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the Breatharian phenomenon: a case of fish refusing to follow the frog on to the land.

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posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 05:24 PM
Good day ATS. Today I would like to share my view on a global phenomenon and then hopefully, if approved by the moderation team, share my own experiences. The topic will be breatharianism, apparently the next step in mankind's evolution. (Which for years I had been expecting to be telepathic communication, which does not seem to be happening.) For those new to this, breatharianism is loosely the permanent abstinence from consuming food, rarely also liquids. Today an estimated 50.000 breatharians follow this "diet" worldwide. I would like to share all the studies with all the evidence that we have so far supporting the possibility of the existence of this lifestyle, incorporated into the story of my learning about this lifestyle, trying it, and my experiences.

Before I start a quick explanation of the topic title: I view the breaking free of the chains of food-dependence as an evolutionary step many people are not willing to accept due to them not being able to accept that evolution exists. Imagine the ancient oceans filled with marine life with hundreds of fish species, all the lands empty, until one day the first fish climbs out, and some time later the next, and the next, and these fish will have stronger fins, and some will mate and their offspring having stronger fins, who can now explore the lands. Now if one of these fish, hundreds of miles from the nearest shore, tells another fish that they can "walk on land", they will be laughed at, and the listeners will be quick to remind them that fish can't breathe air. Everyone knows that.

The fact is, evolution happens, and when it does, it sometimes happens in a way that seems impossible based on all we THINK we know. The condensing of particles out from the energy soup after the Big Bang. The formation of stars and planets. The appearance of life out of lifeless stuff. Fish "walking". Monkeys developing abstract thinking. The emergence of consciousness. Who could've predicted any of these BEFORE they happened? So why would it be a big deal to gain sustenance from Chi (science fact, see below) aka Prana?

So I am going to share all I found and my experiences below if I am allowed. In case I can't, a quick summary of the mechanism: Prana, an all-permeating energy field, can be accessed by consciousness (and by that alone) and converted into particles, which will then form what the body needs. How? One way to visualise it is by learning about virtual particles. Virtual particles are science fact, they are everywhere. As an example, how does one magnet that there's another one nearby it's supposed to pull or repel? The answer from Wiki: "The magnetic field between magnetic dipoles. It is caused by the exchange of virtual photons."

Hawking used these in creating his theory which later became known famous as Hawking radiation, which you can read about on wiki as well, I will just quote one sentence from the article:

"This radiation does not come directly from the black hole itself, but rather is a result of virtual particles being "boosted" by the black hole's gravitation into becoming real particles."

Keep in mind though that while HR is a THEORY virtual particles are not. Well, ultimately everything is, Leonard Susskind maintains the world is a hologram.

How exactly the energy absorption and conversion happens is explained by quantum biology, which I have no way of describing here, I hadn't even heard of all that before I started my research into breatharianism.

I only outlined the above to point out that, contrary to popular belief, breatharians, aka pranarians, DO use sustenance. It is simply a matter of the source being different. And the digestive system is simply vestigial organs, the remnants from our previous evolutionary stages that we no longer need, like body hair, the appendix, male nipples, wisdom teeth, tail bones, or the wings of flightless birds.

Without further ado I shall now proceed with my story.
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posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 05:25 PM
I used to be a hardcore sceptic of breatharianism. I used to use all the arguments you can think of, including the need for energy, minerals, nutrients, the existence of the digestive system all the way up to your teeth, etc. However rather than being an armchair sceptic like most people sadly are I took the claims of those some 50 thousand people seriously enough to do some actual research, keeping always to facts and what science says, with initially surprising results, and ultimately life-changing consequences that are so far-reaching that it is a challenge just to put them into words, but it has gone so far that I have come to feel that it is my moral responsibility to try and articulate my story for the edification of my fellow-humans, based solely on the earth-and-sky-shattering implications of what this all is. So here is my attempts at sharing. While I could sum it all up in a long sentence there would be so much lost that there would be almost no point. In fact you would simply read it and put it down to trolling so it would be counter-productive to be brief for sake of reaching the majority with their short attention span. If you are seeking genuine understanding you will keep reading with an open mind.

