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Facial recognition through social media and crime

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posted on Jan, 3 2019 @ 08:28 AM
Let's face it, facial recognition is here and it is here to stay.

There is a town near me that constantly has petty crime, especially shoplifting.
They posts many videos/photos of suspects on Social media. Security cameras are everywhere and they are cheap and clear.

My question is why aren't they using social media to help identify them through facial recognition.
We all know the capability is there.

Is it a privacy issue? I mean if people are on Social media they are accepting the
fact that their face is already out there. Is it already being done and we're just not told about it?

posted on Jan, 3 2019 @ 08:50 AM
It's a future spider web trap for society. Just like now, everyone worldwide has given up their privacy on the net.
Yes, there are cameras almost everywhere. There are cameras in high crime areas where the murder rate is high. The truth is, it is cheaper to let the gang bangers kill each other then to prosecute them.
In this country, the police have over a 95% rate of catching the criminal due to cameras placed in places you would never imagine.
The fact of it is, if you take a #te out in the open, you are being videoed. I feel sorry for the old Japanese farmer ladies that still #te out in the rice fields. The mountain cameras video all of the low lands.
Life is changing and not for the better. Its a spider web that the spider will eat all of us of emotions one day.

posted on Jan, 3 2019 @ 09:36 AM
I would assume that it is a resource issue. The typical police department does not have the funds for software that just scan social media accounts. I would bet jurisdictions like the FBA/CIA absolutely use social media tracking.

posted on Jan, 3 2019 @ 12:42 PM
a reply to: JAGStorm

As Dystopian as it sounds, they already use it.

They have been using it since you, the people, decided is was acceptable to use your picture for a drivers license.

They already had the database.
Now they just have an updated database on all your goings on as well.
Unfortunate as it is...

posted on Jan, 4 2019 @ 06:50 AM
a reply to: JAGStorm

I don't think the tecnology is quite their yet. Ive read many times that around 80% of images are not accurate. So they would have to be dead certain before proceeding further. .. plus most shoplifters will have hats on etc which may be harder to trace .

And yes Trapwire is the company that Facebook allowed to perform face recognition on their customers..

posted on Jan, 4 2019 @ 07:16 AM
a reply to: JAGStorm

I think we're halfway there and there won't be any going back once we're all immersed in that new reality. Android and Apple phones are always tracking where you are. Most modern vehicles have Sat-nav. Facebook knows where you are, Google knows where you are. They share information with credit card corporations etc. It's all piped down to 'five eyes' and the court of public approval as well as private entities.

There may come a point when your face can be searched across multiple networks and will draw down remarkably in-depth information about you, your family and your associates. China's doing it all up front and the West is a little more circumspect. It'll be a great way to reduce miscarriages of justice and, like you ask, a smart way to catch criminals.

There's a big debate on the intellectual fringes of China that the tech will be used to suppress political opposition. Grass roots dissidence, for example, won't ever gain oxygen under so much surveillance. We run the inevitable risk here too. If you can catch shoplifters, the temptation will arise for political, industrial and corporate espionage to influence the world.

I'm definitely in favour of using the tech to prevent crime (not thought crime, political crime etc) as long as someone, somewhere is able to use good ethics and not drag us into a dystopic future. Have we seen any recent signs of an ethical approach?! Nope! It's all done in back rooms and we have to have faith in them.

(basically the same fears as musicismagic)

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