to know that the date was more than likely changed In order to throw people off the truth as well as aligning with the numerology that they use against us The same people have been controlling all the countries for the last 10 thousand years
A good guide Is to study the religions, they change the religion every 2000 years the religion corresponds to the appropriate constellation that we are going through so we have 13 x 2000 year cycles hence the thirteen tribes that we are told Is 12 tribes. hinduism was formed 8000 years ago and tells us about reincarnation these religions gradually take us away from who we are, so we know about having many lives and that religion said so then the next religion zorostianism In 6000 years ago then judaism 4000 and then christianity 2000 so now they are going to make up the next one In order to control the way people think
The world needs to know about our origins and be told about the deception of the religions being used against Us this way It would release everyone from the trap religions create In our minds as once you implement gods law no-one can be above anyone else.

The first book the new testament was relating to agriculture used as a PR book to get people to start eating grains was written 10-11 thousand years ago and relates to agriculture and adam and eve and the giving of a 10% tithe to the romans, the roman god of agriculture Is called Saturn and Is obviously a saturnalian connection unless you don't want to see It, It doesn't matter what the saturnalian festival meant to the citizens of the time we need to focus on Its words and what they are telling us Macauley writes lots about saturnalian and bacchanalian debauchery being held In England before the 20th century. check out how the Irish were tortured then executed by the catholics In 1641 torrture Is the catholics preferred weapon this is why the CIA have torture bases all over the world they are working for the catholics as do the fbi muller is the son of a nazi bit funny trump Is going after the catholics.
I would of thought torture would create mental illness all through history the catholics have gained a foothold In a country and then when they have the advantage in numbers slaughter anyone not believing In the satanic deities they tell you are gods. jehovah and allah are named after the greek moon god Sin.

the adam and eve picture Is titled fall of man and they are holding food meaning man fell and Is able to be controlled through him eating food, this is why I bang on about how we are being made mentally ill through the toxicity of our food and air oh and water this is clearly satanic related If you want to take It at face value and work out what the words mean hidden in plain site
we are only meant to drink rain water, the cross means an unfolded cube which relates to saturn worship as does Islam in worshipping the black cube and a myriad of other names signs symbols companies sayings like hello good bye.

posted on Feb, 5 2019 @ 07:18 AM
a reply to: one4all

Fast Is when you write something and they turn your Internet connection off In order for you not to post It
you were allowed to post the link which is a really good sign why would they interfere If it wasn't relevant yet they are showing people this Is true In one way.
maybe a bit too much truth for them to handle and they will probably switch off

As I say I've had two reactions and both Indicate that this event Is now going to be managed for the preservation of the human race, now seeing they won't come and talk to me Its hard for me to work out what's really going on and the nuclear power stations are a real danger, If they are not decommissioned It may be a sign that they are going to screw us over But I don't think so once their plans get bought out Into the open It changes things I don't understand It fully or maybe even just a little bit

Mica Clay has the minerals In the correct particle size for our cells If you buy It rather than digging It up then you must buy pure Mica clay, this In pure water Is the only food we need and maybe a few drops of Hydrogen Peroxide think rain water and you won't go far wrong.
and you also have got emil jahrs 1905 patent for free electricity (free what a deceptive word)

remember the dumbs, high value assets will be taken down there when the time comes.

posted on Feb, 5 2019 @ 08:23 AM
a reply to: jinni73

Christianity arrive in Britain in the 3rd and 4th Centuries AD. Britain, for example, sent a delegation to the Council of Rimini in 353 AD. This was notable as they had to ask other deleagtes for funds ro retun home! (and is recorded).

You then had the Anglo-Saxon invasion in the 5th Century AD, although dates are uncertain. Procopius dates it to after the otherthrow of Constantine III in 411 AD. Other sources, such as Gildas, place it slightly later at around 470 AD (ish). This invasion initially replaced Christianity (in conquered areas) with a return to polytheism. However, the Gregorian Mission of 596 AD, sent by Pope Gregory, re established Christianity.

As a side note, the English language back then was closer to Germanic rather than the English of today.