Let's keep it brief. So I used to be a sceptic, however I decided that I will look into this with an open mind, but always keeping the scientific attitude. First I examined what the lifestyle of these so-called breatharians includes so I know what I should investigate exactly. When I had that all pinned down I was ready to understand the underlying mechanism. The first thing I discovered that one of the main "argument" against breatharians was fundamentally wrong. I am talking about the postulate that breatharians live without sustenance. Utterly wrong. You need to bear with me here. I quickly learned about the all-permeating energy they call Chi and Prana in the east that I used to consider a myth together with the so-called energy centres (or chakras) these energies are associated with in eastern philosophies:

The next question was, how does this energy "become" nutrients. The revelations arrived on two fronts. Firstly we don't really need all the "nutrients" we are told we need. Inuit people have been living above the arctic circle on the ice in igloos for thousands of years and they mostly ever ate seal and a little fish. Fish takes a long time to catch and does not give a lot of meat. In any case they never consumed any fruits or vegetables in their entire lives. And they were and are among the healthiest people on the planet. Where did they get all their vitamins from? Live vitamin c? Wikipedia will try and convince you that they get it from the skin of beluga whale and it goes as far as calling it a staple, like every Eskimo family would kill whales all the time and eat it all year round, even though they had no clues about vitamins. Later when vegetarianism started becoming a new thing "scientists" were claiming that it is impossible because you need vitamins like B12 that you can only find in animal meat and therefore anyone that tries to become a vegetarian will inevitably die. Turns out, your own body can produce vitamin B12. So that's the first front. The second was that as I had been aware of one of the implications of E=mc2 being the transmutability of energy into matter and vice versa, I was still questioning myself: how does the body know what to do with the universal energy, Prana? I had to learn about the amazing innate intelligence of the human body. A whole new world opened up before me I had never been aware of, and had it not been for this journey I would still be oblivious of it. I learned a lot about quantum biology. I didn't know that was even a thing. That explained most of the mechanisms. I learned about cellular respiration. I was like WTF? Next I came across something that I had heard of somewhere before but thought was just a bunch of baloney. I am talking about the idea of human emotions affecting the crystal structure of water that it can then retain. The guy making that claim was Dr. Mararu Emoto. I never took any of that seriously until I was lead upon the following research:

In this research paper on top of finding out about the reality of water retaining human emotions I had to learn about 2 additional things: firstly, the effects this water can have on living organisms, and secondly, the seemingly impossible (at least to me, at the time) powers of meditation. Jesus Christ, if meditation can do that in ANOTHER organism, no wonder it can have an even stronger effect in one's OWN BODY, which is made of 70% water, and the majority of these breatharians not only practise and talk about meditation as part of a spiritual lifestyle, I have also seen them "bless" the water they drink, which I obviously thought was pure codswallop. Well, that research paper opened my eyes about yet another thing (or should I say yet 3 more things) I did not think possible. So I had to wonder, how many more such things could there be waiting for me (and even humanity) to discover. At this point I tried to find a logical explanation, like they say you create your own reality and I literally think all these seeming miracles into being, or simply that the possibilities in the universe, regardless of what what we currently perceive as "all the laws in nature" allow, are in reality endless and anything is possible. I must admit I did not get far with such deep philosophical mind-games, it does not seem to be my thing. So I moved on in my research, to see what else I can find that relates to and possibly explains how a breatharian lifestyle is possible.

