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Alert: Notice The Shift In Threat Narrative From Russia To China

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posted on Oct, 6 2018 @ 06:56 AM
This is the end game of the west's failed gamble. The gamble is that ousourcing its manufacturing base to a totalitarian one party state and enriching it would inevitably bring democracy.

It hasn't. China proves that capitalism and ruthless one party control are perfectly happy bedfellows and long as there are external customers. The rate of naval expansion of china is enormous (100 new warships in the last 10 years) fuelled with the money we've given them. They think we are idiots and they probably have a point.

Trump has the right instincts but he's 30 years too late. We made the monster and now we are going to have to deal with it. On top of that instead of pulling the Russians into our orbit to help counter, we've pushed them into China's, a partnership that's strengthening.

I don't think it would have been possible to play things more foolishly than we have.

posted on Oct, 6 2018 @ 07:14 AM
I don't see this as an either or situation. They are both still a threat but I think trump doesn't want you thinking that.
I think the focus onto China is his doing so he can continue to say that it wasn't just Russia that hacked us in 2016 that it wasn't his good buddy Vladimir Putin effectively working to get him elected and that he did not cooperate with the effort. Next month he will launch an operation to locate that four hundred pounder sitting on a bed in his basement so we can get all these villains dealt with.

Im so glad I am not so blind.

posted on Oct, 6 2018 @ 07:16 AM
a reply to: Strate8

Truth be told,the US is planning on invading Venenzuela,which has several Chinese and Russian soldiers,plus sophisticated warfare,of US,Russian,Chinese military's,and neighbors aren't too keen on the US either,should be messy all for the control of oil

posted on Oct, 6 2018 @ 07:22 AM
a reply to: Strate8

The threat has been china for quite some time now. They just didn't want you to know that because you want any of their blinky toys that they've installed back door hacking chips in.

This was actually discussed some time back, i'm thinking maybe as far back as 2010? Not sure, I would have to dig but don't have much time this AM.

Also interesting is the fact that CNN threw out a story about how the scary russian sub is coming after us to deflect from the actual threat china poses to us.

posted on Oct, 6 2018 @ 07:47 AM
China owns 1.168trillion$ US debt. They could destabilise the world economy with that.

posted on Oct, 6 2018 @ 09:29 AM
a reply to: Strate8

You could have summed up your whole OP title with a single word...


posted on Oct, 6 2018 @ 10:49 AM
About time. So sick of hearing "Russia, Russia, Russia!" 24/7/365. Fact is, the left hates Russia because they're a conservative Christian-centric federal republic. And we can't have Orthodox Christians making liberal heroes look like bumbling idiots (like Watters and Crowder do every time they interview one

posted on Oct, 6 2018 @ 05:04 PM
a reply to: JBurns

You bring up a good point which ties to religious background of China touched on earlier.

In fact, Russia has more in common with the U.S. religiously than they do China.

Also, Russia and China have a history of border disputes:

And Russia is rightfully concerned about a nation which can raise an army in the 10's of millions on their border. The fact is, when Russia was the Soviet Union they were more politically aligned with China than they are now. I think people do not have an understanding of what Putin's Russia is. What it is not is the Soviet Union of old which I had prepared to fight against - China looks more like that now.

Now I'm not saying Russia is no threat to our interests, I'm saying that China eclipses that threat by a few orders of magnitude. Russia views relations with China as it views relations with most nations - as partners held at arms length. They do not have a deep seated alliance with China. If my suspicions are correct, the nature of that relationship will become apparent in the near future and hopefully that assumption will be correct because it will have a great impact on our own fate.

posted on Oct, 7 2018 @ 11:36 AM

originally posted by: pheonix358
So China is spying.

So is every other damn country in the world.

But you have to give credit where it is due ... China is pretty damn good at it!

That's the entire issue actually. China is good enough at it to be an actual threat. That's precisely why "so China is spying" is a bigger deal than all the other countries doing it.

posted on Oct, 7 2018 @ 12:59 PM
I really have to shake my head knowing that a country like China has anything at all to do with supplying ANYTHING to the U.S. military. Trusting them at all is a mistake.

posted on Oct, 7 2018 @ 04:27 PM
a reply to: Strate8

Very good thread..
I'd like to ad this👍
China Makes A Big Play In Silicon Valley

"The Chinese figured out that technology is the key to wealth and power, and the source of technology is still the West for China," says Lewis. The question is: "How do they get their hands on that Western technology?"

So the Chinese are spying/vying for Silicon Valley. Sure they want to be the economic leader and technology is key. What else is there... Google, NASA, Robotics...

Back around 1993, a gentleman from China that I worked with told my the ideology. It was the 2020 plan in which China would be the world leader in everything. Economically, technology.. putting the United States to rest and take over. Otherwise they want to get rid of the U.S. Dollar.

Been watching it unfold for a long time.

If you're interested; Ming became a Pharmacist in Reno.
So there's the medical angle too.

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posted on Oct, 8 2018 @ 08:50 PM
a reply to: Bigburgh

Thanks for contributing this information Bigburgh.

Here is another link for readers as well:

BEIJING — China has charted out a $300 billion plan to become nearly self-sufficient by 2025 in a range of important industries, from planes to computer chips to electric cars, as it looks to kick-start its next stage of economic development.

I think many people do not realize the extent of how the Chinese government coordinates the manufacturing industry there. There are entire cities dedicated to specific areas of industry. Designed form the ground up to have an edge on the competition and then subsidized by the government on top of that to get pricing down below what anyone else could even think of producing it for.

Here is an example of 17 cities. Does not go in depth, I'll see if I can find a better example.

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