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Any dudes doing "Movember" 2018?

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posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 05:04 PM
Just a few years ago it seemed like a really good idea, and cause to support.

Coming just after several women's days and events, and breast-cancer awareness, a month focused on male maladies seemed apt.
Especially the central theme of testicular cancer awareness.

But after the second year the suspicion dawned on me that this is just another virtue signalling event for executives (who possibly must be clean-shaven otherwise), and I never saw their charities doing anything.

If you already have a beard, why shave it now, during the height of allergy season in SA?

Why grow something on your face to (blush) remind you to check your "boys"?

But dudes can be so forgetful.

But thanks for reminding us, I mean we haven't felt them all year!

Each to their own, but just like the erstwhile "ice-bucket challenge", I won't sign up this year.

If you are a dude (not sure that's technically a prerequisite in our post-gender age - but I guess it helps) would you still be a "bro who grows a mo", and why?

posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 05:08 PM
a reply to: halfoldman

can't lie, considering where my hands are already spending too much time... I could't forget if I tried...
I'm good
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posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 06:01 PM

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posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 06:44 PM
Nah i just stop shaving around september sometime and don't start again until march or april or so.

posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 06:49 PM
Considered it again ...

But then I thought, nope.

I don't want my autobiography to be: How Movember Turned Me into Scarface.

posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 07:36 PM
I must have missed it in the OP, but what exactly is Movember?

posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 08:21 PM

originally posted by: MisterSpock
I must have missed it in the OP, but what exactly is Movember?

Movember (a portmanteau of the Australian-English diminutive word for moustache, "mo", and "November") is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men's suicide. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event, housed at The goal of Movember is to "change the face of men's health."


I don't get it.

I really don't.

Because breast cancer month is October?

So you need to grow hair to promote awareness of male cancer problems?

For women should I start Bushember?

To shave one month to promote awareness of uterine cancer?

~puzzled look~

posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 09:57 PM
Dudes are forgetful!

I admit it.

First anniversary, so sorry.
Second anniversary ... oops.

Our testicles, generally not so much.

Not that I'm saying we shouldn't celebrate and raise awareness concerning male health, but it expects a bit much.
Especially if you already have a beard.
Now you must shave it off to grow a mustache?

No, that favors clean-shaven guys.
It is unfair.
Think of something else.
Seriously you want all the Muslim dudes (for example, also many other faiths) to shave their beards?
Your campaign is culturally insensitive!
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posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 10:19 PM
Like lapel thingies.

Not sure what you call them.

Or how about a blue ribbon around your right arm for a month?

Just to remind you to check what's going on downstairs.
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posted on Nov, 1 2018 @ 10:27 PM
Aww - it's like a little bird in its nest.

Everything is super.

I'll check again next "Movember".

See, no mustache necessary!

posted on Nov, 2 2018 @ 07:09 AM
a reply to: halfoldman

Here's the thing.

Beards and moustaches are for life, not just for November. I have had a beard since I was a young lad, and will have one until I am either dead, or I suffer an unfortunate accident involving a lawn trimmer and a tripping hazard. I believe that if I have a spare coin in my pocket, and I put it in a charity pot, that's legit, but doing random stuff, like emptying containers of ice water over myself, growing hair on my body, or having it cut off, or any of that nonsense is not charity, its time wasting nonsense.

Charity is realising as you are about to walk into Burger King, that your bus ticket has a coupon which gives you money off a meal, so rather than just buying what you were going to get, you purchase also the meal at the reduced price, and give the meal to the first hungry looking homeless dude or dudette you see in the street. Charity is standing in line at a place that serves hot drinks, and asking if they have a suspended account, permitting a patron of the establishment to purchase a cup of tea for a homeless person. Its putting your hand in your physical pocket when the charity tub comes round, and although you only have three quid yourself, sticking fifty pence in the pot, even though it might mean walking home rather than getting the bus. Charity is not pratting about with facial hair, or getting it all cut off, or running bloody marathons. Its every day crap, looking out for things you can do in the moment to improve a life, or making small donations where and when you can, when the opportunity arises. If EVERYONE did JUST those things, charity would be a damned sight more effective, and an awful lot less like a business or a social media activity.

That's just my two pence anyway. I'll just be right here, watching, waiting and stroking my beard.


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