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sleep paralysis anybody?

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posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 06:28 PM
havnt had this for a few years now since my heaviest experience il post later.

it starts as i may be really tired n forcin my eyes open or fallin asleep,, il hear a buzzin in my head which escalates til my ears crack loud with this electrical S**T i dont like... i get short of breath n may awake panicky..

if i dont awake im stuck.. i cant breathe, cant open my eyes or move my body and i feel myself rocking inside trying to wake up..

i may feel a presence of an energy, a being, or see a being or some wierd visuals... but all my surroundings are NORMAL,,, as they truly are in reality... like the furniture and room etc... whereas in most normal weird 'dreams' ur house isnt quite ur house? and things are odd (least they are in mine)

il post my last experience later cause i think it was important to me as they basically ended after...

i know many people get this, and this electrical humming noise pops up in a few altered state scenarios..... all is vibrations at the end of the day...

am interested to hear your input .

respek to everyone here! lol

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posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 07:52 PM
Is it possible, that you know who this being is? Perhaps, you are well aware of what's going on, and they are trying to deal with you somehow...?

posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 08:01 PM
Sleep paralysis is definitely real, the only stretch is in attributing it to aliens. It's possible, don't get me wrong, but likely the root is a failure of the conscious mind to wrest control. What causes that I don't know. There are a couple of theories regarding the phenomenon.

I used to actually think it was kinda cool. I stopped getting it after I stopped being afraid of it, oddly enough. Maybe the same is true for everybody.

posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 09:57 PM
Sleep paralysis is a normal occurance for me, it happens quite frequently more than I would like to tell you the truth. And yes, there is always that high pitched ringing frequency that doesn't help any to the situation. I also always feel a strong overwhelming presence & energy in the room as I can also see within my peripheral vision a dark being..Dark because the lights are off of course and because it's within my peripheral line of sight I can never quite can focus on it. But wyred one is correct, it does usually pertain to the aliens & whatever their intent is on what they are conducting. Back then these beings were known as Succubus for males & Incubus for females, I believe. But of course that was a bunch of ghostly mythology. Perhaps I'm incorrect, so excuse me if I am.

posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 10:04 PM
thanks guys. funny i was readin a few of yor posts vertu before i saw u replied here
some debate u was havin with a 'jack' character.

wyrdeone touched on a good point of them endin once u dont fear them anymore.. i dont fear them i jus hate that buzzin in my ears its too fkn loud.

about the beings i mentiond... usually there was no being and sometimes just a presence of energy or being i feel behind me... the odd grey alien ive seen in one, and this being in my next post., i do know somebody with evil intent on me but i dont think its him...

i dont think aliens done it, tho i dont put it past them and their supercomputers etc.. suckin us out of our bodies -obes - hence the electric noises and humming etc.. like machinary ) theres suposed to be a mega long computer within the earth? who knows if its bull ive not been down there.

hell imagine a race millions of years beyond us? (which apparently do exist) our planet and life could just be a hologram like the holodeck on startrek as far as we know! cause organics and computers are mixin etc... so theyl hav a living computer...

dam.. sory im losin my subject!

posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 10:12 PM
badkarmah good one thanks for ur input . id like to blame aliens for everything cos its so simpler but i give them benefit of doubt sometimes and persevere... usually stuff does end up back at them! glad u know wat i mean about the shadowy energies.. check my nex post now...

posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 10:13 PM
I shared a room with my brother at one stage so we had beds either side of room and hes asleep, im laying on my side smoking a joint and i doze off.

Next thing i know i get the electric hum thru my head and ears.. (bit like wen the barber shaves ur neck up and over ur head.. then CRACK loud in my ears...

I hear a fluttering sound gettin louder and louder.. i cant open my eyes and im still laying on my side as i fell asleep laying.

This sound is now rite in my face and im panicking cause i jus know its a bird by the sound, and im thinking its gona claw my eyes out, cant breathe or move and im doin the proverbial 'rock myself out of it ' routine... my eyes opened (still 'dreamin') and i see this shadow of a bird flutterin in my face.. cant make it out but i get the feelin VOODOO BIRD or somethin..

The order of things is hazy it was about 5years ago. (im 31 now) Anyway as this is happening a really brite yellow light starts emanating up thru the floorboards, jus like a spielberg movie no lie, all this is happening real fast.

So now ive got some light i focus on the bird and as it flys off to my rite i notice it has an OWLS face.. ( a symbol of knowledge? an illuminati see in the dark thing) it dissapears and now im drawn to this ball of lights that is hovering about standin head height at the foot of my bed..

