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So... today I got punched in the face at work

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posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 04:33 PM
So, theres this Islander at work who I've had issues with for a while now.

His just a lazy opportunistic worker, who knows how to turn the charm on to the right people and get away with what no one else would get away with... He already got pushed out once as a casual worker, but he had friends that managed to get him back in with total benefits as a full time worker.

But anyway, tonight the tension between us boiled over... It's like the busiest time of the year and we're totally under manned, due to people taking early leave. So I've been working ridiculously hard over the last few weeks to try and get the work done.

Don't get me wrong, I always work really hard and love doing it, it's kinda like my drug of choice these days. But this is different, I am literally exhausted... my body mind and soul is at breaking point.

So anyway, today I'm running around like a madman as usual, trying to get the work done for the night... when I notice this Samoan bloke just sitting on his trolley calmly going though his booking list, safety glasses on top of his head, like he owns the joint and is the king of the world.

At first I ignore it... Since, as a level 2 loader, it really isn't any of my business if a fellow worker is slacking off on the job. But then about 20 minutes later, I see his still in the exact same position... And to be honest, it just really rubbed me the wrong way.

So I've walked past him and said, "you nice and comfy there mate!"

He relied, "what?"

I replied, "incase you haven't noticed, we're kind of busy here and everyone is busting their arses, while you just sit there on your lazy fat arse1"

He replied, "I can do my job like this [insert a few swear words into quote]!

I replied, "what your doing is outright arrogant [insert a few few swear words into quote]"

Then an argument broke out, which included a lot of insults and inappropriate language.

So, at first it seemed like that was that and we both moved on... but then, a while later he was pulling a pack off gutter off the racks and damn nearly (accidently) smacked another dude in the face with it... which sparked me back up a bit.

I told him "to watch it"... he laughed and said "it wasn't on purpose".

I said, "you just better watch yourself"... which in hindsight might of been a poor choice of words... since I was simply referring to being more vigilant when pulling product off the shelves.

But, he took it as a threat... then said well pulling his safety gloves off "what's that? did you just tell me to fing watch myself!"

Then he marched down the factory floor and socked me right in the jaw, while I was in the middle of explaining the obvious context of my comment.

In his defence though, I don't think he was going for maximum damage... Since his a big boy and could probably crush my skull if he really wanted too. But it was enough to knock me to the ground and disorientate me for few seconds.

Thing is though... A verbal argument at work in a factory environment is one thing... But physical violence, that's like the holy grail of what's not accepted onsite. I'm talking instant dismissal!

The whole ordeal has got me incredibly worried... firstly, because I'm thinking this could be turned on me somehow and threaten my job... And I just can not lose my job, it's everything I have and would be as good as dead without it.

But also, as much as I dislike this bloke and personally think his a useless lazy worker... I do not want to see the guy lose his job over some stupid argument we had!

That's just something I seriously do not want on my conscious.

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 04:37 PM
Are you a union shop? Let them settle it.

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posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 04:40 PM
Why wasn't he fired for assaulting you?

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 04:41 PM
a reply to: DontTreadOnMe

F the lazy bastard. You owe no loyalty to him. Cover your own arse.

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 04:45 PM
a reply to: Subaeruginosa

Nobody told you about those islanders? Somebody should have told you. At least you admit that it was your fault and you had no business talking to people that way. (Both times)

He shouldn’t have punched you of course. He’ll prob get fired unless you go speak up for him. Either way, you both owe eachother a beer.
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posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 04:45 PM
a reply to: Subaeruginosa

I think you did the right thing. You didn't get anyone else involved, you didn't get anyone fired. You took it like a man.

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 04:49 PM
He should be in jail on assault.

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 04:57 PM
a reply to: Subaeruginosa

If he attacked you press charges against him and problem solved. Not the way I would handle it but it sounds like a quick fix to your issue

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 05:04 PM
a reply to: Subaeruginosa

I hope his brake line doesn't spring a leak 😜😜

Haha, just kidding.

You'll probably get a talking to. Tell them what happened.

Also he does deserve to lose his job, on poor performance alone. No one deserves to ride other people's coattails.
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posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 05:08 PM
Destroy him.

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 05:11 PM
ATS is a bunch of...another way to call a cat a kitty

Don’t threaten a guy bigger than you unless you can fight, have friends with you, have a weapon, or willing to run

Now that punches were thrown it’s over and gongeta some beers.

You should tell him if he’s ever lazy again, that your jaw will hurt his fist harder next time...

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 05:12 PM
a reply to: SocratesJohnson

You should tell him if he’s ever lazy again, that your jaw will hurt his fist harder next time...

