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Grab the pitchforks! Light the torches! Rise against this oppression!

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posted on Jan, 1 2019 @ 03:00 PM
Firstly ATS, I would like to wish a very Happy New Year to everyone (except you...yeah, you know who you are).

So in case you're wondering, the above title is just a tad sarcastic, but I wanted to tell something that I saw this morning that truly shocked me given our age of LGBTQLKMOP#v42
madness. Anyway, I sat down this morning and noticed the funny pages on the table. I'm 43 years old, but I can't imagine when I'll ever outgrow the funny pages, so I grab it up and sit down for a read and a chuckle. Now here's the thing that shocked me. There's a comic called GET FUZZY (I'm certain many are familiar). In today's strip the two main characters are talking (there's a scraggly old cat named Bucky and a dog named Satchel). The comic begins like this:

(Bucky and Satchel framed together and talking)

BUCKY: Rob says I gotta go to the vet to get my arms checked.
SATCHEL: Man, you can't go to the vet when there's something wrong with you! They'll put you down like a boy in a dress.

Then after some banter the strip ends with Bucky saying to Satchel, "Put your knee pads on, Flappy."

It also says that this week's strips are reprints (I'm reading this in the Dallas Morning News by the way). Anyway, I just thought to jump on with this trite little observation because I'm actually very surprised to find this in the paper, especially in a major paper and a major comic strip. I wonder if this is going to be made an issue of (if it's a reprint it means it's been out there before but I've never heard of it as a controversy, and if it were they certainly wouldn't reprint it). This whole thread is kind of a sad reminder as to our current state of affairs, that upon reading something so innoquous I would have such a strong and visceral reaction (not because I care, mind you, but because I know what a huge deal can be made about such little things).


Oh...I actually found the damned thing.
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posted on Jan, 1 2019 @ 03:17 PM
a reply to: TheElectricPriest

So no one bats an eye about queer jokes and you WANT people to be outraged?

For what gain exactly?

Troll on....solo

posted on Jan, 1 2019 @ 03:20 PM

originally posted by: odzeandennz
a reply to: TheElectricPriest

So no one bats an eye about queer jokes and you WANT people to be outraged?

For what gain exactly?

Troll on....solo

No no...I think you mistook me (and I took the trolling thing off because I decided it wasn't the way I wanted to start out a new year). Sometimes if something is so obviously do-able, I want to do it (like show the idiocy of this movement of censorship by baiting a hook).

My point in posting the thread was that I was simply shocked by it. It'd be tantamount to opening the funnies and seeing a comic with a slur about Mohammed. I just know that I had a reaction to it, not because I was bothered by it, but because I was surprised it made it past the Censorship Bureau...

posted on Jan, 1 2019 @ 06:11 PM
a reply to: TheElectricPriest

Cartoons are an art-form.
Art can take us to places, beyond words, and sometimes otherwise inaccessible.

Art doesn't offend. It challenges. It invites us to contemplation.
It is the observer, whom is challenged, and decides if they choose to be offended, or any other possible reaction.

This is why art should never be censored.

posted on Jan, 1 2019 @ 06:30 PM
a reply to: TheElectricPriest

I understand where you are coming from.

Things that were once commonplace and everyone understood that it was just humor are now weapons to the PC crowd, so as normal people we now have to keep our guard up about it. Lots of commonplace things are different.

I used to let my children walk two blocks unattended and play at a city park.
Nowadays, DHS would show up and take them away from me.

I used to have a gun or two in my car in high school... everyone did.
Nowadays, that would require a SWAT response and jail time.

I used to be able to walk the streets of San Fransisco at night, knowing that as a woman I would be OK.
Nowadays, that is a recipe for rape.

I used to be able to laugh at an off-colored joke a comedian said.
Nowadays, I don't even know if I can use the term off-colored without someone being triggered.

So yes, I get it.

A pity other posters seem not to want to either understand or acknowledge it.

And for the record, types of art are censored in the USA now.

Piss Jesus, for instance, is art. A manger scene in a city square is taboo, however.

You know..the types that are not politically correct.

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