After I had blown my own mind with all this information about Chi, and meditation, and these influencing the germination of seeds and the growth of plants, and the magic of normal water, and quantum biology, I got interested in what else meditation can do, because this whole area was something I did not know anything about and I was wondering what I had been missing out on. Initially I found some interesting info about how it can lower blood pressure, and reduce pain, and such basic but still interesting things. But then things got wild and crazy. Again. First I read about how you can "body build" by replacing workout with "thinking about working out". While this was not meditation strictly speaking, it employed visualisation and mental concentration, techniques used by transcendental meditators. So that was pretty wild stuff. Here's the link for anyone interested:

And then came the turning point. I learned about Wim Hof, and how science found evidence for the first time that a human being can 1. control his own immune system, 2. control his own autonomic nervous system (body temperature, heart rate, etc.), his endocrine system, and then they went on about the limbic system and others I was not even sure what they were. And guess what methods he used to achieve all that. That's right, meditation, with a combination of yoga and cold showers and the right mindset. This was all back in 2011:

posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 05:26 PM
Then 3 years later they proved that this can be done by literally ANYONE. Now that was #ed up. There is no way out of this, no explaining away:

Without going into too much detail I just found out recently that they are now looking at how the human brain can do all that. Fascinating stuff to say the least, but this is all science now. You can research all this yourselves if you're interested:

At this point I felt I had to put a stop to my research into the possible powers of the mind and meditation, I just felt overwhelmed and considered it a real possibility that I will end up in mental hospital or something as I felt the paradigm system I had lived in for a lifetime crumbling around me, or to be more precise, inside my head. I recall having that feeling that those lines I had heard in the matrix were actual reality in my life: where Morpheus tells Neo how he sees that he feels like Alice in Wonderland, tumbling down the rabbit hole. Except this wasn't a #ing movie. Yet I was determined to further investigate breatharianism itself as it was the original line of enquiry I had started out upon, so I simply abandoned this detour into meditation and returned to my research into breatharianism.

Right. So far I had learned how breatharians use chi, meditation, and charged water, and how these techniques can do their miracle which ultimately falls into the realm of quantum biology, which you must study to have some rudimentary understanding of the processes involved here. Okay, I had done all that. At that point I realised that as long as I keep looking I will just keep finding, which is fine up to a point, but ultimately the test of the pudding is in the eating. And although the Wim Hof method seemed like a more appealing "choice" for a new lifestyle if I were to adapt one, with all the scientific research behind it, I chose to remain faithful to my original choice. I had already become aware of Jasmuheen's so-called 21-day process. But I wanted to "know all there is to know" before I were to delve deep into an actual experiment. So I watched all the documentaries I could find:

No Way to Heaven (2008, Switzerland)
In the Beginning There Was Light (2010, Austria)
Living Off Energy We Are Energy (2015, Czech Republic)
The Light Generation (2018)

These are all available on the internet to watch for free.

I learned, among a lot of other interesting things, of the 8-day method, the 10-day method, basically I realised that whatever works for you. Anyway, I chose the 21-day method because its high reported success rate (I watched dozens of hour-long interviews with breatharians, I will not list them all here) and its more graduality.

Long story short, it did not work the first time (or at least it did not work for me, maybe wrong mindset, haven't figured it out) but second time I did a more stretched-out approach in phases of different diets, that I would approximate as vegetarian - vegan - raw vegan - fruitarian - juicing - waterian - solarian - pranarian - breatharian. Now that did the trick. It was a long process, and I had my doubts in spite of all my previous research, but I think it was ultimately this gradual approach that enabled my mind to let my body transition progressively.

While technically this marks the end of my breatharian story and it would seem that it should suffice to end the story here I must emphasise that drawing the line here would be equal to a lie, in that it would hide the truth. Everything I have written up to this point is the TECHNICAL side. It's like, follow this and this step and you get here and here. But the bigger question is this: WHERE IS HERE? That, my friends, is in itself FAR more amazing than a journey towards and including a transition to breatharianism. Again, I will be brief, so bear with me for a while longer, you'll see it's not only worth it, it's the whole point of, well, not only of this whole text, but the whole experience.

What I am talking about is the ramifications of a breatharian lifestyle, everything that is a result, either directly or indirectly of this lifestyle. I am trying to think of a format that would carry the immensity of the unfolding that follows the transition but I am left with no ideas. I will try some kind of logical sequence here I guess.

Okay. Got it. When you become breatharian there are 3 waves of ramifications.

