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Is reality bi-polar?

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posted on Oct, 11 2018 @ 06:12 PM
a reply to: ArorA

When one doesn't have a leg to stand on; it is likely they are sitting or laying down.

I think you might enjoy this read and others may as well as far as planes of existence goes...

It is called: The 31 Planes of Existence by: Venerable Suvanna MaHa Thera

It can be found; along with, a lot of other texts/suttas at:

posted on Nov, 20 2018 @ 07:01 PM
Reality IS bi polar because what we do is we identify with people and things such as nations, creed, religions all these things that determine what and who we are. we also reject sometimes violently with the things we don't identify as such as in most cases as there are some who will identify with evil people other religions, alternative creeds, rival nations. does it have a shape maybe it is 2d 3d 4d and 5d? how can you be sure that you aren't the only one and everyone you encounter you were in a past life and they spoke to "you" when you were "them" but now you have the chance to do or say something different that will change the course of how things went when you were them talking to you as it is you who is experiencing reality directly now and not as part of the simulation for god to experience itself. So basically you actually are and I actually am though I would say that to put doubt in your mind that you actually are, you have to overcome that doubt and believe that you really are, just like I have to overcome that doubt and believe that I really am and whoever believes the most out of everyone in the world, of which there is only one at a time, will be the lord god of the world, when it is your turn to be "the one" you will know

posted on Nov, 21 2018 @ 12:17 AM
There are reflections..

Imagine a wave in mathematics it is like a sin wave for example..sometimes in -1..and sometimes high as in 1...and then sometimes neutral..or middled..with a zero..

So the reactions from a string that is vibrating for example..can be plucked in such a way that the string brought from one place..and then because of the laws of physics...or the vacuum state of empty space can then be brought to an opposite space...

posted on Nov, 22 2018 @ 06:31 PM
"Is reality bi-polar?" The human realm of samsara is; based on grasping at "poison" when one allows the poison of contact to form speech? The mind or container get filled, when the mind empties? It goes into the body or whole as consciousness... better to then use the known "hole" as a contemplation as concepts go.

When one dogs an extreme, using the body for speech... they bury it into the storehouse of consciousness. Meaning that entire storehouse of consciousness; has to then go through that poisonous extreme.

The "circle" never asks yin or yang or the round and round the point... because one has made it oneself.

Taking responsibility for one's own "rounds" means one is a wheel turner. Dependent arising means I dig not dig up the ignorance nor contain the ignorance, but I walked off with the point... when I come into contact with the antithesis of what one lay down as an extreme... then it is released.

Such is then a state of imperturbability/impenetrability... or what is known as "the diamond" vehicle.

Nothing known could smash it; as suchness as that; was and to many still is the metaphor or simile intended. Despite many ways to smash "diamonds" in these days of science? It no longer allows a refuge for those that would enjoy a reprieve to "remain unbroken".

Exchange of self and other is a Newtonian concept that can be and frankly is applied to the elements... of not only body as a mass, but also in speech when taken as the same; because of such a thing? A body of "work" becomes "known" such as Newton... it's not that Newton actually did anything "masses" didn't already do... he just complied the masses into "mental concepts".

Which is the better way to build a boat? Trial and error... I do not care what ideology or those that have thus gone before has to say about it.

Cut once measure twice... is where actual learning begins.

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