It is a blend of oranges and reds and im gettin scared cause i feel tremendous hate or wateva negative energy directed at me holdin me down, i can suddenly sit and back up to the wall.. terrified.

Im trying to shout to my brother 'JOHN! JOHN!'help! .. i realise i cant pronounce the letter 'J' with my mouth closed! so im thinkin 'UNGH UNGH' or somthin..?

anyway im on my own and to my surprise i just got angry with this thing and thought 'NO! F*K U! GET OFF!' lunging my body and thoughts forward into it ... which freed me and now i can breathe n relax... suddenly a face appeared in the center of the lights.. and guess who it was?

no not jesus! hahaha. it was meeeeeee! smiling....... x) it faded away
then i dived off the bed dragging the duvet to wake my bro...

AND THEN I WOKE UP! like ,, wakin up twice from a dream is cranky.. i was white as a ghost n dare not go bak to sleep.

Sorry this was so long i hope it was interesting! I half expect the cause was ME and it was just a lesson in ME holdin myself down... not that sombody was doin voodoo on me or an alien was playin with me.. tho they cudve been.

posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 10:14 PM
This subject has been covered in many other threads....but i'm not going to bother looking them up.

Sleep paralysis is believed to happen in over half the population at one point or another in there lives. It's very common.

When you go into REM sleep, (dreaming) your mind disconnects from your body so that you don't actually act out your dreams. Sleep paralysis occurs when the mind wakes up before the body is actually back in the picture. Several things are quite common in the experiance.

You can't move. Someone else is in the room and they mean you harm. you feel a heavyness on your chest or your actually being choked. Your fighting it. In my case, you jump up screaming and freak out everybody in the house.

To this day I cannot actually say what happened to me that night was not real. Something tried t kill me.

Sleep paralysis is a nice explanation though.

Love and light,


posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 10:55 PM
InfoJunkie, Great story friend..Quite the intense experience if you ask me. But, really sounds like there was some form of higher intelligence w/you. Just from all the lights & visuals you were seeing. And trust me, I believe you. When it happens to me I am fully aware of my consciousness. I'm a really sharp & attentive person so nothing gets by me.

On one account, I was laying in bed and decided to smoke a cig..I was about to open my window in my room when a foriegn voice I wasn't familiar with entered my mind and told me, "do not open that window, you will let it in"..Being as stubborn as I am @ times I completely ignored the warning and continued to open my window and upon opening it, I felt a horrible energy enter my room right past me..And it gave me the chills that I have never had before even to this day. I'm usually good @ finishing a ciggarette but, it freaked me out so much I just put it out after a couple puffs. As I got in my bed I was staring @ the darkest corner of my room and could feel & sense the presence there.

Within seconds upon laying down in my bed (still fully awake), I was paralyzed (I'm not using the term sleep paralysis, because I wasn't sleeping yet). Then the loudest & highest sound frequencies took place & I could actually see the freuquencies with my own eyes. Accompanying the high pitch frequencies was screaming, my little cousins screaming. Kinda scared the sh*znit out of me, after that ... I never snapped out of it. I just remember waking up. Even to this day I don't know what happened that night.

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 01:18 AM
it's near 8.30 pm here in New Zealand, I'm tired from lack of sleep. Tomorrow I'm gonna be f**ked because there is no way I'm getting to sleep tonight after reading this. Sleep paralysis eh....I'm a very heavy lucid dreamer; (good fun) this wouldn't bring on SP at all would it?

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 03:54 AM
Interesting thread... I have often wondered if we don't, perhaps too often, try to make rational definitions and rationalizations for things/experiences that are, by definition, mystical and ethereal.

I guess I wonder, if in fact, we don't actually leave our bodies, and discourse with beings (perhaps ourselves or fellow human beings) in a different realm or vibratory level.

I have often wondered if there aren't perhaps two sides to each of us. There is the daylight or rational side that says that UFOs, and sleep paralysis can be resolved with sunlight reflecting from airplanes, swamp gas, or little bits of our brain misfiring.

Then there is the night side. The part of us that causes us to, at some level, be attracted to things like dragons, ufos, non-physical entities, and the like, because, in fact they do exist. And rather than really get involved with them, we sit back and rationalize them to a diminuitive part of our philosophy and reality.

