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Parkland Shooter - Revisiting the Official Details

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posted on Oct, 26 2018 @ 09:55 PM
A mass murderer’s digital trail: Nikolas Cruz dropped crumbs all across the worldwide web


I read the wikipedia page for the Parkland School Shooting tonight and a lot of the details just seemed off to me. When I tried to click the cited sources within Wikipedia I kept getting 404's or "Page does not exist", so in the Wikipedia page where it discussed Nikolas Cruz (the shooter), being captured on surveillance cameras, the sources didn't work. Then I found a youtube video where Nikolas Cruz is talking dramatically and graphically about harming people and making a name for himself. Disturbing..

Then I found this article which created additional questions. The article says he was a Special Education student from his early years and struggled academically, but his "internet skills" (yes, it really says that) enabled him to have multiple financial accounts, even some in his mother's name, and he may have even purchased or received his AR=15 and ammo from the internet. See for yourself:

Cruz told classmates, friends, family and acquaintances of his desire to kill. Some reported it, others didn’t take him seriously and said nothing.

He was a special education student from his earliest years and had trouble with academics, but online, he was proficient.

A detective portrayed him in one search warrant as having an “extensive network over the internet.”

He had special education student from his earliest years and had trouble with academics, but online, he was proficient, one search warrant says. He also had researched other mass shootings online, and posted deadly threats. He even sent himself text messages about killing people.

I was surprised to see this topic in the news recently. Still so many unanswered questions.
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