Thats just bad advice.
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posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 05:13 PM
a reply to: Subaeruginosa

I was a Teamster for a number a years and saw an allocation between two guys during my shift. The one guy was the aggressor and started the whole thing. He ended up pushing the other fellow, which caused the guy to fall down hard on the concrete floor. They were both dismissed. I think it depends entirely with your company, whether or not you're in a union and who witnessed the other guy striking you. It's very noble of you for not wanting the other guy fired, but like other people here have already stated, it's about saving your own hide and job. I do agree that you should still press charges on that azzhat for punching you...there was no reason for him to escalate your disagreement to that level.

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posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 05:24 PM
Ive got a better one then that.

A Mexican gangster (also a boxer/ weight lifter) assaulted me at college unprovoked . He was jealous . I guess I was kind of a show off and he didn't like it. I drove my 1930 cherry Burgundy maroon Model A ford with a rumble seat and gray velvet interior to class a couple times, and my 1971 Cherry Chevelle hot rod, and my 4 wheel drive Suburban, and I "dressed to kill" in slick clothing, real alligator boots... You get the picture.

The teacher tells me that guy has it out for me. I had never even spoken to him, nor insulted, nor argued with him. One day, while I had both hands full, I hear him behind me state that I had stolen his 2 dollar bondo board. As I turned round, stating that I would never steal from anyone and he was welcome to see the receipt that I had in my Van to prove it, ( I forgot the van. 73 GMC , cherryed out, no window, panel van, Teak parkay hardwood floor ,T-top sunroof, hand made custom stainless one of a kind grille, with miter cut, silver soldered brass tubes, oh, and hot rod engine.

So as I turned, hands full, this guy leaps at me with a right jab, with a big gold ring, and knocks me to the ground, cutting my mouth open below my lower lip, so you could see inside my mouth with it closed. He then took off running. He ran around the corner, then doubled back into a large group of Hispanics who were sitting eating tacos on the greenbelt, as if he represented all of them.

I picked myself up, and began walking toward him. I pointed at him as I walked, saying " YOU DONT EVEN KNOW ME! In an instant, the assistant teacher, who was a black belt in Praying mantis style martial arts, was between us. In less then one minute, campus police were there arresting him. I gave a statement to the cops, then went to the hospital to get stitched.

I then proceeded to tell everyone I knew that he would not be alive very long. I was not threatening to harm him though.

This is private but I will tell you anyway. I had prayed to God in Yashua's name and forgave him as required.

31 days later I get a call from work. Its my boss, frantic, out of breath, asking "what was that guys name who hit you"? Was it R-----o S-------o? I said yes. He exclaimed " He has been shot dead by the Police!

Everyone I had told looked at me looked at me in a different way, many with an awe or fear. Even my best friends and mate.

So then the Police came to my door. Detectives. They said " We need you to help us. We need you to testify that this guy was a real bad dude, and we had to shoot him". I said " You want me to testify against a dead gangster. You are crazy, and furthermore, you never did anything to help me". They said oh yeah we did. He was in court that morning on 2 charges. One was hitting you, and the other was for a drive by shooting from the car.

He went out that night with his friends and brother, using meth and alcohol, and attempted to carjack a female off duty cop. She escaped and brought back the boys in blue. He attacked the cop who was cuffing his brother, kicking him into a chain link fence and was shot by the partner and commanded to stay down. He answered OK, but jumped up again and went at the officer. The cop emptied his service pistol right into his chest.

There was an open casket viewing right down the road from where I work, and I went and stood over him, and saw that stupid little grin they left on his face.
Everything I have told you is true.

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posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 05:33 PM
a reply to: Subaeruginosa

I rarely agree with you on here but I am sorry to hear about you getting socked in the jaw.

Sometimes those things happen. Escalation, tension, and all that. Not unusual. I really hope you do not lose your job. I can see a company simply jettisoning both of you and moving on rather than trying to parse the matter out. I pray it does not go that way.

Good luck, take some aspirin, and keep us updated.

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 05:56 PM
Learn to fight, a big guy shouldn't even be able to connect.

They swing like they are under water.

Better let management know it wasn't a mutual fight dude.

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 06:05 PM
Jeeze. What a story...that sucks.

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 06:06 PM
I would have called the police , and then a lawyer.

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 06:07 PM
a reply to: Subaeruginosa

Take it outside and "stand your ground" like "Z"

posted on Dec, 18 2018 @ 06:08 PM
Mate, I work FIFO. I see my fair share of people like the one you described. You were right to say something, regardless of the tone. Whether it be safety related or just being a slack prick. Mates helping mates is what it's all about when away from home. It would not be tolerated anywhere else and he was wrong to finish the discussion with violence.

He should lose his job and grab the nearest window seat. Don't feel bad for him. We all make our own choices and blokes like you and I don't go around hitting people. You did the right thing and spoke up. I would imagine the superintendent would have been your next move.....not your fists.

It's OK, he's just singled himself out as not fit for site work that's all.

Just explain everything calmly when you go in for "the meeting".

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