The first: The obvious direct consequences: No more spending money on food. No more travelling to the shops. No more shopping lists, no more brainstorming of what to eat and where. No more cooking. No more washing dishes. No more need to store food, no more need to store bowls and dishes, plates and cutlery, or for that matter a dining table let alone a dining room. You have more money. You have more time. You have more space. You have more freedom. These are the obvious and immediate direct consequences.

The second: The slightly-less-obvious and slightly-less-direct consequences. No more hunger. No more upset stomach. No more indigestion. No more food-related diseases from pesticide, chemicals, GMO, E numbers, artificial additives, and so on. Basically better health. Which is further increased by consuming the afore-mentioned "blessed" water, meditation, chakra-cleansing, if you develop interest in all these and learn and practise, starting with my favourite, the Wim Hof method.

The third: All the indirect consequences. This is the biggest one, and NOTHING can prepare you for this, save reading it right here and right now. You don't find this in documentaries and you can't "work this out" in your mind in advance. And it beats everything in the previous two categories, simply because it is an endless unfolding of a NEW LIFE STORY. Let's stop for a second and sum up the previous steps.

Research. Find information. Gain knowledge. Horizons expanded. Mind blown. Personal experiment. Failure. Try again. Success. More money, time, space. Better health. Now let's see what can possibly beat all this.

Now that you have all this behind you, you are face-to-face with a new life. You can't deny it no more, you have put behind yourself an aspect of your previous life that could best be described as a limitation, or to quote The Matrix again, a prison for your mind. Something you have been depending upon, but have now gained freedom of. As an unavoidable side-effect of that will be a mind that has become free and opened up TO AN EXTENT and this mind will now look AND FIND ways of pushing this freedom beyond all limits. No, I'm not talking about, if I can live without food, can I live without drink (apparently we can) or breathing (let's not get into that conversation here). I am talking about deconstructing all the other limitations that living in a society has imposed on your mind. So now you have more money. Money is not part of nature, it is an artificial human construct. Now you have more left. How do you get rid of "the money trap" altogether? I instantly remembered the story of Mark Boyle who made headlines years ago by living without money in the UK. Now there is a new article out about him:

posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 05:27 PM
Except, for a breatharian, food is not an issue. While you can research ideas on how to save money, I will do a quick step-by-step that I worked out for myself. What to get rid of that costs money for all of us: food (sorted), housing (mortgage/rent), bills (gas, electricity, water, etc.). That idea got me interested in passive house design, living off the grid, minimalism, tiny houses, self sufficiency, all of which is much easier while being a breatharian because of more money you can save, more time, and less space needed in a house. My choice was to save money for a couple years and buy something like this:
Check out all the videos on that channel - you'll be amazed!

Stick a few solar panels on the roof. You have mobility. No more mortgage, no more rent. No more bills. (Electric heating, basically you don't need gas.) Most tiny houses collect rain water for drinking and cooking. Obviously at this stage you don't cook, and human beings have been drinking water from rain and streams for thousands of years before taps appeared a few decades / hundred years ago (depending where in the world you live).

What comes next is the biggest turning point yet. And this is where it gets dangerous. Not for your survival any more. For your mind. Didn't I just say this will free your mind? True, but you will have to face the devil before you become absolutely free of it. What do I mean? This is the most subtle point in the ENTIRE experience, one you can't really appreciate by reading about it even here. You have to ACTUALLY BE THERE. But let's try and entertain and savour in our imagination as best we can, futile as it may be. You have no more need for money. You have no more need for a job! You have complete physical freedom. You have your own house that moves, you have no bills, you need no food, you are free of money. You now face the biggest question of your life: What now? Now this question becomes really relevant: What do I want to do with my life? And this is no longer a career question. This is a question about who you truly are. What will you spend the rest of your life with? This is not like winning the lottery and you can just squander it all on women, booze, parties and drugs. You are a spiritually enlightened being. Otherwise you would not have made it this far, I guarantee you. Not because you must be special to make it. The above process transforms you, in the best ways possible. So what do you do? Who are you? What purpose will you choose? What will be worth your time, energy, effort, attention and devotion for the rest of your life? Travel? Maybe. Volunteering? Possibly. Help others? More likely. How? You'll have to figure that out. I am in no position to give you ideas, but you WILL be faced with this and you WILL have to figure this out for yourself, BY YOURSELF, and it WON'T be easy. But once you do, that's the first day of your real life. It's like a rebirth.