Regarding Henry VIII, he was named Defender of the Faith for opposing Luther's Reformation. The pope later failed to grant him a divorce, leading to the Submission of the Clergy (1532) and the Acts of Supremacy (1534), which established the Church of England (and rejected Catholicism). As an additional way of cocking a snoop to the Catholic Church, he incorporated the name Defender of the Faith into the Anglican Church.

It is 100% false / inaccurate to claim that Roman Catholicism couldn't gain a foothold in Druid Britain. In point of fact, England's founding King (King Alfred) had undergone 2 pilgrimmages to Rome even before he attained to the throne - and that was around 750 years before Henry VIII. The very fact that Henry changed the national religion caused lots of internal strife and, ultimately, led to 2 Civil Wars over the next 100 or so years. You still find old building with "priest holes" in them - places Catholic families could hide Catholic priests.

posted on Feb, 5 2019 @ 02:57 PM
a reply to: jinni73

The grain con-job has been making us sick and killing us for a long long time...there is no such thing as word describes the physical characteristics of GRASS SEED....and grass will kill you if you eat it to much.....cows eat grass because their stomachs ferment it and they gain nutrition off of the bacteria they create....Gorillas eat Plants if they ate grass they would die.....Humans and Gorillas cannot break down grass and farm/culture bacteria off of it for nutrition like Cows can...getting people to eat grass seed is intentionally making them slowly ill.

IMHO most DUMBS are coffins no one will ever find....there is only one way to know where it will be safest...that is to understand the process and then to map it historically ...and with this everything is location...wrong location and your DUMB will end up 3000 feet under water or under a mile of lava....or 3 miles of sludge.....or under 3 miles of ice....but you wont know it because you will already be dead inside of it.

All major governments are in the know as are major religons and Corporate interests...but it matters not....for we have evidence of previous groups who have survived and we know how they did it and it was not in DUMBS which they could build as easily as us.

If you read the Sumerian and Annunaki stories you are reading about a primitive recovering stage of humanity that has already found weapons and technology they enmasse do not understand at all but technology which their very recent ancestors created and built . These weapons and technologies were found inside fortified mountains like Cheyanne and then some smart people began playing god DUMBS have been used in the past....we simply have evidence that they were not the origin points of recovered humanity....a recovered humanity RE-DISCOVERED THEM....but the fate of the people who were likely cowering inside these DUMBS as their fate was dealt to them remains unknown.

posted on Feb, 6 2019 @ 03:48 AM
a reply to: one4all

Wow. As the psychiatrist said to the patient wearing only cling film for underpants: "I can clearly see your'e nuts."

Have a nice day.

posted on Feb, 6 2019 @ 04:47 AM

originally posted by: oldcarpy
a reply to: one4all

Wow. As the psychiatrist said to the patient wearing only cling film for underpants: "I can clearly see your'e nuts."

Have a nice day.

My you are a persistant little cling-on aren't you.Do you know what that means Troll?It means you were given a popcorn trail here. I means welcome to my world. You were brought here for others to observe oldcarpy.As a lesson for them to learn from...
….there is a time and a place for everyone including you.
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posted on Feb, 6 2019 @ 05:01 AM
a reply to: one4all

Thanks for that. Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth.......

posted on Feb, 6 2019 @ 08:06 AM
a reply to: Flavian

The Catholics first Invaded England around 61 AD they Introduced the English language In the Year 500 and It Is said It took 200 years for the English to adopt It,
English Is a satanic language as Is Latin which was formed In 753 BC because the catholics worship satanism or saturn all these dates scream at you what's going on,
the numerology that connects all this is so blatant Its clear to me that 95% of the population must be retarded and when you get the british government asking Oxford university to study the SPICE project which said that It Is OK to spray 1 milion tonnes of sulphuric acid Into the atmosphere In order to prevent the planet heating and then they spray 20 million tonnes that then kill an admitted million people a year then you can see why people might be mentally ill.
. I'm not sure If you want to know the truth or just want to believe that what you believe Is true If you know how to read things HIDDEN IN PLAIN SITE Is related to the satanists having to tell us what they are doing this Is why I have stopped so many disasters as I find It easy to read. you can see that the fall of man engraving Is related to humans eating food tied to the fact that roman god Saturn Is directly tied to receiving a 10% tithe,
It Is known that the red Indians as well as the aussie aboriginies are the original humans and do not eat food they just drink the rain you can see they do not have the enzyme to remove alcohol you would only need the enzyme because the bacteria in our stomachs produce alcohol these connections are about as obvious as you can get wine would not be given by the son of god because it destroys our brains If people want to believe In jesus It Is a route to god but Its been made up by beings that live on saturn and that is a fact.

