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This is Life

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posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 04:30 PM
What I want to say is this, and it is that this is life . No one tells it what to do , it does what it likes . If it says that "ye shall live" then shall ye live . If otherwise then so be it . Today i sit drunk like noah saying daughter i know better that thou , saying you shall not cover me with blankets for the the sake of me being a basic bitch , I'm basic bitch that's lived longer than you .
Enough of that for this is life .. it's taught me lessons that one , meditate awhile

This is life so you can;t argue@ its the real deal it told me what to do before you were born sonny , it's never been wrong . this is life makes perfect sense , i can say whatever and it will gel , there are no mistakes . this is life was here before you got here , put down what you would do before you thought of it . There bones of flesh in that a true philosophy , dearly held . for what did they walk into were it not a trap ? Were it not a pitfall set aforetime ? Where were there pinions on a drivebelt after a fashion ?

You're living in in a lifetime governed by this , that this is life , and you can;t get out of it , never shall you do so , it dictates your fortunes . There was never a thing like it , never shall there be again , though they raised the koyanaasqati . Where were there things done such as that except here ?

This is life , so be it , not a twist shall escape you , never so let down as when the fact revealed themselves , never so raised up as wwhen the truth became the best thing to know . There was always a lesson in the cards for learning. When they release anxiety , it's free .

There is a darklesson in this is life : that which you didn;t see coming , that which you didn't know before . It's that we hunt its that we look for its that we fear unless our karma makes us forego it , when is the impending doom ? For some it became now and it broke them in pieces , for that this is life and it's not something that you can change . No one can , of course . It was here before you , waiting for you . And if you annoyed it , it would crush you , smush your dreams . But it was waiting for you to avail it's beauties , but you spoil it's ripeness with wastings .

For that this is life there is a hope that cannot be crushed , that forever holds virtue , no matter what . Nothing matters , in actual fact , is the only conclusion you can reach after enlightenment . That time serves as the be all and end all , the ultimate winner , the fastest to the end result the totality of the final conclusion . Where is more whiskey in case I fall , in case the winter comes after we have been neglectful ?

To sip a slurp with water I shall throw my account to the dogs and to the wind in a splurge of idgaf - for this is life I say , and you shall f listen , in the end . THIS IS LIFE and there is no gettnig out of it , however mfrickin big you think you are ! However small of a gangrene cell you actually be , so suck it up , for ye shall be doing so, selah .

Why'd I say that ? Because I know I am wise and that the sacrosanct belongeth to the Lord , and that that one shall vouch for safe and that there is a protector where I may be glib , though regrets come after drink, I know . It doesn;t happen often and there was inspiration , consider the smallmakers , the reducers to rubble . Here they come frunck it .

This is life , remember that , even a sozzled sausage is assured of that , a raddled raver , only sometimes . It tells you what the f to do , and there is nothing you can do about it , and it is a beautiful thing . You too are the epitome of why creation got made , so beautiful together and your lives a where that life got to be the best and I want to say that if I was an elitist I'd be an elitist and say you should have what you have because if someone has it then someone does have it and that God bless the life that he made or so to speak, if things are possible they should happen , they shouldn;t not happen because anyone says and as long as no one is harmed then the world should be the way it is . We know what waits for the damned for this is life and we know what harkens to the wise for this is life .

There is nothing better that this wisdom , I declare it , damn you if you disagree . For most don't there is a following from here to the sea and back . When the wave crasheth down upon thine foot , then so be it , this is life . It got here before you . It got here before me . And FM have we riddled the world with it's truth . There's a certain fact and it's called the undeniable , and sort of lol and sort of pfft well it's that this is life .You're screwed if you ignore it . Welcome to the terradrome , whatever tf that is . You're in the deal that got dished out to you , as is . Right now , and forevermore , in your faces , it's the plainest facts , the most obvious , if you missed it . If there was nevermore anything ever said , at least I'd have said that , and that this is life has been said in some tiny proportion to it's actual significance . So be it , he said , have that , and because it is what was writ then I shall not look back just look for the future

The point again , that this is life , we are bound by the rules and what actually pans out is down to this fact . If I live or die is down to that , if I win or lose is down to what the factors are that life dictates . If aliens came in and wanted to defend me against you , you wouldn;t have seen that coming unless you knew first that this is life .. take a look upwards at night . So FM I'm the king of the world I fking well own you , whoever you are , for I know the sinple fact , that this is life . You're subject to my jurisdiction , the f judge is with me as I said so all those years ago .

And for once I'm going to say that , I'm going to say that , and that you don;t know sh1t until it gets here . What did they say about the buddha ? Dried sh1tstick , well that is right , ok , that's a correct koan . Get yourselfs some tarps incase there's a disaster . Get yourselves some morale because no one really panics in a situation they just get themselves to safety and then help others to cope . If there's a big one of cracking proportions then so be it , this is life , we'll take it as it comes . If not then tidy up , and wait for good fortune . This is life it's in charge of the future . Enough said for now , au revoir mes amigos

posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 04:33 PM
Asi es la vida.

Such is life.

C'est la vie.

I guess?

posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 04:40 PM
So if you had to sum that up to just a few short thoughts, what would it be?

posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 04:42 PM
a reply to: Jonjonj

It treads upon the heads of the worst gangsters , evil men fear this

posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 04:45 PM
a reply to: caterpillage

It's a whiskied speech about winning , where that no one gets results until the fat lady has taken a piss

posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 04:48 PM

originally posted by: DoctorBluechip
a reply to: Jonjonj

It treads upon the heads of the worst gangsters , evil men fear this

Then I am all for it!

posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 05:47 PM
This Is Life, simply beautiful.

Life does not discriminate, it treats us all the same. We create our own reality and pay for our sins. There is no escaping karma and virtue. There is no method to pay your way out of poor choices where it concerns reality. Paying your way out of the material world simply leads you further into debt in the spiritual.

Those excellent teachers who lamented not to have dreams, for they will destroy you. It is better to simply live and take whatever comes your way. Each moment is a treasure to be held up briefly and excitedly examined until the next moment comes along.

What an excellent reality.

(what kind of hangover are you expecting tomorrow?)

posted on Nov, 14 2018 @ 05:54 PM

posted on Nov, 15 2018 @ 04:19 AM
a reply to: ClovenSky

Many thanks for the replies , showing it's been said in many different languages by the drunk and sober alike and the reality doesn't change from day to day . C'est la vie or 'that's life' - exactly . Only except that (I think) I was trying to put across that 'this is life' can be an a priori perspective as well as an a posteriori one . That having seen it coming is more than half the battle in weathering the storm or that expecting a satisfactory result is possible if you're playing by the rules of life . I may try and reiterate in some deeper form another day , but I'm glad you guys got a sense of what I was meaning .
The dog got plenty of buttered toast , she's happy, slept like a log and today is another good day
going to hear Sinatra's point of view
and then tickle on with the day's tinkerings

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