And to just finish off my own personal story, here are the latest developments in brief: I found a wonderful breatharian partner. We travelled a lot and saw the world. We met many other breatharians in workshops and we became close friends with some of them. We got really close with another couple and we all settled down together in an off-grid larger house. We do not live in "open" relationships and we don't cheat but we have our "couple" boundaries loosened up and form a small community of 4. We live near others similar to us who live off grid but are not breatharians, but more like minimalists, living simple eco-friendly lives. There is real community. There is security. We are all healthy. We are all free. As for the 4 of us, we need no jobs (but I personally volunteer in the Venus Project and occasionally in some charities, some local and some national.) We have all day every day free to choose what we want to do. We do not own or watch television or any other brainwashing machine that would aim to enslave our minds. We have free open minds, we have a lot of quality sex between us every day (girls are loving, uninhibited lovely humans with open minds and no overlap in their periods), which gets better day by day, in every way (we sometimes experiment and push some remaining boundaries further and further bit by bit), the same as all other areas of our lives, we are all on a constant path of personal development undergirded by positive thinking and the utilisation of the powers of our mind, or more accurately, positive thinking, I would call it. We help each other become better persons.

At this point it is hard to imagine how our lives can become freer and better, but if anything we all have had our own journeys with their differences as their similarities, and we are all aware and open to the infinite possibilities of surprises, having learned the infinite nature of the mysteries of the universe. And although we have no idea where we go from here, we all know deep down that things can only get better, we are untouched by poverty, wars (we live far away from the nearest town in a war-free country), and not only that, we await with excitement to see how all of this can get even better and what our active roles will be in that. Every day feels like the journey has just begun and everything that has happened before just prepared us for today, and every "today" is a fecund gateway to the inconceivable magic of tomorrow.

The End.

posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 05:35 PM
a reply to: Rolci

You have put a lot of effort into this thread my friend and the thing u state is an idea I have said before, evolution would see us taking energy in naturally through our skin or whatever, makes total sense, I don't like eating either I feel It is such a chore.
Good thread mate, I hope it gets going, but maybe you could have made it more concise, they are Goldilocksy about here.

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posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 06:09 PM
a reply to: Rolci

That is the one where You drink Your own urine, yeah? I made a post here about 2 years ago re: "Breatharians" Good to see some are still left...

I usually sign off with "Stay Hydrated..." Does it still wash?

posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 06:35 PM
a reply to: Rolci

That's some story. Just how long have you gone without food?

posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 07:00 PM
a reply to: Rolci

While this is fascinating I remain skeptical.

How long have you personally gone without food?

I’d be really interested to see a study where a breatharian is isolated completely for a long period of time. Maybe in a sealed off luxury home so they would very comfortable, but heavily monitored.

posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 07:11 PM
a reply to: Rolci

Very interesting post! How do you pay for Internet or cell phone to post this, with no job?
I wish you the very best!

posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 07:21 PM
a reply to: Rolci

Anorexia Nervosa.

posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 08:45 PM
How long? Simple question, one would assume a simple answer. I would like to point out to you that when you do not have a job and you live a simple life in an eco-village where most people do not have internet access by choice one will inevitably lose track of time. I do not mean that figuratively. By the way, if you're interested in eco-villages check out the Global Ecovillage Network. After many years memories of what was in what year and how many years ago become faded due to their being meaningless. In a breatharian lifestyle you live in the now.

To try and answer the question nonetheless I can say that it was about 10 years ago that I heard of breatharianism (B), and was sceptical for years after that, before I "turned" and got interested in spiritualism as part of my research process. I have been following my "diet" for, I would say, 2 and a half years. Maybe 3. Maybe more. Definitely less than five. Hard to pinpoint as I had to try a couple times and the second time was very gradual and stretched-out, with rare occasional smoothies towards the end.

