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ATS: Gates Opinion on Public School System: Need for Overhaul or Total Liquidation?

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posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 01:02 PM
Recently Bill Gates spoke to a group of 45 of 50 state governors about the state of the US educational system. Improvements such as smaller class size and revamped material to be taught in schools are his way to combat the 68% of 9th graders who graduate on time and only 18% who graduate college on time.
The most blunt assessment came from Microsoft chief Bill Gates, who has put more than $700 million into reducing the size of high school classes through the foundation formed by him and his wife, Melinda. He said high schools must be redesigned to prepare every student for college, with classes that are rigorous and relevant to kids and with supportive relationships for children.

"America's high schools are obsolete," Gates said. "By obsolete, I don't just mean that they're broken, flawed or underfunded, though a case could be made for every one of those points. By obsolete, I mean our high schools _ even when they're working as designed _ cannot teach all our students what they need to know today."

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I agree that an overhaul is required of the US educational system, however i disagree with Mr Gates on many points about the school system. I feel that there should be more responsibility on the students. If they don't want to go to school it should not be enforced by law. If students don't want to go to college that shouldn't have to. Not everyone is should goto college. We need mechanics and gardeners and other menial workers in this world. Hell plumbers can make more than the teachers that failed them in high school! Also i feel that the US school system should follow the rule of survival of the fittest: If a school cannot support itself then cut it off. No more state funded schools. These breed quotas and other evils that come from too much federal funding. Many schools go without so that other schools can have flight programs where kids will never use them. Privitize schools, give the tax payers a break, and not everyone needs to goto college...words to learn by.

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 01:50 PM
I agree that the school system in this country is obsolete, I also think that statistically, poor and low income children are the ones mostly to drop out of school.

And for higher education many children has not means and finances to be able to pursue a career after high school.

Other countries prepare their children during high school so they be ready for jobs.

We are one of the few countries that school children spend more to finish grade school and still they are not ready after their graduate.

Something definitly has to be done.

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 02:07 PM
Most of the modern US public school system is a sick joke. Gates is right on target. Militarize the public school system and watch test scores soar to the highest in the world, very quickly too.

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 02:32 PM
I tell you what, one of the reason my children were so successful in the last years of public school is because from the beginning they were on private school and then on DOD schools, and I have to said that department of defense school are the best, the have the latest technology and the education has more variety due to the mix of children from other countries they covered everything and the quality is superb.

And no problem with behavior.

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posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 03:11 PM

Originally posted by marg6043
Something definitly has to be done.

I agree something needs to be done. Public schools can’t even take students on field trips or hand out Tylenol without the consent of a parent or guardian, but if they want to toss out condoms and, apparently, schedule abortion appointments for knocked-up teenagers, why, that’s just none of our business.

"Among the elementary measures the American Soviet government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are...[a] National Department of Education...the studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic, and other features of the bourgeois ideology. The students will be taught the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism and the general ethics of the new Socialist society."
- William Z. Foster,
Toward Soviet America, 1932
National Chairman of the
American Communist Party (1933-44, 1945-57)

"Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming where everyone is interdependent."
John Dewey, 1899, our "father" of education.

In 1936, the National Education Association stated its position, from which they have never wavered; “We stand for socializing the individual.”

Paul Haubner, specialist for the NEA, tells us, “The schools cannot allow parents to influence the kind of values-education their children receive in school; . that is what is wrong with those who say there is a universal system of values. [Christians?] Our (humanistic) goals are incompatible with theirs. We must change their values.”

Professor Chester M. Pierce, M.D., Professor of Education and Psychiatry at Harvard, has this to say, “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our Founding Fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It's up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well -- by creating the international child of the future.”

P. Blanchard, in 'The Humanist” 1983, “I think that the most important factor moving us toward a secular society has been the educational factor. Our schools may not teach Johnny how to read properly, but the fact that Johnny is in school until he is 16 tends toward the elimination of religious superstition. The average American child now acquires a high school education, and this militates against Adam and Eve and all other myths of alleged history.”

Bureaucrats, politicians and educators are constantly on television blaming either parents or lack of funds for our schools' dilemmas. The answer is always more money and more government control. For well over 50 years the American voter has believed this line of crap. Victor Gollancz, a famous socialist publisher tells us why he believed that socialism would take over America; “Christians are not exactly bright, so it will be easy for socialism to lead them down the garden path through their ideals of brotherly love and 'social justice.'”

The President has proposed a five billion-dollar program to help children learn to read. Please! Please, please, will someone explain to me why spending even more money will answer the question of why our schools, soaking up billions a year, are NOT teaching this already?

"As William Lowe Bryan once reported, "Education is one of the few things a person is willing to pay for and not get."

In 1940, teachers were asked what they regarded as the three major problems in American schools. They identified the three major problems as: Littering, noise, and chewing gum. Teachers last year were asked what the three major problems in American schools were, and they defined them as: Rape, assault, and suicide.


posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 03:37 PM
W555hc, great post, our schools have become a fight for, religious rights, political views and parents voice.

Our children are growing in a society that cannot make its mind, and they are not allowed to make their minds on their own, they have in their live views coming from everybody, the church the peers the parents the community the tv the politicians, that’s no wonder our children are so confused.

A lest an educated nation is better controlled. Our school collective way of education does not address individual problems. Children do not have a collective mind they are all individuals and that is something the school systems have to deal with but is better to tell parents to keep their children drug with retalin.

Our school system does not take creativity to well because children are not supposed to express themselves, well that may have been 100 years ago but not now.

posted on Mar, 3 2005 @ 02:35 PM
Along the lines of education: What is everyone's opinion of affirmative action in schools including racial quotas and Title IX? I personally disagree with both because they make everyone equal by limiting the rights of the majority. True Equal rights will only be achieved by education and experience so that all members of society have full rights and intergrate freely without government control.

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