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When reality becomes fluid. Alien Abductions

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posted on Dec, 9 2018 @ 05:04 PM
So in my dream yesterday:

I was much younger, still living with my parents. I was inside our house and I noticed a big helicopter outside. I realize that this helicopter is not just "big", it's actually a humongous helicopter and I am now starting to get filled with fear.

While I'm watching it's starting to move closer to the house and when I realize that it's actually about to land on top of the house I feel terrified.

When it landed it felt like part of the reality around me changed, that it became more "fluid". I then notice a lot of commotion outside my room and when I go to check what's going on I find that my father in panic for some reason pulled the power-meter off the wall (destroying the whole circuit box in our house). All while my mom is shouting at him and he's rambling about something paranormal going on with it (exactly what I didn't understand).

It felt like what he did stopped whatever event that was going on from continuing.

I then remember explaining to him that when "they" are near we can often feel them before we see them because we often notice that "something is off", that something is not quite right. I then remember using the word "fluid", that they make the reality around us seem more fluid instead of the static (well defined) version we are used to.


I then woke up and started thinking about this, I actually got tears in my eyes which continued for about half an hour.

I felt the urge to remember this and write it down. And I felt like the dream was explained to me somehow, kinda like an information download along with it.

The event in the dream never happened though, I think we would have remembered having to change the whole circuit box. It felt more like this dream was a scenario shown to me, that I was shown how a close encounter of the second/third kind could be experienced.

Basically it was explained to me that aliens have strong enough psychic powers to actually change the "local reality construct" around us, and I never really realized that before. But when I think about it now it makes perfect sense to me (hence why I had tears running down my face).

Just think about all the times when you felt that something was not right, but you just couldn't put your finger on it! Maybe your reality was affected by aliens, maybe they even made you forget about it or made it seem like a dream so you would dismiss it.

Some of you might question what I meant by "local reality construct". Let me give you a crash course in what our "third dimensional physical universe" actually is (the way I understand it). It is a construct, yes (sub-layered reality). It's basically like a simulation that is kept intact/maintained by our souls (consciousness), an "agreed upon reality"; everybody maintains its integrity! We are actually higher level beings who chose to forget what we are. Who lives in a state of amnesia thinking that our animal body is what we are, because we can't remember what we were before we were put in them. I could explain more about why, but that is not the point of this thread. It would be a very philosophical discussion and you can check my previous thread for more info if you want:

Basically, if you have a large enough group of people then it will be very hard for ONE person to affect the reality construct maintained by these people. But it will be much easier to affect it if it's just maintained by a few persons. Hence, maybe why aliens like to abduct just a few persons at a time? Often far away from other people?

Their psychic powers are much stronger than yours so they can totally overpower it, make you see something other than what is there for example (in my dream the helicopter instead of the UFO).

Maybe the way they can float people through walls is actually by manipulating the rules of our construct. Maybe that's also done when people have observed them hovering instead of using their feet to walk; that they manipulate/bend the rules to fit their needs.

Telepathy is a spiritual phenomena, we know that they have mastered this, so why would it stop there?

That's my point with this thread, to share this viewpoint. That the amazing things that they are able to do might not just be because of their more advanced technology, but it could also be because of them using psychic powers to bend the rules of what we perceive as "reality".

(So I think they might have a hard time controlling a super spiritual human who remembers what he actually is and what kind of powers he has)

Maybe we can't get to their level because we are so focused on everything having to be done with technology (which operates within the restraints of this physical reality construct)? We need to go beyond the physical laws, we need to remember or rediscover the true nature of reality. We need to uncover the top layer of reality and stop being stuck thinking that this sublayer is all there is.

I can compare it to being stuck in a 3D-game where the scientists are aware of polygons being the smallest building blocks, yet completely ignorant about the programming behind it or the network of logic gates (built using transistors) running this whole simulation. In our world though the simulation is basically running on consciousness (a consciousness without any limits).
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posted on Dec, 9 2018 @ 06:21 PM
Well, before this jumps off into 10 more pages just let me say your dream was astonishingly moving.
Possibly educational as well.
Your Father "breaking the circuit" whether metaphorical or in actuality is certainly something!

I would say the same thing I've said many times before. It can be regarded as simplistic, or not enlightened enough out of many other viewpoints, but the crux of it is this. WE as Humans are from here. THEY are not. We have, and always have had the home field advantage if we choose to use it.

Quite simply THEY are terrified of our psychic ability and do not have the same.