Another thing I would like to point out is that B is a loose term. Some people call themselves B even though they eat, some once a week, some once a month, some a couple times a year when there is a social event. To my mind, B means going through the process of transition and go at least a 18 months without food. Why 18 months? You might have heard of Angus Barbieri. He holds an official Guinness world record for not eating for more than a year. From Wiki:

"A case study written up by two researchers at the University of Dundee was published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal. The case study found that, despite having an average blood sugar concentration of 30 mg/dL (1.7 mmol/L) during the fast (compared to an average person's level of 80-140 mg/dL). Barbieri was able to go about his daily business and suffered no ill effects."

So I say abstain for at least 18 months. But the point is, some Bs, after their transition, will occasionally consume small amounts of food. Obviously not much, our digestive system cannot cope with a "normal" helping, or even a tiny amount of something "heavy". Believe it or not, an orange can be heavy. For a waterian even strong tea can be heavy. Some liquidarians (not juicing) call themselves Bs. Where do you draw the line. Like I said. It's a loose term.

To answer another commenter, studies have been done on many Bs, like Prahlad Jani, Michael Werner (he went to one university after another to have himself checked out, because they never kept their promise to release the studies, which was the condition of him allowing himself to be locked up watched and examined in the first place), Ray Maor ( ) and infamously Jamusheen herself, among others. Obviously being locked in a room is not conducive to maintaining a daily spiritual mental state and the absorption of Prana, which would require nature walks, meditation outside like in the woods or by water, and breathing fresh air and not what's in a room in a city by a noisy road. When in the right environment, a B will gain weight during meditation. Oh, and there was a documentary done by Discovery Channel where they filmed the Buddha Boy for 4 full days straight, day and night, while he did not move, eat or drink. Obviously he did not start that at the time they started filming and did not feast as soon as the cameras were turned off. Read up on him, or just watch the docu:

I encourage all to be sceptical, not only of this but of everything, and only believe what you experience, but I also invite all to EXPERIMENT, safely, within reason, but with determination. Explore. Yourself, your body, your mind, your inner world. And start from there. Do not take anything for granted.

And to answer the other question regarding internet and phone. Have you read Mark Boyle's story? He lived for a long time without money in the UK, and he explains everything, where to live, how to eat, how to use a phone, etc. I personally do not use a phone, I haven't used a phone for many years, and never used a phone for internet. I have a laptop from the old days and we are using our neighbour's wifi. They are not B and they are still involved in the monetary system. Note that our eco-village is not part of the Venus Project, which means that money is still part of almost all community members. Please don't imagine an eco-village as a bunch of this or that kind of people lumped together like in a cult or like in an Amish village. We all have different beliefs and different lifestyles. Some are not even spiritual at all. Some don't believe in a Creator. The only thing common here is all of us being "conscious" (or "awake"), therefore eco-friendly. We all recycle. But we're the only breatharians, although some of our neighbours are "interested". Many are vegetarians, there are a few vegans. We have learned not to try and "convince" each other of our own philosophies. Our vegans do not try to convert the non-vegans. I believe this has to do with them knowing that the rest do not need "waking up". We're all awake and have made our choices. Some even keep driving cars. Go figure.

As a last note, most Bs like to be left alone about our choice. For us it's no big deal. Most of us don't want to "prove it to the world". Many, like Ray Maor, Henri Monfort and these others do:

Some of us like to simply share, at one point, and the there's the feeling "I've done my bit" and then forget about it. For me this time has come. Then I shall retreat again.
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posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 10:53 PM
its not evolution, it's un-de-evolution... or in other words, waking up. Fasting alerts the system to change dramatically.

posted on Jan, 7 2019 @ 11:24 PM
a reply to: Rolci

Good for you mate, you are the new evolution of humanity. Such amazing times we live in. People fighting and deceiving humanity all over the planet since the beginning of time.

