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Makerspaces & hackerspaces - anyone ever use one, or use for homeschooling?

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posted on Nov, 10 2018 @ 07:49 PM
i'm very interested in the idea of these maker and hacker spaces. I kind of wish there would be only one name, and they would join together (though I don't know everything about them), but many of them have identical tools/equipment, but I think hackerspaces lean towards computers/robotics/tech though makerspaces can have the same stuff there as well.

Now some of these places have some awesome equipment, often stuff most people wouldn't have in their house shop, even if well equipped, like a nice CNC machine, a large mill, (end mill, vertical or horizontal), large lathe's, large wood working equipment, etc. unless you have lots of extra $$ floating around then much of this is out of the reach of the average person. So these "businesses" (most are 501 C3's or similar non-for-profit setup) offer access to the equipment sometimes for free (with limited access) or with a membership. They often get donations from local businesses/people to fund the setup.

I look back at what was available in my wood, metal and agriculture shop classes not to mention technical classes (cad, photography, off-set printing, etc) and I want to bring the access of that stuff back to the kids - all the equipment we had in a good high school (mid 90's), plus a lot more equipment like equipment from the 1930's to 1980's - stuff that was built to LAST and was precision equipment like a good Bridgeport mill instead of a $2000 CNC machine that takes it's place. I want myself and kids to learn how to do things by hand and not just insert a USB stick into the CNC machine and hit "run program" and it spits out the part.

I want kids to learn how to use a metal and wood lathe and see how much can be built with a lathe alone. If you have one, you can build just about anything you need (except crazy unnecessary stuff printed with 3D metals that are questionable in their functionality and necessity).

I want to make a shop like this accessible to homeschool kids who don't have access to this stuff at schools as well as to "normal" public school students who don't have those classes in their schools anymore. I'd like to find "elders" who can teach this stuff and be mentors to both young and old that want to learn.

I also want a chemistry lab as well as a nice kitchen, so we can teach the art and skills of cooking meals and show how important chemicals are in our daily life, and how much can be done with a little base understanding of chemistry - especially teach that you don't need to be afraid of a "chemical" just like you don't need to be afraid of a "tool".

I'd also like to incorporate sewing/tailoring into this setup where all sexes can learn how to repair their favorite sweater, shirt, etc - how to quickly sew a hole in the arm-pit of your favorite dress shirt before an interview - all the way down to how to make pants, shirts, dresses, etc (skys the limit) as well as things for the house, blankets, window "dressings", various rugs, etc.

i'd also like to have an electronics section, teaching basic electronics, how batteries and chargers work, how to fix normal every day items, what to do when your tablet/phone/etc battery dies (you don't need to buy a new one, even if it is built in!! - U are just made to think this).

Auto repair, small engine, marine & diesel mechanic should be a possibility as well

If I had to choose a profession to step into where I wanted to spend the rest of my life, I think this would be it. I'd like to create one "model" facility that could be copied across different communities. I would like to incorporate a gym, athletic center, possibly a pool, day care (or at least baby sitting), as well as a food center (cafeteria maybe - food produced in one of the "classes" to help raise funds??). The reason for the gym/athletic center, etc is because it would draw in a crown all by itself and if a couple is split between working out or working in the metal shop, they can do that in the same place, then even have dinner, lunch, etc. I'm thinking it needs an additional pull besides just the learning stuff, where if it has an athletics center, there will be people from each 'side" utilizing the other side, increasing the value of the center.

I've though of modeling this as a 501 C3 and there are some good reasons to support this. I have some companies that would be willing to donate used equipment b/c they get a huge tax break (very expensive equipment) but then there are all the problems that come with the non-profit, and I don't want to get kicked out of my own company b/c of people who undermine and usurp me (we know the types). But the thing is IDK if this could ever be possible without going that direction.

Is there any way that part of a company can be non-profit while another part for-profit?

posted on Nov, 11 2018 @ 11:25 AM
a reply to: DigginFoTroof
A good idea but you will need trained personal and accidents will naturally happen. Liability etc.

For example, a shifted decimal point in CNC code / gcode can be very costly, very fast.

posted on Nov, 11 2018 @ 12:06 PM
My hubby started a Maker space and there are plenty of families who goes who utilize the space. There are some classes, typically taught by members simply because they want to pay on the knowledge, but this is voluntary on their part. Of course, no one under 18 can operate the equipment without being supervised by their parent/guardian and that person also needs to have dinner basic knowledge or training on some of the more dangerous equipment.

Makes spaces are usually available for their members, but the space itself doesn't do the homeschooling/teaching for the parent.

PS, those 3d printers are actually more useful and necessary than you realize! Hubby and I owed a 3D printer company for years and I love my 3D printer. It's very reliable and very handy at making custom items that I can't buy.
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