Could have been just a dream, or could have been a warning from your subconscious that you are playing around and getting a bit too close to the frequencies that They perceive. Only you would know.
Either way, like I said, educational.

posted on Dec, 9 2018 @ 06:44 PM
a reply to: ParanormalGuy

This is an interesting dream and your interpretation of it, why did you think aliens were to blame? and what kind of aliens?
do you mean other vibrational energies that are conscious and able to manipulate matter at will?
That occupy more layers and are far more advanced type of aliens than us, and keep us trapped within matter so they can feed of our emotional energies....

I think that is possible.

posted on Dec, 9 2018 @ 09:53 PM
This guy. 12/9/2018

Interesting story. Tell me about the next one.

posted on Dec, 10 2018 @ 02:22 AM
That was totally frightening. You told the story so well that I don't quite know if it really happened to you or if it was simply a great story. Either way, it was totally engrossing. More, more.

posted on Dec, 10 2018 @ 02:55 AM

originally posted by: ParanormalGuy
Basically, if you have a large enough group of people then it will be very hard for ONE person to affect the reality construct maintained by these people. But it will be much easier to affect it if it's just maintained by a few persons. Hence, maybe why aliens like to abduct just a few persons at a time? Often far away from other people?

That's an interesting way to explain away the lack of corroborating evidence.

But you could be correct, I guess my only question is how would I avoid breaking my nose whilst trying to go through walls? I was thinking a motorbike helmet but would wearing it show my lack of faith and thus limit my abilities?

posted on Dec, 10 2018 @ 01:04 PM

originally posted by: ManyMasks
This is an interesting dream and your interpretation of it, why did you think aliens were to blame? and what kind of aliens?

Why aliens? I'm not sure, but in the dream I just knew that it was aliens after it happened. What kind, I don't know.

originally posted by: Justso
You told the story so well that I don't quite know if it really happened to you or if it was simply a great story.

I don't think that this scenario happened. But similar scenarios could have happened together with a "memory wipe" so I would not remember.

I've had strange dreams and strange things happen to me, so I am aware of the possibility that this could have a connection with extra-terrestrials and/or extra-dimensional entities being involved with my life. As of now I have no proof, just a feeling that something has happened and the super strong urge to research the subject and educate the world about this "new reality" and all the lies which are told by the governments.

Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night just to write down philosophy and/or alternative ideas about physics. Sometimes I feel like I am being educated on these subjects through dreams and thoughts which appear in my head. It's almost like I "know" or remember these things and it is coming back to me sometimes.

For example, when I was a young kid (maybe 4/5 years old) I remember this dream where I stood in front of a big mirror. And then I saw my body faint and fall to the floor, yet I was still standing and could look down at the body laying there. This dream was before I even had a concept about mind/soul and the body being separate, so I didn't understand it. But I never forgot that dream, it was like it wanted to show me that this is possible.

I've also had a dream about telekinesis/psychokinesis where I was doing it in the dream, the message was basically "don't TRY to do it, just DO it".

Later in life I've had sleep paralysis and OOBE experiences until the point where I had to fight against it happening every time I went to bed. After that I kinda lost the ability to induce it sadly and it happens less and less now.

After researching (claimed) victims of alien abduction I started re-thinking some of my dreams. Usually I would dismiss them as just dreams, but now I am curious whether stuff happened and my memories of it was blocked...? I've never dreamt directly about aliens though, so I have never "seen" any aliens, I know NOTHING about their appearance or agenda. But I can tell you about 2 dreams I had which I thought were strange.

Dream 1:
I was sleeping but woke up and got out of the bed to get some water from the kitchen (like I usually did). While standing at the kitchen I noticed what looked like someone walking around with a flashlight in the garden. I was surprised to see this and just after that thought of surprisement the flashlight quickly pointed directly towards the window where I was standing.

I was like "#, it knows I'm here" and then I started running towards the bedroom of my parents, but at the same time everything just faded away... And then I woke up with a shock of having such a strange dream!

Dream 2:
I was in the living room with my parents when suddenly a football sized noisy (as in electric sparks) energy ball flew through the wall and into our house. I remember that it flew erratically around like it was looking for something. At one point it was right above my head and we were very scared because of its scary appearance and erratic flight pattern, but I remember getting the feeling from it that is was actually friendly and cared about us. But then I woke up! :/

And there is this one strange episode where I in a dream remember thinking to myself "Somebody is in the room staring at you, you NEED to wake up". I then forced myself awake to discover exactly that, that some thing was standing next to the bed staring down at me. A dark and very tall being/entity (if not floating) since my bed was the one which had a desk beneath it and a ladder. I don't remember any facial details, I just remember a dark being. I closed my eyes immediately because I didn't want to deal with this scary situation, when I opened them again there was nothing there. But damn... this was a mind #uck...

