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Can anyone bring me back?

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posted on Dec, 5 2018 @ 05:49 PM

originally posted by: doctorhypotenuse
((((Not really sure where to put this, so if it is in the wrong place feel free to move it. I'm more of a lurker, so I dont know much about actually making the threads. ))))

My wife noticed something was wrong when she stopped getting her daily earful of whatever crazy new thing I was engulfed in. She finally just asked me what's been making me seem so gloomy lately.

The truth is, I think I've gotten so deep into these conspiracies that I've gone beyond that. I'm now in a position where I dont even think I can believe anymore. This stuff has always been a big part of who I am, and now I'm just sad.

It's been a mixture of things that have shaken my beliefs. One thing that really got my gears turning though was a podcast that had a guy talking about alien disclosure, he was talking about how he no longer believes the government has any real ties to aliens or that the gov even knows what the et's are. I was shaking my head the whole time he was explaining it. ( this guys ridiculous) Later that night as I was doing the usual mining for new info about the subject, I couldn't feel the excitement that was normally there. I was bored with it right away. I hadn't realised how much of an impact just hearing that had on me until I tried to lay down that night. The idea all this stuff I've researched and believed for most of my life have all been money grabs? No way, I've seen them with my own eyes.

Did I though? Did I see an alien craft? Or are they telling me thats what it was to meet some sort of financial gain? I see alot of ats posters saying,"this guy is in it for the money", or "everone knows this guy is a fake". I struggle trying to think of any person that talks conspiracy, monsters, or UFO type stuff that doesnt make money doing it.

I'm not even sure this came out the right way. Idk guys, give me somethin good to bring me back down into the rabbit hole, it seems as though I accidentally dug my way through to the other side

Taking a really long time out and reconnecting to humanity with fresh eyes helps.

I have been there as have many others.

Reflection, camping in the woods, those sort of things.

It's kind of like your brain was overloaded with info and it needs a reboot and play a simple game.

Because in simplicity, or making your life more simple, it all comes together and you understand the world better.

It's like a breath of fresh air and letting out a big sigh.

Best of luck and as always,

posted on Dec, 5 2018 @ 10:19 PM
There are some very real and definite conspiracies out there. If you really want to get set on a path of finding out what's really going on look into the governments experiments on it's own citizens. There's a vast amount of reading one can do on that subject. There's all of the mind control experiments that involve drugs, hypnosis, sexual abuse. Where I personally think is where a lot of the related aliens, visions, some mental disorders, and "pizzagate" stuff may have originated.

The military with their radiological, biological, and chemical experimentations can be pretty disturbing as well. I'm sure most of us are at least somewhat familiar with their country's military nuclear program histories, but certain countrys' government/military personnel signed off on programs that released what they assumed to be harmless pathogens to their citizens by certain measures such as airburst, and introduction into the water supply.

Then there are the doctors who experimented on those who were/are mentally disabled, pregnant women, and children. These experiments include a variety of things from shoving rods tipped with radium into people's noses, experimentation on the placenta barrier by measuring a baby's exposure levels, cutting off the top of a woman's head off and placing an electrode in her brain to see what her response was - all while she was awake, and a lot of other things that are sure to either disgust you or make your blood boil.

Even today one can read articles about how certain institutions are doing this or that with little to no oversight. They don't have votes on it, or ask for public opinion they just do it, and they do it to us without our permission. The people who hold positions of power or authority over us don't care about us. We're a means to an end - or a resource to be used.

I think a lot of what is going on today, and what has been going on fairly recently are the results of all the various types of experimentation trickling into society. Especially after mental institutions released their "patients." The individuals who were experimented on psychologically were ultimately released into the public to spread their damaged psyches. The ones that were affected by the medical and CBR experimentations went on to have children. All of these unfortunate affected people went on to influence or pass on their afflictions to those around them and to those they introduced into this effed up world.

Think about why certain things are a big deal to those who sit above us. Why is it that it seems that certain political figures have ties to other individuals with a history of human and/or drug trafficking?? Why is our military being used for the protection of drug fields when the same drugs are highly illegal in their raw form back in the USA for instance?

Look at the strides made in social engineering, at how so many people believe what they see or hear just by the mere mentioning of it. It doesn't matter what medium the information is produced on. A lot of people don't want to be themselves anymore. They want to be a vessel for their favorite figurehead to use. People choose a political affiliation and stick with it like a sports team or act as though they regressed back to a school yard argument of "my side is better." When the very people who they root for haven't got a damn to give about those who support them.

There's no reason politicians should be friends or at least work with individuals who deal in trafficking. There's no reason a military should be protecting whole fields of something when their own government has sentenced it's own citizens to life long terms in jail for just a little bag.

Think about the control that regular oxygen breathing blood pumping people have over you because they have some artificial authority over you. The military, pharmaceutical, political individuals have all assumed a position of being above us and use us to survive. Why do people bicker and fight with each other when we are all being used?

Does the host need the parasite, or does the parasite need the host?

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