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Darkness Scales the Skies

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posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 10:51 AM
The sun had sunken in beneath the thick blue body that is the ocean. The moon shone brighter than ever before.

Looking off into the horizon above the cliff, sprung two aircraft, and EF-2000 and F-16. Dirt tailed their sharp drawn contrails as they barely skimmed the surface. Flying dangerously close.

From a distance, the lighting speed of bombers could be heard, as their engines filled the sky with a never ending sound. The two aircraft increased altitude up to the level of the bombers. They were the Escort fighters. The ground targets emerged as visuals. The bomber holds opened up, and were ready to let loose all hell beneath on the airbase.

Enemy air defense fighters were scrambled. The two escorts were later joined by a squad of 5 Su-37's.

"This is BlackKnight 2, Maverick Leader 1 do you read me?"

"Loud and clear BlackKnight, what's your status? over"

"The BlackKnights are ready for combat, take them as we see 'em. Over"

"Alright BlackKnight, engage enemy single ship, reserve your missiles, there are alot of them. Protect the bombers. This mission must be completeled. Over and out"

"Roger that, over and out"

"Alright BlackKnights, this is it, what you've been training for, don't let me down. Fight single ship, draw them away from the bombers, and for christ's sake stay away from the bomber's field of fire. Over and Out"

"10-4, captain. Skyeye, this is BlackKnight 5, what is the visual status on the enemy air force? Over"

"BlackKnight 5, this is Skyeye, enemy Air Force has mobilized, you'll be having company in ETA 23 secs, prep yourselves. Over and Out"

"Remeber your training and you'll do fine, BlackKnight 5 Over and Out."

One of the pilots place a picture of their family behind the panel of one of the RADAR monitors inside the cockpit of his aircraft. He prays that all goes well.

***More to come!***

Shattered OUT...

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 10:56 AM
Good story
can't wait to hear more.

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 07:14 PM
Triple A's lined up along the borders of the base, all were becoming operational. The enemy air force was already up in the sky, the BlackKnights and the two other escorts were ready for combat, and the bombers were ready to go through with their mission.

The bomb bay doors opened up and a few unguided bombs were let loose on the hangers below. The sound from the devastion was ear shattering. The structures fell crumbling on their foundations, as the airmen scrambled down below to find refuge in what was still left standing. The runway was being battered by bombs, and soon became useless to aircraft.

An airbattle waged on, bombers began to fall to the surface, wounded by missiles and shrapnel from a proximity explosion. The escort fighters had their hands tied, the BlackKnights were good, but they weren't aces, they were pretty new pilots, only with advanced training and little combat time.

The other two pilots however, they stood for all that made an ace an ace. Their skills in the sky were only matched by those who have seen years of air combat. BlackKnight 12 fell into a trap, his craft was led by an enemy MiG into the midst of clouds of smoke. Visibilty became poor, and the pilot was now relying heavily on his RADAR and HUD and from here could only use missiles for their tracking ability. What the pilot did not know, was that their were 2 more MiGs circling in close proximity, and soon fell into formation with him. He only realized this when they exited the cloud of smoke, and the two aircraft quickly decreased their speed, falling behind his craft. They had a plain clear shot at him, but decided to use their cannons, thinking that their missiles would come in handy later. With only 350FT between aircraft, the cannons were a quick fix, and BlackKnight 12 was shot down. His plane fell down to the barren wasteland that was once an airbase.

***More To come***

Shattered OUT...

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