I thought "most" humans were just lying pieces of #. Glad to see we have some that can train their brains out of that. I'd figure if someone has evolved out of needing nutrition for energy they'd certainly have evolved past the need to deceive for their own gratification.

I'm looking forward to giving this a spin. As a personal trainer you'd know I rely on the shape I'm in to make money to survive. What affects does this have on your muscles. How do I work my calories out? How is this converted into ATP energy? As the pinnacle of humanity why didn't Jesus have what it takes to be like you? These are just "off the top" of my head questions. I'm sure more will develop as I continue reading this thread.


posted on Jan, 8 2019 @ 05:18 AM
Hi Rolci.

What a wondrous gift, you have given! Thanks!

How would you qualify your daily energy levels?

Do you figure one would have enough energy to do these sorts of things:

posted on Jan, 8 2019 @ 04:33 PM
a reply to: Rolci
I hope this video can give you an additional idea about meditation and all. Give it about a minute before it truly starts to get interesting. I myself finally developed a successful routine to meditating, and I've been doing it on a daily basis for about 2 months now. It's like meditation above all is key to-.... basically everything in existence?

posted on Jan, 8 2019 @ 09:50 PM
Well some bacteria live off radiation and some nutrients but the breatharian claims can be easily debunked, just breath into a bag and measure the CO2. I might be swayed by a "free enlightened" source of energy (science has not explained everything yet.) . But the mind manifesting the lost carbon back into your body... Well magic I guess?

No one (Ever) has demonstrated this to work, a couple hours shows a loss of several grams, always, every time. Who cares about the ones who make a living off selling books, who are locked in a room for a few days and start to die as quick as anyone else.

Every time I hear someone saying this works, they are trying to sell a book, start a cult or just being desperate for their 15 minutes. It usually includes living minimally, who needs a big house when your free from the costs of food, just come live with us in nature and stop being a greedy pig, then they offer to unburden you from your "stupid" money to some charity AKA their pockets. If your a good looking individual, well you will be so grateful to your teacher, sex is a given. Don't worry, the rules here are relaxed.

The best thing about a cult like this is that you do not have to starve your followers so they can't think correctly, that's why they came.
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posted on Jan, 8 2019 @ 10:15 PM
Also the first creatures on land where insects, more than 100 million before Ichthyostega. While Ichthyostega has similarities to an amphibian, its not a true amphibian.

So your title should be, The Breatharian myth: a case of fish beating the frog on to the land for which the insect had already long before.

posted on Jan, 9 2019 @ 05:38 AM
Probably one of those questions to which the obvious answer is "No" but here is an interesting article:

Can humans Survive on Air Alone?

posted on Jan, 9 2019 @ 05:50 AM
50 thousand " believers " world wide - and yet no evidence

PS - there are 100 thousand cultists - just in the UK - who believe in thier magic underpants

they are evidence averse too

posted on Jan, 9 2019 @ 05:21 PM
a reply to: Rolci

Wow, what a great OP and amazing subject! Reminds me of old ATS. Especially because it comes from an actual breatherian or at least somebody that claims he is. ☺ I want to thank you for your tremendous effort in writing your OP and in your followup, gathering all these valuable information and recourses to our disposal. For example, I didn't know there were so many documentaries on the subject. I watched one 5-6 years ago, german one, and it was excellent. I don't know if that one was inculded in your list? What amazed me in that documentary was the story of a lawyer, pretty ordinary fellow, who didn't seem to be practitioner of any spiritual path, didn't practice meditation, sun gazing or any other energy raising technique, but still was able to become a breatherian just from sheer curiosity(I guess he had to have discipline for that also)! Great documentary. I will try to find and watch all those from your list.

I am sad that only small number of people are intrigued by this subject. I guess most of the people don't want to think even for a minute what ramifications something like this could bring to humanity if it was really achievable on a mass scale. It could really be the next quantum leap for humanity and would bring freedom on a whole new level. I am so sad that people don't see how dependance on food keeps us in slavery position to this unnatural system that is controlled by giant corporations which control food supply on this planet...

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