The Catholics Invade countries with Books look at what happened after Karl Marx a Jesuit priest wrote his pamphlet which funnily enough led to 54 governments being violently overthrown you cannot stage a revolution in a country without outside help
Seems funny the catholic church control 177 countries research Jus Cogens today with them being behind almost every invasion throughout history and the jesuits were notorious for starting wars In order to get control for the catholics

This Christianity word you use was only adopted by the Coptics around the year 330 AD where they added the symbol of the cross alongside The Seal of Solomon
The original christian religion was called the Maccabees set up In 42 AD 3 churches were set up the Coptics the Orthodox and the Maronites, the Maccabees goes back at least to 190 BC with Judah the Maccabee a great warrior who stood up against rome and died In 160 BC bit like genghis khan and rasputin all are villainised yet all stood against the Catholics.

The Catholics hijacked the Maccabee religion because It became so popular they set up the Church of Rome a little while after the Maccabees were formed The Catholics then annexed the Jews between 61-66 AD and wiped out the Maccabees between 64 and 264 AD Josepheus who was forced to write for the Catholics & was a member of the annexed Judean royal family,
Josepheus was said to have written about Jesus In 70 AD yet according to people who can read Aramaic there Is no mention of Jesus In his works you can actually go and view his original writings The secret history of Lucifer references this. you read the book and add In all the other Information you get and you make your decision on what Interpretation Is true
The catholics Invaded Russia In 1914 with the Bolsheviks and have wiped out 90% of the Orthodox Christians In the last 100 years
It by wiping out the maccabees and jews then Inserting he book Of Maccabees Into their Bible.

Regarding Henry VIII, he was named Defender of the Faith for opposing Luther's Reformation. The pope later failed to grant him a divorce, leading to the Submission of the Clergy (1532) and the Acts of Supremacy (1534), which established the Church of England (and rejected Catholicism). As an additional way of cocking a snoop to the Catholic Church, he incorporated the name Defender of the Faith into the Anglican Church.

And Again I tell you that BOTH king Henry and king James Inserted the catholic award to foreigners working for them the award Is inside the cover of both the bibles this is because It was the Catholics who wrote the bibles revelation anyone?

all religions are one religion no matter what It Is titled hundu islam church of rome & you have to look at oxford changing Its religion 3 years after Henry wrote the catholic bible henry was actually still King so how could Englands top school change to a catholic school under Henrys reign.
when things add up against things not adding up then we have to look at the fact that maybe someone was lying about the lie henry wanted a divorce and just wanted an excuse to enslave the british people to a satanic religion which Is exactly what he did,
have you read alberto rivera this is a jesuit whistleblower who exposed the catholics as trapping peoples souls Into Hell they use mental illness which confuses your soul and then you have to agree a different SET OF LAWS as gods laws are dont steal kill or injure another human, all humans are equal and there are no borders A king or queen Is a satanic concept and goes against gods laws.

