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F-22 Raptor UAV flight wing.

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posted on Feb, 24 2005 @ 10:38 AM
As of right now from stats seen with the India vs. US dogfight training the way the beat the USA is with overwhelming numbers. So With the new F-22 limited war load and few numbers this problem will go on for some time.

Proposed idea is to have a UAV that has the same speed or better to the f-22 along with similar maneuverability. The maneuverability element is really not a factor the ordnance and radar UAV's would stay behind the raptors and provide ranged fire support along with targeting data. Have 2 versions of this one with a high power radar system for extreme range of at least 200 miles armed with 2 to 4 amraam's. The second be an expanded payload system. Have the UAV's data link to the raptors. So each Raptor could link up with 3 UAV's 2 payload and one targeting and radar package. Both types of UAV's would have stealth elements.

Payload for air to air for a normal raptor with out outside hard points 2x AIM-9 “Sidewinder”, 6x AIM-120 AMRAAM. So if every shot was a kill then it would only be able to kill 8 plains before it would have to go back and reload. So a flight of 4 raptors could only take out 32 plains max...

The payload UAV would be armed with at least what a normal raptors ordnance would be if not greater. There is no need for sidewinders so more amraam's could be used instead or you could use phoenix missiles or other extreme long range missile systems. Standard war load would be 10-12 amraams or 6-8 phoenix missiles.

Combat example flight of 2 raptors going intercepting a flight of a mix of 60 aircraft. the raptors each have 2 payload UAV's so there is a total of 40-48 amraam's or 24-32 phoenix missiles in the 4 payload UAV's and 1 targeting UAV with them. This lets the raptors turn off there active radar. The UAV's are about 5-25 miles behind the raptors. As the raptors close on there targets they issue orders thought the data link for the closer payload UAV to launch at set targets this also shows up on the other raptor pilots screen what the other raptor is targeting. So both raptors empty there first payload UAV and tell it to return to base. After the targets are hit they order firing of the second payload UAV then send it home. What targets are left are now to normal raptor internal payloads so each plain can now only kill 8 other plains max so 16 for the 2 of them.

So the max number of plains a flight of 4 raptors could take on would be 32 if every shot hit. Now if you used the 4 payload UAV's and 2 raptors and the 2 targeting UAV's the total max attackable targets would be 72 targets. But realistically the raptors would only fly with the radar UAV's so that they would not need to have other aircraft supplying them with radar data.

The UAV's would follow the raptors where ever they went and would be capable of mid air refueling. They could also be controlled by ground controllers if one of the raptors got shot down. They also have an auto return to base function of something goes wrong or are damaged. The pilot of the raptors may also take direct control of the payload UAV or radar UAV and fly it once his plain is up on auto pilot. This would be used for mid air refueling and or other tactical situations.

As a side note raptors can already data link with other aircraft to get targeting data.

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posted on Mar, 1 2005 @ 11:53 AM
Thats a very clever idea to bridge the gap between manned and fully autonomous intelligent UAV!!!!!

LOL, maybe them raptures could be automatically tailed on a safe distance by unmanned Refueling mothership for long missions and that would also rearm the semi-autonomous UAV with new missiles one they delivered the payload.

The Raptor pilots would in this case become more like battlefield commanders than frontline soldiers...

Maybe even better have the armed UAV flying slightly in fron of the manned Rapors so they can be sacriificed should the next generation radar/sams spot them afterall...

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