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Aussie diversity at its finest - another Somolian immigrant carries out a terror attack there

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posted on Nov, 11 2018 @ 01:14 AM

originally posted by: AScrubWhoDied

originally posted by: Gothmog

originally posted by: je55ejame5
Hmmm..take one immigrant to demonize an entire group. Yet get mad if the left tries to same BS with people with guns.

You are right
Folks keep propagandizing themselves by sayin "it was just one"
How many times can folks say that before they realize 1 x20 =20 , 1 x 50 = 50 , 1x 1000 =1000...
Do the math
It is not "just one"

I know right? I mean, "just a lone mentally unbalanced dude" how many times now?

I've lost count.

The one-voiced mass media then spews on that the investigators do not yet know what his 'motive' was. Or, they immediately show pictures of him in a Nazi rally, or something. A Muslim is going to belong to ISIS, or is 'connected' to terrorist groups. Those shootings are 'terrorist attacks'. 'Terrorism' is when Muslims kill people. 'Hate crimes' are when white, neo-nazis kill people. All other shootings are just 'mass shootings, by a lone nut'. These are the guys the media wonders what their 'motives' were....

Most of the shooters conveniently kill themselves right after, for some reason. The ones who don't kill themselves are tucked away from view, and locked up.

While everyone knows mind-control programs have existed for decades, there is never a mention of mind-control by our one-headed monster media. That's why they bring up 'what his motive was'. It must be something or other, because why would anyone DO such a thing, unless there is a motive!

Mind-control is clear as day, of course. Their eyes show it. They kill themselves right after. They lived alone, usually. So nobody missed them for months, when they were programmed.

posted on Nov, 11 2018 @ 11:22 AM
a reply to: turbonium1

That's right.

One day, the bastards responsible for these blatant violations of law (mind control, human experimentation) will meet the same fate as the Nazi filth who did the same: American Gallows - hanged by the neck until death.

posted on Nov, 16 2018 @ 07:21 PM

originally posted by: JBurns
a reply to: turbonium1

That's right.

One day, the bastards responsible for these blatant violations of law (mind control, human experimentation) will meet the same fate as the Nazi filth who did the same: American Gallows - hanged by the neck until death.

Except now the media is manipulating the world's population. It was there during the WW2-era, but far less in control than it is today...

One controls the world by the control of all media. With science, and government, and education, in tow.

We have to change it, before it's 'game over'.

posted on Nov, 16 2018 @ 09:41 PM
Australia is taking in tons of migrants.... As long as they turn up in a plane.

I reckon this attack is another fake one.

No way do Aussie cops let anyone wave around a knife, or have a go at them.

Nope, they shoot people then plant a knife.

If no knife is handy, they just claim "I thought he had a knife ".

Aussie cops love to shoot mentally ill people, then claim they had a knife.

Remember the first Melbourne attack?
Some people killed had been dead for years.
When the guy was arrested, he was heard to say "but I work for the cops".

And that really dumb Barbie Doll bomb, that was so crap, Turnbull must have come up with it.

The real terror attacks in our country are...
Wheat crops spliced with the Ebola virus, allegedly to kill kangaroos. This mass kangaroo deaths. It kills roo's within an hour of them eating it.

Bumper wheat crops result and it's fed to us Aussies. Thanks Monsanto and the CSIRO

How long before the genome is changed to kill humans within an hour of eating it?

Turbull agreeing to spray every state but NSW with live cholera, and threatening to vaccinate us the same way?

Mandatory vaccinations containing cancer virus's, retro virus's and causing autism.

The flu vax killed plenty, especially elderly people. One mum left behind five children.


Don't forget that Directed Energy Weapons were used here first, creating devastating fires.

Abbott let the Swine flu into Australia, by allowing infected people to get off a cruise ship and go home.

It killed a 19 year old girl I knew, she was in her first year at university.

Turbulls Thunderstorm asthma that killed people and put some in ICU? Bioweapons test.

Fluoride and god knows what else in our water.

5G, created as a weapon is being installed.

The HAARP bases causing droughts and floods.

All the above are breaches of the Nuremberg Code (sorry spelling).

John Howard giving permission for the Port Arthur Massacre, as an excuse to disarm Australians.
Martyn Bryant never confessed and was never given a trial.

And let's not forget the politicians selling our infrastructure and land to non Australians.

Signing up with the UN, committing to depopulate Australia, Deagle predicts that Australia will have a population of 15 million by 2025.
That means killing off 10 million of us.

Interestingly, there are 80,000 armed Muslim security guards in Australia. The full time Australian military is less than 50,000.

The Lima Agreement.

The Fixated Thinking Unit. That's a psych ward for whistle blowers.

And let's not forget the MKUKTRA program, the trafficking of children through Child Services and the fact that most of our politicians are Lucifarian pedophiles.

Read about Fiona Barnett,
Listen to the Pedophiles Down Under Radio Shows online.
Look at Adrian John Wells facebook page.
(Don't give him any grief,)
Read Trudy Quinns facebook page. (yep, our courts make sure our children have to live with pedophiles)
Our government is raping and torturing children.

One blacky in Melbourne is nothing compared to the threat that our government is to us.

The Somalis are patsys and distractions.

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