The first Pope to visit Engalnd was In 1687 and a big Parade at Windsor was held for him fast forward 223 years and the saxe coburg took over the title royal family.
In 1911 the british aristocrats tried to bring In a law separating the royal family from the government in 1911 this was only finalised In 1949 churchill was a rothschild and they had to wait for the gap to bring this final part of the act In in 49.
1912 the titanic was sunk and ww1 was the first war that officers were killed the catholics then married the women of these aristocratic families just like they did at the beginning of the french revolution.
and the saxe coburg family changed their name to Windsor 1917

I know the Catholics were In England they managed to dupe enough of the English Into leaving 25% of their lands In return for a pass Into heaven around the 1200s
but the British people would not accept the catholic religion period and in 1539 King Henry wrote the Anglican bible a few years after tynedale translated It.
If England was against the catholic church why did Oxford University Install an altar In 1542 Oxford and Cambridge are clearly tied to the catholic church
This Is how various Individuals working for the catholics have robbed England over the last 100 years they have removed our constitution changed our treason laws introduced crime which was virtually unheard of before 1910, 120 murders for the previous 60 years and then you have the catholic weapon of pedophilia which creates mental illness.

Since maggie thatcher In 1979 the ruling classes have managed to get their tax contribution reduced by 185 billion pounds a year, even going to the length with the association of the american government to blackmail chancellor gordon brown that directly led to the 2008 financial crash

If you cannot comprehend the fact that a catholic title Is on the Inside cover of both Anglican bibles and the devil is called father of lies ?
There are none so blind as those that will not look.

posted on Feb, 6 2019 @ 09:22 AM
a reply to: one4all

Tesla said he could wrap a wire around the planet and steer It where ever he wanted.
Maybe they are also thinking about trying to blow up nibiru with the weapon that they might have In Russia.

I'm not convinced It Is as bad as only a few people surviving on each pass of this planet.

Adam and eve relates to hybridising humans to eat food by the anunaki or saturn's aliens,
I'm pretty sure the story goes back to the last Ice age 11700 years ago yet If this planet comes by every 3657 years then the change of religion every 2000 years wouldn't carry over with so many believing In these religions because most of them would have died, it cannot do as much damage as we think as the australian aboriginies and red indians are unaffected by this to the extent where they just move Inland so do we have to look at the oil and nuclear as the real problem?

all this technology that was hidden in the cheyenne mountains does and doesn't fit In, yep your point where humans would obviously hide their technology In as safe a place would stand yet we could get any technology we wanted from the aliens that visit us on a regular basis humans that have left earth in the past come back and pay homage to the Australian Aboriginies. the aussie government destroyed the stonehenge type site up In Northern NSW around 1930

The catholics/satanists primary goal was to sacrifice us to their saturnalian deities In 2012. was this to enable them to kill our planet with the nuclear/oil
put up some BS about reducing the population to 500 million with the georgia guidestones or Agenda 21 yet Its really about destroying life on earth in 2021 with the oil fields and nuclear power stations even the ships sunk In the world wars have enough oil In to ruin the oceans.
It looks like they are trying to destroy this planet as it Is gods original creation and I really can't see the good In these people at the top seeing they create & control all the prostitution.

Also there is nuclear waste buried underneath one gas tower in each of the gas sites here In England. of course you have got yellowstone and then there are other sites far more dangerous than yellowstone that they don't tell us about yet these can't be a problem due to the aboriginies still being here.

I guess the pyramids will kick In and maybe stabilise some stuff but the oil and nuclear need to be closed down, maybe they are going to use the nuclear reactors as a power source but I thought they were just there to make weapons grade plutonium quicker than spinning it round a silver circuit.

ultimately it does not matter but that's stepping outside the box we have gone extinct about 6 times before and remember we are not from this plane.

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posted on May, 13 2019 @ 10:45 AM
jinni73 'Also there is nuclear waste buried underneath one gas tower in each of the gas sites here In England'

I'm in England. Do you know where this is. I might go and have a look.

posted on Apr, 6 2020 @ 08:32 PM

originally posted by: jinni73
a reply to: choos

Because the Aboriginies say it comes in and they have all moved Inland this Is not a theory this Is a fact, the Aboriginies have been officially dated to living In Australia for the last 70 thousand years due to cave paintings so I would think they may know a little more than anyone else.

No, all the Aboriginals have not moved in-land.
Stop talking out of your ignorant, misinformed backsides.

Aboriginals live in-land, as do many other Australians.
They also live along coastal areas were towns and cities are also located.

There hasn't been any mass movement of anyonez Aboriginal or otherwise, in-land.

Stop posting bs.

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