And another episode where I woke up not knowing what I dreamt but where I had this thought in my head at the moment I woke up. The thought which was a VERY strong anger/hatred towards aliens and what they've "done" to me. Which was totally confusing to have! Because I don't understand where such a thought came from and I don't remember what I was dreaming before this. I've been thinking that maybe I was angry because they didn't allow me to remember. I can't say that I have any anger towards them today that I know about, I want to forgive them, but I don't know what to forgive. lol

But I feel a strong anger towards society/government for keeping knowledge about them secret, not just the knowledge but also the technology which would end world hunger and human suffering. Hence I think spirituality is one of the most important things for the future, because we need to wake up and we need to fix this dying world we live in. And I DO think that we will soon see the two biggest revolutions yet for mankind: 1. discovery of alien life, 2. discovery of consciousness being separate from the brain/body.

posted on Dec, 10 2018 @ 05:46 PM
Yes, we live in our little individual reality bubbles where what we experience directly is added to what we know second- and third-hand and from other sources. The solidity of our reality diminishes the farther away it is from our bubble, and the less we interact with other people. I don't know if it's one of those "decreases with the square of distance" things, because the stability and coherence of an individual's reality is extremely difficult to measure.

I see one of the biggest problems with a small team being sent somewhere like Mars is that they'll be very far away from the bulk of humanity, and their individual realities might get quite unstable to the point where it will probably endanger the mission. Why do inmates go crazy if they're given too much solitary confinement? Why do hermit ascetics isolate themselves so they can experience a different (higher?) level of reality?

And if you think that your perception and personality create the physical reality around you, you could be right.

posted on Dec, 11 2018 @ 12:03 AM
The more common psychological answer to the meaning of dreams has to do with the emotions and affects we feel, which has everything to do with development, interactions with other people, and how those interactions shape the physical structure of the brain and the mind which results from its interactions.

Based on the metaphorical themes of the dream, and the particular qualities of the objects being described, I think the helicopter has to do with your "higher nature" - its above you; yet the helicopter is massive - its too big...fearful even. Your reaction to the helicopter and its size describe a metaphorical relationship.

The closer this helicopter comes toward you, the more it begins to overwhelm you; when it hits you, your sense of reality -or material reality - is changed by its power. It goes from static to fluid. Your father - perhaps the mediating element in your real waking life who exposed you to the helicopter (or the knowledge) - pulls the power meter off the house i.e. or overwhelms you, because a power meter is akin to our feeling states, and it short-circuiting is akin to the experience of psychological trauma - or being over aroused.

Your mom may be the part of you that recognizes the wrongness of the exposure to too great a concept - that it hurts you (your inner protector); but your dad - your 'ideal' - is ranting about the paranormal - or, rather, so impressed by the knowledge that is the paranormal, that he overlooks how painfully it affects you.

Your relationship to your father is deep; you love him and he helps you. You feel stronger because of the power of the love between you. And "they" could be the dissociated and 'alienated' self that you both share.
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posted on Dec, 11 2018 @ 12:06 AM
a reply to: Blue Shift

Your right about humans transforming one anothers perceptions and experiences of reality; but completely off-base in attributing the world around you to your presence. The world exists independently of you, and the fact that the world creates trauma in humans puts the world at a higher ontological level than humans - insomuch as humans are embedded in the world, and are shaped by the worlds behavior against us.

Ergo, the world is, and we are aware of ourselves as also being eternal. But we cannot understand things rightly if we literally think we create the reality around us. It exists quite on its own - according to a will that we seemingly have no capacity to affect - so far as we can reasonably say at this point.

posted on Dec, 26 2018 @ 03:41 PM
I found this interview (with an abductee) today which basically describes the same thing (from the 24 minute mark): (this link is from 24 minute mark)

Feel free to watch the whole video if you like those kind of interviews.

And I have to mention that I don't think that humans are the ONLY ones maintaining the reality construct's integrity. Because I do think that there is consciousness ALL over the place which takes part in this. So we can't really take total control if we go somewhere far away from everybody else, but it would be easier for us to affect/push it in the direction we want.

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