I love to try and believe in at least one thing per day that is "irrational" in the supposed light of reality

I, further. wonder if we don't keep ourselves from finding the solutions to issues like this, simply because we tend to be afraid of finding the answers. It's ok to be able to make a physical explanation for the types of issues we're dealing with in this thread, but what happens if there are several different explanations for how these phenomena occur. One explanation is with smoke and mirrors and scientific explanation while the other is that ... What your are having happen to you, is the reality.

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 06:11 AM
good to hear all ur inputs ... badkarmah that sounded scary ... .. how was ur cousin anyway? i take it they wasnt screaming in reality? ( not that the experience isnt reality of course but u know wat i mean)

sevastra i wish i could lucid dream, there was one time i realised i was dreaming but i woke up strait away out of sheer surprise! i spose that happend to u once? and no i doubt ul get SP probs with that.. but i jus dont know. seems to me u hav less fear in u than me to be able to lucid dream in the first place? dam id love to do that...

sigung ur post was spot on, im not 1 to try and over rationalize to myself cause im open to some deep stuff and all... but wen it comes to posting i do try tone it down to a rational balance so people cant say im off my trolley

anyways........ glad i started a decent topic. hav fun. c u soon.

> Brian <

oh wow look somebodies real name

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 12:31 PM
sleep paralysis seem to happen mostly after smoking and going back to sleep, the weed relaxes our bodies and stimulates our minds

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 12:59 PM
The buzzing and crackling is scary, but the violent shaking was a far cry from the slightly uncomfortable vibrations I heard so much about.

THe feelings of malevolence, is the worst...the feeling of evil and the hallucinations. I believe it is only the brains sensory perception that is not accustom to processing on a conscious level...

Like the mind is saying why the hell cant I move my body, and the brain is saying, "Dude, you are NOT supposed to be awake right now!"

But I have discussed this into the ground, and much here on the ATS , and after 10 years of reasearch, from my own experiences, and now being able to induce the incidents almost at will, it is becoming less of an enigma....

So much of my perception at that moment means absolutely no sense to me. demons or aliens, evil, and languages I cant understand and eerie sounds, that wicked terror...I beleive my eyes are open and I am looking at my natural surroundings PLUS this weird crap. Well this all happened to me with people right next to me who experienced none of it themselves...I have done my own experiements. I dont believe there is anything to fear, and I dont believe it has anything to do with ghosties or devils.

posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 01:16 PM
Brian, No...My cousin's were not screaming in reality, so yeah that was pretty scary stuff. There were atleast 3 of 'em screaming, what made it worse, was that they were only about 6-8 years old around the time..So a bunch of little children screaming wouldn't sound very pleasant during the time of SP. But yeah, the rest of you have very excellent helpful info. And further more I'm curious because I'm wondering if this has happened to any of you also... On one occasion or several rather throughout my SP history I have woken up several times during SP w/my eyes closed and have actually managed to see w/my eyes closed! One times this happaned, my body awoken and I was actually able to move and walk around w/my eyes closed and was able to see everything through my mind..Any feedback on what that may be?

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posted on Feb, 27 2005 @ 04:18 PM
Something similiar happened to me years ago. I was living at this resort/campground in this little cabin. I decided to take a nap in the day with my small son. I was laying there only a few minutes when I felt a strange, evil presence. I felt it was coming down the short hallway that led to the bedroom I was in, I even saw a black shadow of it moving along the wall getting closer, little by little. During this time all I could do is move my head, nothing else. I felt trapped and helpless....I was scared half to death and felt this horrible, ominous feeling......I knew something was about to enter the room...something dreadful, evil. As panic surrounded my being, I quickly prayed out loud that Christ help me.....about five seconds after that it was gone, whatever it was.....I thanked Him for rescuing me, what from I really don't know....I just know that it was was absolutely terrifying.

this is the only time this happened to me.

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 10:58 AM
Does anyone ever hear a bunce of jumbled voices in an SP?

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 11:16 AM
The first time this happened to me, i thought i was experiencing stigmata with the pressure on my wrists and chest. Which frightened a couple hells out of me might i add.

MY best bet would be that SP is an instance where we are stuck in that moment between being awake and being asleep longer than normal. Perhaps our bodies fall asleep before our mind and we are stuck consciously in a sleeping body.
I think the noises you hear can be because during this state of mind, our senses are heightened and minute sounds like clocks ticking and refridgerators buzzing that we normally block out of our minds are now amplified and sound very bizarre

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 12:52 PM
When I was in my mid-twenties it happened a lot when I took naps. Now it occurs when I wake in the middle of the night.

Here is a great link

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 07:30 PM
to get sp wake up early so your still knackered have a spliff then drift off to sleep. try to stay conscious

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