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Tutor in Math & Physics

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posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 04:23 PM
Is being a Tutor in Math, Physics a viable solution ?

I’m an Aerospace Engineer living in Québec and I’m just a few years away from an early retirement.

I was just wondering, if there is a demand for Tutor in Math & Physics (High School & College level).

What I’m thinking about here, is using the few years before my retirement and building a huge database of Math & Physics problems (I have a big collection of Schaum’s & I could also possibly buy the current text books in usage today).

Then, at my retirement, I would like to be a Tutor (for a minimal fee, paying for my car transportation, stationary, laptop, etc.) in Math & Physics for parents having students in difficulties on these subjects.

By the way, in the Engineering field, I’m right now, I could possibly be a consultant (after my retirement), travel around the world perhaps and make lots of money, but when I retire, I want to avoid the pressure of the Workplace or running a business but I want to remains physically & mentally active and help the next generation.

During my active life, I did teach CAD/CAM in industry and also at the University, I have a natural talent for teaching subject that I master fully (I did help some co-worker with their evening courses and some old friend’s son in math when the situation was critical).

Is such a thing exist ? (Tutor in Math & Physics).

If so, how to you get started (thru local School board, small ad’s, word of mouth ?).

If someone know, I want to heard from you.

Thanks in advance.

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 07:15 PM
I have no clue about the situation in Quebec. However, I do know there is a qutie a demand for such tutors. In the US, it is generally most prevelant in wealthy, affluent suburbs for High School and younger. I've heard of some high schools hiring full-time math tutors, but I think that is rare.

There are also various companies that specialize in tutoring. Some have locations, and others just arange tutoring sessions, taking a fee. However, a lot of the time, I think find tutoring through word at mouth.

Amazingly, I have heard some people making quite high wages at tutoring in certain places. I heard that tutoring is quite big out in California for the children of movie stars, and such. I've heard stories of Math PHD students drawing (>$100/hour) to tutor children in arithmetic. Apparently, some parents would find their children weren't doing well at school, and send them to some full four hour after school tutoring regime, although I suppose this is the extreme. Although, I believe many tutoring programs are pushed by overly-zealous, affluent parents on children, who really don't want to be there.

However, it all varies. There have been various programs for teaching enrichment training (I.E. teaching math to "math teachers"). Apparently, many "math teachers" know surprisingly little math. Although, I have that some teachers are paid to attend such programs, and show little interest.

In addition, many urban school have decided to force children to attend summer school if they don't pass that year. I think some of them hiring math tutors has become part of many of these programs. Although, I don't know the details of these programs. Try going to the websites of the school districts of cities you are interested in going to. If you want parents who can pay, find the affluent suburbs, and you could try contacting the local schools, or looking for tutoring centers.

Good luck.

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